Chapter 11:


Spirit Guardians

Grunt- Fire, and Plants Boss!!!!

Bradoon- Perfect, we got a good batch today, boys.

Bradoon- But I'll be keeping these 2 for myself.

Grunt- But boss don't you already have too many?

Bradoon- Silence!!!!

*Bradoon makes the grunt explode by pointing at him.

Bradoon- Great… now I can't use this power for another 3 hours… so wasteful.

*The lab starts to shake and everyone hears a loud boom!!

Bradoon- Devanga that wasn't you.

Devanga- No

Bradoon- You get the other grunts and check that out.

Grunt- Yes sir!!!

*Grunt leaves room

Bradoon- It looks like you won't be bored anymore Devanga.

Devanga- Nice, I've been waiting to kill something.

*Back at the cells

Grunt on intercom- we need everyone on the south wing immediately!!!

Guard- I wonder what its about

*Anjero and Yoku drop through the air ducts.

Ok we're in… I wonder what that was

Guard 2- Hey who're you??

Yoku handle this.

Yoku- Gotcha….SLEEPSHOT!!!

*Yoku hits the guard in the head with the bullet

Yoku- he should be sleep for awhile

Ok….Hey there's only 3 here. Hey you girl did you see a boy here that looks like me…?

Girl- Yes I did he fought one of the guards he shot fire from his hands and everything….

Fire??? Oh no. Yoku get these other 3 to the submarine.

Yoku- What about you??

I'm going to save the other 2.

2 mins later…

Jeremi- Ok this should be the room….PHANTOM PHASE. Ok… come in I found Tenki. He's on the 2nd level in the Laborato….

*Devanga walks up behind Jeremi

Devanga- Well hello victim are you the one making all that noise in this place??

Jeremi- …..

Devanga- Man of silence I see. I'll make you talk on your deathbed!!!! LANDSLIDE BLITZ!!!