Chapter 0:


The Girl I Met Yesterday

                     "hey, keisuke"I said to my desk mate "why do i get to feel so lonely when there are a lot of people around me,?" and then he answered my question "its because you always see people in their bad side and you always feel like you can live alone" i did not expect and i cant understand his answer.The lunch break finally came, and i said to my self 
"hmm his not usually like that,that face and that words i never heard or seen from him,why did i thing about unnecessary thing "suddenly a bunch of people walked up to me and one of them spoke to me.   
"yoo hiroshi!! we are your seniors, which means junior must help their senior right ????!!!! lend us some money" and i spoke to them "empty headed" after they hear my response their hands look clenched and ready to hit me in the face,but lucky me my teacher came and separate me and them "thank you sir if you don't came i will ended up  beaten by them" but my teacher didn't see me and just left "what happened to mister johann, why he didn't answer and look at me ?" after thinking about that i walk into the class because the lunch time is over.

                       when the class is over, i rush to exit the school because i'm already sick of it,while on the my way  home from school,in the bridge near my house there is a girl looking for something,and i said to myself ("must be a broken girl that just broke up with her boyfriend") suddenly she calling me"hey you!!" and i answered her "what do you want ?? "suddenly she smiles and laugh and she said to me "its you" when i heard her response, i was so shocked "who are you talking about ??" and she answer my question with smile and tears and then she just run out of nowhere,"what a strange girl" i said to myself.                                                     

                        after i got home, i'm starting to rethink the girl and i were talking ("what did that girl supposed to mean?") i mumble to myself ("its you" i don't even understand  what is she talking about,i don't know who she is either.)

                       in the next day,my boring life begin,my house is empty and my parents go to work.i'll start my morning with breakfast and continue with the bath and get ready for school. when i was finished getting ready to go to school, i heard knocking on the door.when i opened the door, i saw a face  that i knew but didn't know her name.

"who are you loo---" i was shocked to see her.                                                                   

"i want looking for you"

and it turns out she's the girl i met yesterday.