Chapter 10:

2 missions

Spirit Guardians

Day 3 9:00pm

Commander- you 3 have your assignments??

All- Yes Sir!!

You know jeremi we really didn't get to talk during the training at all

Jeremi- Don't care, focus on the mission at hand…


*the 3 board the submarine, and head towards spiribasta

Commander-it'll take you 3 hours to get there so don't fail us.

3 hours ago….

*Mashù sneaks into the schools hq

Mashù-S.E.I.D. Can you give me the coordinates to Tenki's lab?

S.E.I.D- I'm sorry Mashù I cannot

Mashù- Huh...didn't want to do this, but I have to.

S.E.I.D- What're you doing?

Mashù- hacking your database….ok got it… coming Bradoon you son of a bitch.

*Mashù opens the door quietly

Kamira- Aado told us you would do this.We can't let you jeopardize this mission.

Mashù- Romaji, and Kamira?? Please let me do this.

Kamira- We can't let you jeopardize this mission. You'll die because of your stupid personal vendetta!

Mashù- I don't care, I wanna see him Die and never hurt a kid like that ever again.

Kamira- you know what we have to do.

Mashù- Fine, come at me then.

Kamira- we'll go with you…

Mashù- Huh???

Romaji- Just to keep you alive idiot.

Mashù- Thank you(starts tearing up)

Romaji- we'll take my personal car.

Mashù- But it's underwater

Romaji- I know

*they all get in Romaji's car


Mashù- Dolphin???

Romaji- Please….don't...ask.

*Anjero and the others show up at the lab

Ok..everyone's earpieces connected??

Jeremi- I'll go find Tenki, you 2 worry about the 5 kids.

Got it, you be careful out there.

Jeremi- Just join me when you 2 save them. (Whispers) SHADOW STEP.

Ok, Yoku it says the kids are being held on the lower level. There should be a couple grunts there keeping guard until they awaken.

Yoku- yea head that way now..

*In the containment cell

Shinkei- Hey let us go we don't even have powers so what's the point of capturing us??

Grunt- Shut the hell up!!! Or I'll force you to awaken with some pain.

*A girl starts to awaken in the cell

Shinkei-(whispering) Hey you're glowing green stop it now

Nanshi Furōresu 11 years old- I can't, I don't know how to…

Grunt- Hey what's that light???....Yo we got one she's awoken.

*The plant on the desk starts to become huge and attack the guards

Grunt- Hey stop that right now!!!!

Nanshi- I can't, I don't know how to.

*Grunt punches Nanshi, knocking her out.

Grunt- Bring her to Tenki..

Shinkei- No….don't!!!

*Shinkei starts glowing red and shoots fire at the grunts.

Grunts- Hey get him too.

*Shinkei begins fighting the guards hand to hand combat. He knocks out one...but the other grunt shoots him in the back with a stun gun.

*Grunts carry nanshi and Shinkei to tenki's quarters

Grunt- yo boss, we got 2 of them.

Bradoon- What Spirits??? Haha Haha