Chapter 1:


The Girl I Met Yesterday

"Who are you looking for ?"
"i want looking for you"  she said
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                          "how did you get here ?, besides how did you know where i live ?" i asked her
she laughed and answered my question "how could you forget,it was you who told me right ?"
i really don't know what she's talking about. "what are you talking about? i don't even know you"
and she answered my words " rather than continue this conversation, you should come with me".  i really don't understand what's on his mind, and i answered her invitation "NO!!!, if you want to rob, don't come here.
suddenly she pulled my hand out quickly " just follow me"

We arrived  at the bridge when i first met her.Bookmark here

  " Hey you remember this place ?? " she asked me
   " Of course i remember, this is where i met a bothersome girl "
 She laughs at my answer, suddenly she ask to me with a serious face
   "  hey, is  your life full of regrets ?,did you have a happy life ?? "
 I don't know why she just suddenly asked me that question
   "  what's your business do you have to ask that ?? " i said
   and she answered my question
   " i just feel sorry for  you, because you  always see other people from their bad side "
but for some reason i was so upset to hear her answer
  " you feel sorry for me  ??, WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT ME ???!!!,YOU ARE ONE OF MY PEOPLE THAT I HATE !!!!!" I quickly left her and headed for the school.Bookmark here

                         After i got to school. I started to think about what happened earlier and started to regret for what I said.(" i shouldn't have said that to her, i'd better apologize when i see her again, and I should have asked her name"). the class is over, when i was  about to go home, suddenly someone called me from outside of the school gate, " hey hiroshi"  a familiar voice to my ears, a voice that I won't be surprised again when I hear it again. and when i see her face it turns out she's the girl i met yesterday.Bookmark here

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" how do you know my school ? " and she answered my question.
" you told me " as I expected her answer still I can't I understand.
   " hey, I want to apologize to you about what happened this morning " and she answered my apology. " why are you apologizing to me ? "  unexpected answer from her.
 and i replied to her " i apologize to you for being so rude she answered my second apology.
  " you don't have to apologize to me, because this morning wasn't your fault but mine, because i just suddenly feel sorry for without knowing why you think like that."  i knew there was something wrong with her head, suddenly she ask to me with a shiny face " hey hiroshi would you come to my house for a moment ?? " and i answered her invitation
" of course i would "
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                               On the way to her home, we saw the takoyaki guy, and she ask to me " hey, you've eaten yet ?? "  and i answered her question " just this morning ".
   " coincidence, do you want to buy that ?? "
her hand while pointing at the person selling takoyaki answered her offer " why not ?? " hearing my answer she smiled.
     When we were eating our takoyaki, somehow she would talk to me about unimportant things and when she was talking, i saw the sauce on her  cheek, somehow my hands seemed to move to the clean the sauce on her cheek, and she looked red as i was cleaning sauce on her cheek. and she said to me " W-what are you doing ??? "
      " S-sorry my hand is moving by itself " i said. and the atmosphere became awkward, in the middle of this awkward moment i remembered a question i hadn't asked her yet.
       " H-hey what's your name ??, h-how can i talk to you if i don't know your name."
     and she answered my question with a smiley face, " My name ?, my name is Sato Harumi. "Bookmark here

        When we arrive at her house, I was invited to enter her house.
    when i entered her house there was no one but us, and she told me to wait in the living room." hey,hiroshi wait for me in the living room "
" ok, i'll wait " i answered her
        when i was waiting for her, i saw harumi family photo and immediately i talk to myself, " why can i be asked by someone that even I just met yesterday, Is it because I feel bad for her ? and somehow i don't find anything bad about her, as if she's the only person that only I can trust " i said.
        when I was thinking about it, she came with cannelle cake and milk. " thank you for waiting me "  and she offered me a milk and a cake that she brought. " here, take some "   and I accepted her offer and immediately ate the cake she gave me. When i was eating the she gave me, she asked me with a serious face " hey, hiroshi can i ask you something ? " and i answered her question " you can ask me everything, but don't talk too much " i said
 " is your life full of regrets ?, did you have a happy life ?? " 
" after 16 years of my life i have some regret, but  i choose  to make it a lesson to my life and if you ask me did i have a happy life ?, i don't know what real happiness is either. "
after hearing my answer she smiles at me, before we knew it, the cake and milk she brought has been exhausted by me " i didn't get the cake, you greedy " she said to me with a mocking face. When she was about to stand up for the cake, she fell on me "ouch"  when i realized,    her face was very  close to mine. " h-h-hey, h-harumi w-what are you doing ??!! " my face and her face are  becoming red " S-sorry hiroshi  " and we quickly stood up, I immediately ran away from her house to go home because I couldn't stand the situation anymore. Bookmark here

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