Chapter 0:

Chapter 0 : Lost Of a Friend

Last Stand Between Me and Life

I go by Akira ,I'm 22 years old and just graduated from collage. I had already plan for what I wanted to do for my future and even thought of having my own family. Can't really say that I had a great childhood since I was born an orphan and having to crawl my way from the bottom to top just to have a place in normal society. I was put through a whole lot of pain and suffering just to have a bright and secure future for myself 

and FINALLY!  After years of suffering I don't have to do that anymore. Now that I have finish my education I don't have to work my bones just to pay for my own bills and rent, In fact I can start my slow and easy life from here onward. Everything was fine and was going great. 

That's what I like to say, but I got drafted into the military and was post at the frontline just to defend from enemy forces that might attack at the border. And here I thought that I'll get my degree as soon as possible.

Life was peaceful until someone decided to start the second world war. 
"Thank you mister" say Akira in a sarcastic manner.
"So here you are, still complaining I see" a familiar voice I can recognize even in my sleep
"still bold as I can see ,with that shining head of yours even the enemy can snipe your ass from a mile away" 

The man laugh loudly. "HAHAHAHA! I bet we're all be dead from a heat stroke if they didn't ordered us to trim our head down for sitting down under this blazing sun for to long huh?" 
"Fair enough"

The men that I'm talking to is my best friend in the world Takisu or as I call me Taki, We were at the same collage until we we're drafted into the military. Takisu here took literary studies because he thought that he will be a teacher. Teaching children that isn't fortunate enough to at least learn the basic of reading or writing. He was a nice guy with a noble goal not like me thinking of having a secure life before helping other. But my friend here is something else I would kill 100 men if I was told to just to save his ass out there on the field. 

Nothing really happened as usual, it was always peaceful guarding (well not always) the border, since the only thing we do was a look out and catch illegal migrates. Until that day came

"There is an order by the higher up to send a small group of people to scout enemy frontline, Reports suggest that someone from the enemy side has been planting minefield to slow our forces down if we ever decided to charge them heads on", In this world life was not always fair as Taki took my place because I was afraid that my chances of survival wasn't guaranteed 100% I chicken outed 

and after that quick expedition, There was no more word coming out from the scouting group and was send there. And was later labelled as dead after being agreed by the higher up

Running out with a gun on my hand I rushed to the enemy front line with the feeling of anger and guilt for myself. "If only I didn't backed out , if only I was a little braver and face death with both of my own two eyes, my friend!" I scream on top of my lung with frustration and rage. "If only I have the guts to go out there ,Taki wou-" 

Just after I wanted to end that sentences, I felt as if I was hit by the back of a rifle

-The Next day-
"Where I'm I" as I open my eyes and felt a horrible headache 
"Stay down" she say. A beautiful voice came to me as if I was talking to angel it self
 "I'm I in heaven" I replied softly
"I wish, that will be much better situation that what we had right now" Felling puzzled a officer went into the camp

"That was quite a racket you made there, yelling IF ONLY I WAS BRAVER" I was humiliated by my own squad that was station there and my advisor. "Stop talking , nonsense!" He shouted
"Nobody is born just to die, your friend there was a true soldier risking his life just to save other, don't be a fool and act through your emotion but act through your brain" Feeling touch by my superior word I pick myself up and decided that I won't let my friend death to be left just in vain.

I felt as if I was inside a box not really knowing what to do or what's left for me, I just lost my friend that took my place just because I chickened out. If only I know what to do.

Suddenly, "Sir, the enemy is starting there move" as a man came in into the camp 
"That quick" replied the advisor
"yes! apparently they took the chance since they took some of our men from the small scouting group that they captured and making them there hostage" I didn't expect that they will still be a small chance that my friend was still alive.

Without hesitation I was the first to volunteer to be listed into the rescue squad and retrieve the hostages that they took. "HAHAHA  I'm impress that you still have balls under those nutsacks", said my superior. For a moment there I felt if I was brought back from the dead, knowing that there is still a chance that my best friend was still alive.

"Captain was it really wise to provoke the enemy and lie to them that was have there men hostage?", "Who do you think I am? they played me as a fool sending scouts and after killing my men that was busy setting up those landmines" replied the captain furiously.

"Those damn fools, killing then just vanishing in thin air I'll make you pay for toying with me"