Chapter 11:

Turn of events at the beach

heaven's hell

As Toshiro uses his art 'blue flame fist', Kakoroshi meanwhile is still at the ground as sand went into his eyes as he is not able to see properly and is feeling a dizzy because of the violent collision with Toshiro.

"Stand up already!!"

shouts Toshiro as the inhumane being is walking towards them, steadily increasing its pace, leaving huge marks of its foot on the sand. As the inhumane being starts running towards them, Toshiro realizes that Kakoroshi is still on the ground, not able to stand up. He runs towards Kakoroshi to help him get back on his feet even though he knows that the Inhumane being will reach him first.

 He plans to punch the inhumane being as soon as it grabs Kakoroshi as he believes that he will reach in time for that but the situation takes a weird turn. The inhumane being completely ignores Kakoroshi who is defenseless on the ground and instead lands a solid punch to Toshiro's face as he was off guard. 

The punch sends Toshiro flying as a clean hit make him bleed from the nose and gives bruises on the face.

"Inhumane being are supposed to have no intellect"

Mumbles Toshiro as he is surprised about the fact that a inhumane being chose a target considering the situation. Meanwhile Kakoroshi stands up, still feeling dizzy.

"Blood ...... Katana"

Kakoroshi uses an art as he keeps his voice low. He swings the katana towards the inhumane being but as he is still feeling dizzy, he completely misses the head he was aiming for and instead cuts the being's left arm without any difficulty as the being is still looking at the direction of Toshiro. The being turns around and punches Kakoroshi in his chest as he sweeps on the sand and comes to a halt after a considerable distance.

"Blue flame fist!!!!!!"

Shouts Toshiro as he uses his art and punches a hole at the center of the being. His eyes of accomplishment turns into eyes of horror as the being turns his head 180 degree, directly looking at Toshiro with its horrifying face as its limbs also turns 180 degree, making it face towards Toshiro without actually moving. The being grabs Toshiro by his neck and lifts him up, choking Toshiro who can't brew an art as he is not able to speak.

Meanwhile Kakoroshi is still on the ground as he desperately tries to get back on his feet.

"Blood wings"

Kakoroshi uses the art which, few moments back, saved both Kakoroshi and Toshiro from instant death. He flaps the wing just once which helps him to get back on his feet, the art comes undone as his body is already weak with all that damage. He runs at the inhumane being as blood keeps spurting out of his mouth.


He somehow is able to spill this words as only his will is stopping him from fainting. He lands a clean hit on the head of the being, beheading the being, as it falls to the ground. Toshiro gasps for air as he finally escapes the being's tight grip on his neck.

"I .... got your ..... back"

Says Kakoroshi as he faints soon after. As Toshiro walk towards him to pick him up, the inhumane being regrows his head and stands up as Toshiro is struck with fear, not being able to move, just staring at the being which slowly stands up and is about to swing his fist.

 A knife comes out of nowhere which penetrates the beings left shoulder.

"Dazzling fire of the sun"

At the distance kia stands as her right hand is up in the air. She closes her hand into a fist as she uses the art. The being sets on fire as it keeps burning till the being turns into ashes.

"You better have a good reasoning of why you both are here this late at night"

Says Kia in a threatening voice as she starts walking towards them.

"Kakoroshi went out for a walk and I accompanied him to make sure he stays safe"

Toshiro gives the reason in a serious tone.

"Why did you let him go out this late at night after the last night incident?!"

Says Kia as she is frustrated.

"I also wanted some fresh air"

This reasoning increases Kia's frustration.

"Just pick him up already"

"I can't, my hands are broken"

"You can't be serious"

Kia picks up Kakoroshi and carries him with both of her arm like she is carrying a baby.

"You are rather calm for a guy whos arms are broken"

"Stressing over pain won't heal it but ignoring it will make things go smoother"

"Fukurokuju god's representative will arrive tomorrow for healing your and Kakoroshi's wounds" (Fukurukujin is one of the shichifukujin or seven gods of fortune and represents longevity and wisdom)

Assures Kia as she looks at Kakoroshi who is fast asleep, drooling. They head back for the hotel.


September 17th

"Finally you are up"

Says Ino as she feels relieved.

"My wounds, they are gone"

"I healed them"

Says the lady elder who is sitting right beside Kakoroshi.

"I am Fukurokuju's representative"

"I see"

Says Kakoroshi who doesn't at all know which god is Fukurokuju.

"What date is today?"


Says Ino as she points at the calendar with her right thumb.

"3 days are left"

Mumbles Kakoroshi as he is counting the days to 20th september.


Meanwhile at the reception area of the hotel

"The amount of Inhumane activity around Kakoroshi is really questionable and troublesome"

Says the male elder.

"It is just accidental appearances"

Replies Fumino

"Is it? The rest of the representatives who are here at Yokohama haven't encountered even a single inhumane being. Well, just keep a close eye on him, he is a blood representative, much needed in our heaven to keep peace"

"I will"

Assures Fumino as she clearly knows why the elder needs Kakoroshi for.