Chapter 9:

Commander and Jeremi

Spirit Guardians

*Anjero and Yoku board the boat Bookmark here

Yoku- Bleh..( vomiting on the boat) not really a fan of boats.Bookmark here

Haha Haha I can tell.Bookmark here

*The water jet finally reaches the base of operations lower deck.Bookmark here

Agent- Welcome, has your district commander brief you on the mission.Bookmark here

Uh….yes he hasBookmark here

Agent-well your living quarters will be here for the next 3 days until mission time.Bookmark here

There's 3 beds though…Bookmark here

Agent- The other one will be here soonBookmark here

I can already tell this'll be really awkward…Bookmark here

*Anjero and Yoku get an ominous feeling coming from down the hallBookmark here

Agent- this way this will be your living quarters for now.Bookmark here

*Jeremi walks in the room and looks around then stares at Yoku and AnjeroBookmark here

Hi You must be Jeremi Naeme.Bookmark here

*Anjero reaches out to shake his hand, and Jeremi Just passes by and lays his bag on the bed in the corner.Bookmark here

Jeremi- Just call me JeremiBookmark here

Yoku- Ok then well Anro I guess I'll take this bed over here.Bookmark here

Agent- You 3 get ready for training the Commander wants to see you.Bookmark here

Yoku- but we just got here.Bookmark here

*Jeremi puts on a purplish grey training suit and heads to the training bay.Bookmark here

He's real quiet. I see why he has the spirit of Shadow.Bookmark here

*Anjero and Yoku follow the agent towards the training bay and see the Commander talking to Jeremi.Bookmark here

Commander- Jeremi my boy I see you were chosen for another mission good seeing ya kid.Bookmark here

Jeremi- whatever….Bookmark here

Commander- And you Greenies must be Anjero and Yokudan…. Kid your last name is funny as hell your ancestors were cruel.Bookmark here

Yoku- I know(crying a little).Bookmark here

Commander- Ahem….anyways; you 3 we're tasked to infiltrate and Capture Tenki and bring him back to the Base of Operations to ask some questions.Bookmark here

No worries, we'll train you up well. Bookmark here

Yoku- Sir don't you think this mission is a little….you know….dangerous.Bookmark here

Commander- Son I'm not going to lie to is very dangerous usually we would but we've lost too many agents and Guardians. You 3 are the only quiet spirits users we know at the moment.Bookmark here

Yoku- How am I silent??? I use guns.Bookmark here

Commander- you havent reached your full potential yet. Get ready For hell.Bookmark here

2 days leftBookmark here

*back at Sharin Sutanri's house. The door opens.Bookmark here

Shinkei Sutanrì- Huh...Mom….Anjero… is that you? Who're you?? Hel….Bookmark here

Sharin- Shinkei, Aria I'm home I got Indian… what happened here. WHO MADE THIS MESS??Bookmark here

*Sharin goes upstairsBookmark here

Sharin- Aria did you make this mess?Bookmark here

Aria Sutanrì- Hey mom and No, what mess?? It was probably Shinkei.Bookmark here

Sharin- Alright clean it up thoughBookmark here

Aria- Huh.. AlrightBookmark here

Sharin- Bitch, Did you just breathe hard?Bookmark here

Aria- No momBookmark here

*Sharin knocks on Shinkei's doorBookmark here

Sharin- Shinkei come downstairs and clean this mess up…..Shinkei…..Shinkei!!Bookmark here

Aria Where's Shinkei??Bookmark here

Aria- I don't know I was doing homework with my headphones on.Bookmark here

Sharin- Huh… I'll check the camera'sBookmark here

*Sharin checks the camera's Bookmark here

Sharin- No...way he's been kidnapped, but why???.....No please don't tell me he's a guardian also. Bookmark here

*Sharin rushes to the phone.Bookmark here

Sharin- Commander this is Sharin….Huh Voltage…..yea yea me, anyways my youngest son has been kidnapped it was probably Tenki I need you to save him. Make him the #1 priority.Bookmark here

Commander who was that?Bookmark here

Commander- it was your mother…. It looks like Tenki has kidnapped another one that's 5 in the last 2 weeks.Bookmark here

Commander…..who did he kidnap??Bookmark here

Commander- your brotherBookmark here

What?!?!?!?! But he doesn't have a spirit.Bookmark here

Commander-Tenki has been kidnapping pre-awoken guardians recently and waiting for them to awaken. It's easier to take the spirit that way.Bookmark here

My brother is a guardian also??? Oh no…Bookmark here

Commander- Continue your training we'll save the 5 kids soon.Bookmark here

No!!! I'm going now!!!Bookmark here

Commander- do you wanna die??? You're not ready yet.Bookmark here

I am ready I'm so much stronger nowBookmark here

Commander- Then fight me.Bookmark here

Huh…Bookmark here

Commander- if you fight me and win I'll allow you to go and save them.Bookmark here

Are you serious??? Ok… don't blame me if you get hurt! VAPOR BULLET! Bookmark here

*Commander dodges all the bullets Bookmark here

Commander- Is that all you got you couldn't even hit a grunt with that.Bookmark here

Rawwwrr…. GEYSER BEAM!!!Bookmark here

Yoku- Anro what're you doing??Bookmark here

I have to save my brother!!!!Bookmark here

Commander- Not like this, you couldn't save yourself with this sad display.Bookmark here

*Commander punches the Beam away.Bookmark here

Commander- that one actually hurt a bit; but not good enough!!!Bookmark here

*Commander beats down Anjero and knocks him out.Bookmark here

Commander- Yokudan take your friend and go back to traini…Bookmark here

Not yet…. I'm not done yet!!!!Bookmark here

*Commander touches Anjero's head stopping him and starts doing hand signs on his chest.Bookmark here

Commander- Sleep!!!!Bookmark here

Yoku- What did you do??Bookmark here

Commander- I put him to sleep, Hahaha I like that kid he doesn't know when to give up. We'll continue to train tomorrow and you 3 will be starting your mission in 2100 hours.Got that!!!Bookmark here

Yoku- Yes Sir!!!!Bookmark here

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