Chapter 19:

Would the plan work?

Who will the Villainess choose?

Andrew povBookmark here

“Your highness, lady Akira left for the town with archduke Damien.” said Ben when i was drinking tea leisurely in my study and the taste immediately felt bitter to my mouth.Bookmark here

“And why the hell did she need to go to the town with that cursed man?” I asked in utter annoyance which I didn't even try to hide.Bookmark here

“Well, I did not know the details but it must be due to the work of the mine and the business deal that has been signed recently by both of them.” he said with an awkward face as I put the cup back on the table with a bit more pressure.Bookmark here

“Shall I arrange another girl for you, your highness.” i knew what he meant, his one indication was enough for me to understand what he wanted to say.Bookmark here

“Are you sure this would work, Ben?” I asked the man again. I was too furious but at the same time upset that she went to the town with the duke without even telling me!?Bookmark here

“Yes, your highness. Have you not noticed how my lady was trying to come close to her when you ignored her at the tea party. She likes things that are hard to get. You have to give her time to chase you, so that she will understand your worth.” said the man again and I could only nod. Bookmark here

“Fine then find a pretty girl to accompany me and a good excuse that i could give her when we meet there.'' I replied with a sigh.Bookmark here

“Do not worry about that, your highness. I have planned everything.” The man was the best at his work. So I felt assured.
“I will not stop trying, until you will be mine, Akira.” a smile formed on my lips with that thought.Bookmark here

----------------------Bookmark here

I felt so relieved when I looked at her angry and jealous face. It gave me hope that my trick was working.Bookmark here

When I was engaged to her, it was not because of her strength and my political career. It was purely because I fell in love with her.Bookmark here

She was not only stunning but also brainy. She was not like those dumb girls who could not think more than clothes and jewels. She was envied in the whole empire for her unparalleled beauty and brain. Yet she did not even feel pride for it. As if she didn't know what a rare gem she was.Bookmark here

The more I looked at her, the more I fell in love with her. But she never even paid attention to me once even after being the future emperor of the empire. That was why my happiness did not have any bound when I came to know that she said yes to the marriage. Bookmark here

But my dreams cracked when she did not show any affection to me even after getting engaged. For her it was a marriage of convenience. I was so hurt that I could not explain how I had borne it.Bookmark here

Since then I have decided that no matter what it takes I would make her fall in love with me too. I smiled looking at Ben, my aide, who had given me this excellent plan to make her envious of other girls. So that she would realize she loves me too.Bookmark here

From that day, I asked a noble girl to accompany me to a place she was and then I acted like I adored the girl a lot. I thought this plan was not working at all since she did not show any sign of jealousy. When I was about to give up, and accept the bitter fact that she would not love me, God finally felt mercy on me.Bookmark here

She not only became jealous of the girls, but also started showing interest in me. I was about to hug her and tell her how much I love her, but then again, I thought of confirming it for a few days to be sure about it. Bookmark here

But who would have thought that this prick, the walking curse of the empire would start following her. So, I had to increase the level of my efforts to make her further jealous and I would not give up, until she admitted her love towards me.Bookmark here

“What happened, don't tell me you do not have any reply?” I asked , tilting my head. Waiting for her to leave that dragon slayer and run in my arms.Bookmark here

“I am here for work, your highness. It is a meeting for the new deal for the recently found mine in the duke’s estate.” she replied with confidence. Bookmark here

‘So, that price brat was taking the benefit of business to lure her. Ha! I would still not let that happen!.’Bookmark here

“Well, then I am here for business too. I am thinking of starting a clothing store here. And Rubella is going to help me design the clothes for the store.” i pointed at the dumb girl who was still leaning on my body as if she could not feel my discomfort at all.Bookmark here

“I never knew that a business deal needs this much proximity, your highness, '' she said sharply, shooting daggers at the grill.Bookmark here

If possible I only wanted to dance there with happiness but I maintained my haughty expressions.Bookmark here

“Have i ever commented on the way you are going to the duke palace every night or how the duke arrived at your palace late at night, lady Akira?” i replied tilted my head only to see her gritting her teeth, “it is not like we are in love with each other, lady Akira. This is just a marriage of convenience for you.” i flared her again, hoping that she would finally burst out and said that she loved me.Bookmark here

“No matter what the reason is, your highness. I am still your future wife. So, I do not find it right for your image to share proximity with any other girl.” my jaw clenched at her choice of words. Bookmark here

“You do not need to worry about my image. I am relieved that you do not care about it personally.” I replied through gritted teeth.Bookmark here

“But since we both are here, why don't we complete our work together and then have lunch?” i asked, if she would leave then my plan to make her jealous would not work enough.Bookmark here

“That is a wonderful idea. In fact, let me accompany you to the store too. I would like to look for a dress for myself too.” she replied, holding my arm as I finally came out of the carriage.Bookmark here

Her touch was so soft, so warm. No matter how many girls would hold me, it could never compare to her. She was so perfect in every way.Bookmark here

“Then let me show you the way, Akira.” I said affectionately and she smiled bashfully and nodded.Bookmark here

‘Did i ever say that her smile was so enchanting that i even stop breathing for a second’Bookmark here

“Sure, your highness. Then let Ben escort this lady.” she replied in a haughty tone, but it only made my heart flutter further.Bookmark here

But before i could nod and let that dumb woman leave, Damien waked towards us like a villain he was!Bookmark here

“I do not think that would be possible, your highness. Lady Akira forgot that we have some work to complete here. And she did not have time to spare.” he replied haughtily. I looked at Akira, for rejection or for taking me side, but she just stood there silently biting her lips.Bookmark here

“Then I think I shall go.” I said, with so much disappointment that I could not explain.Bookmark here

“Wait, i think we can do both tasks together.'' Her words rang only when I had walked a few steps away from her.Bookmark here

But it did not soothe my hurt heart. It only felt like a pity towards a weak creatureBookmark here

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