Chapter 7:


Densetsu Kenshi: Beginnings

   "Yo yo yo, Miya-chan. Keep it real with Seiji-kun on this date. Bring some pepper spray and your emergency whistle just in case he tries to touch ya, okay?"

   "Ugh. Why are you talking to me like that, you idiot. Don't call me and say stupid stuff. Buh-byeeeeee."

   She hung up.

   "Man, teenagers really got a lot of spunk in 'em nowadays" I said to myself.

   Maybe Seiji-kun wants to talk, I thought.



   "Ah! Seiji-kun! How ya doing my man?" I said.

   "Excuse me, but why does an unknown number know my name?"

   "It's me! Maekawa-sensei! Seiji-kun, it's your beloved Sensei-sama!" I exclaimed.

   "Ooh! Sensei-sama! Sorry, but I'm really busy right now, I can't talk. And aren't you supposed to be on a business trip right now?" Seiji chirped at me.

   "Of course, I'm working on it, okay? I just wanted to check up on ya, where's the sin in that, okay?" I replied.
   "Yeah. Well. Whatever. I'll save your number so I know not to answer next time. Besides, texting is easier. Bye."

   He hung up.

   Man these kids suck. Are they really the only friends I have?

   Ha. I know the answer to that question. It may be hard for a shut-in like Seiji to comprehend, but I am unbelievably popular and influential.

   I walk down the street and men stop and stare in reverence.
   Women swoon with every blink of my eyes.
   Children rush to me like I'm the local ice cream man.
   Restaurants open their doors and plead that I try their newest dish.
   Royalty welcome me with open arms and lend an ear to what I have to say.

   Such is the life of someone confoundingly crookedly complicated like me, Italo Maekawa. But that's not important right now. Besides being worshipped by everyone around me, I do have some responsibilities. Right now the most pressing would be recruiting that unruly zealot to even out the squad I got going on at Occult Club Inc.

   Takiashi Takenaka.
   A strong swordsman that for many years allied with a faction intent on proving that spectra energy is God, and God is spectra energy. It doesn't make sense to me, but I will tell ya that spectra energy makes everything and mankind is impressed by everything made. Thereby resulting in mankind making belief in some omnipotent force. Sounds like a load of crap to me, but I will tell ya one thing. The closest thing to an omnipotent somebody, is yours truly.

   Anyway. Takiashi Takenaka-baka.

   Rumor has it that he jumped ship from that religious cult fan-fiction faction for a journey in self-discovery, so my "business trip" is my attempt to recruit him over to my side. In a few minutes we'll be meeting up to discuss the logistics and rub elbows a bit.

   More than a few minutes later. Sunset was hours ago, and the shops have all closed and few people are still out for the night. Downtown Tokyo.

   "Alright Takenaka-baka, you don't seem too keen to join up with your old senpai, so tell me. What's your deal, okay?" I called out. At this point all logistics had been discussed and we were leaning more and more to rubbing some elbows.

   "Thou art a crook, and an incredibly deceptive one at that. Thou art wicked, I say, and to the wicked, there is no peace!" Takenaka shouted.

   "Wicked? Peace? What a joke!" I laughed at him. What kind of senpai is he trying to make me out to be!? I also forgot to mention his dumb little accent that he keeps up whenever he talks, get with the times man!

   "Damned infidel! Enough with thy banter! I shall purge thee from this land!" he spat at me, " Inverse Rift!"

   He pulled out a long western style sword. With a gem encrusted hilt, it was quite the handsome blade.

   "You've pulled a blade on me now, Takenaka-baka. That's a threat, and I don't appreciate it. I'll let it slide this time though. I'll give you two minutes of my time" I sneered. I shifted my feet, put my hands in my pockets and challenged, "Now come!"

   "No weapon Maekawa? Not my problem you fool. Here I come!" Takenaka yelled confidently.

   I drew in a breath.
   He rushed me.
   Closing the gap quickly now.
   Even closer; an arm's length away.
   The whites of his eyes were bright.

   I exhaled and whispered, "Infinite Rift."

   "AGHHHH!!" Takenaka screamed.

   "Oh-oh, surely you know about my Infinite Rift?" I cooed.

   "Aghh! AH! AHH!"

   "Oh-oh even deeper now. Quiet, quiet now. I had no sword, would I really let you kill me that easily?" I taunted.

   "Ahh... huff... huff... you damned bastard, Infinite Rift? You made some deal with the devil or something?"

   "Ha. We talk on the weekends but I'd never make a deal with him, okay? It's my version of Inverse Rift where I summon seven deadly knives and position them where I want, when I want. Hence the position you're in, Takenaka-baka."

   "Blasphemy! I shall enlighten you of your sins, trying to crucify me like this!"

   "Ha. I figured you wouldn't appreciate it, you dirty zealot. I was just trying to be charitable, okay?"

   "AAAAHHHH!" Takenaka screamed as he forced his body through the seven blades holding down his arms and legs. "Maekawa... this isn't over... FIRE AND BRIMSTONE!"

   I dodged his fiery attack and started running up the side of the nearest office building.




   "Infinite Rift!"


   His pursuit up the side of the building slackened and gave me a much needed opening.

   "Boss' Guile: Parilla!"

   "Divine Protection Shield!"

   We continued zigging and zagging up the side of the building. Fire and Brimstone against my electric Parilla. Windows shattered around us and the smell of smoke and burned skin wafted through the night.

   He pursued and pursued and pursued. All the way up to the top of the building. 

   The time was up on my two minute break. I had to end it now.

   "Infinite Rift! Infinite Rift! Parilla! INFINITE PARILLA!" I shouted, determined to end this.

   "AAAHH! Maekawa, don't run away from me. I-I've heard the rumors. Th-that you abandoned your faction. That they were slaughtered by Thermo Corp. and that you were the one that set it all up! What are you scheming now! You crook! CROOK! I'LL KILL YOU!" Takenaka screamed. His threats were empty. He couldn't move. The Infinite Parilla was one of my more advanced techniques that brought electricity into my knives, essentially going for complete immobilization and temporary paralysis of the target.

   "Oh quite excited on your last legs aren't ya, okay? Quit your rambling Takenaka-baka, you might say something tasteless. Thermo Corp.? Those pinstriped workaholics are the worst, I would never..."

   "Never what!? Say it Maekawa!"

   "Surely you know about the King's Roulette, Takenaka-baka?" I said quietly. 

   "Don't give me that fallacy, nobody has ever completed it! Thou art a fool and it is impossible even for thee! Now answer ME!" Takenaka screamed again.
   "Tch. Don't doubt me. Now tell me, will you walk with me or will you walk with your beloved God in your afterlife?" I asked.

   This moment. The ultimatum. If he answers yes, I can put the plans in motion, but if he says no... he dies.

   Right Now.
   What'll it be Takenaka?

   "I-I yield. It has been brought to my attention that there are always nasty wolves like thee that live contrary to the devout," Takenaka said, "I do not trust thee, but I will join thee for now. For the sake of the lives of those that I know that I will bless in the future. So, what now Maekawa, this building is completely ruined."

   "Don't worry about it. Regardless of who's involved, Thermo Corp. cleans this kind of stuff up. Let's go now, okay?" I said.

   With that, Takiashi Takenaka joined my crew. He knows a bit too much for his own good and is a real mouth-off sometimes, but it shouldn't be a problem. They all have an expiration date relatively soon. 

   I went back to the office and made a few calls to arrange some activities for the next few weeks. Seiji-kun and Miya-chan should progress rapidly enough under my tutelage combined with Takenaka-baka. It's all coming together. As it was explained to me. As it was promised to me. All I have to do now is guide the pieces into play, and sit back and watch.
   It's all too easy.