Chapter 8:


Densetsu Kenshi: Beginnings

   "Salutations. The name bestowed upon me is Takiashi Takenaka. Pleasure to meet thee."

   Wow. First impressions go a long way. It's been almost a week since Takenaka joined Maekawa, Mitsuki and I, but I just can't get over the words he said after he introduced himself.

   "Seiji Yoshino. Peace be unto you, O bearer of that dreaded name. I say unto thee; beware of false prophets, those that wear the sheep's skin, but inside are preying wolves."

   Personally I've never liked my given name but basically everything Takenaka said to me went right over my head. As in, I didn't understand it at all. His peculiar speech implanted it into my mind, but prophets, sheep, and wolves aren't normally on the menu for the conversations I participate in. Maekawa-sensei did say he's a bit weird and to take his words with a pillar of salt. Isn't it supposed to be a grain of salt though? I don't really understand but I'll just trust Maekawa-sensei on this one.
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   "Miya-chan! Shoot your shot! Tell me what you got! Go! You're on the clock!"


   "Amazing! An extremely exact n' excellent example of effortless enunciation executed exceedingly eloquently of an eccentrically exciting enigmatic expression! My applause Miya-chan!!"

   "O Miyamoto! Marvelous! Just outstanding!" Takenaka said. He really does seem like the guy to take things too far. Like the man has been following Mitsuki around everywhere and is basically worshipping her right now just because she pulled off a tongue twister.

   "Thank youuuuuu! Thank yo-uuuuu very much! I try, I try! I really do!" Mitsuki gloated.

   "Tch. Isn't there something better for us to do than screw around like this?" I asked. I mean we were all at Occult Club Inc. and it seemed to me like a good opportunity for everyone to develop their skills. 

   "Seiji-kun, you're just saying that because you still haven't been able to figure out Inverse Rift, right?"
   Ah. Exposed. It's true though. I haven't been able to tap into my spectra energy for some time now. "Well there's that... but those annoying business people keep taking out the eidolons before us too. Shouldn't we get stronger together so we can beat them to it? The early bird gets the worm, so let's get to it!" I said enthusiastically.

   "Your judgment is pure, O Seiji-san. Those rascals have been frequenting our jobs lately." Takenaka said.

   "No. I'm in charge here," Maekawa-sensei said quietly, "but, if Seiji-kun can beat Miya-chan in a battle of tongue twisters, then I suppose we could do some light training."

   He looked at me and snickered.

   Easy. I'm no slouch when it comes to party games like this. Unless it's that moronic green glass door. I have no idea what can fit through that thing, but nevermind that right now.

   "I accept!" I said as I adjusted my glasses with a small touch.

   "Wo-ah! Where did those glasses come from!?" Mitsuki gasped.

   "I keep them with me at all times for academic battles! Now let's start!"

   "Fine! Seiji-kun, can you can a canned can into an un-canned can like a canner can can a canned can into an un-canned can?" she sassed.

   "I conclude that I can not quickly counter your claim but the critical counsel I consult is: if you must cross a course cross cow across a crowded cow crossing, cross the cross coarse cow across the crowded cow crossing carefully!" I contended.Bookmark here

   "Oh Seiji-kun, your tongue twists in terribly tenacious tendencies to tightly tie all that tactful talk together to a T! Bravo!"Bookmark here

   "Please don't talk about my tongue like that, it gives me weird thoughts" I said.Bookmark here

   "Pervert!"Bookmark here

   "Ready to lose? You can't beat this Mitsuki!"Bookmark here

   "Bring it!"Bookmark here

   "Pad kid poured curd pulled cod!" I chanted perfectly ten times.Bookmark here

   Everyone got real quiet, real quick. They were all witnesses after all. Bookmark here

   "Wow..." Takenaka said in awe.Bookmark here

   "... The most difficult tongue twister in the world! Down ya go Miya-chan!"Bookmark here

   "Wow. Okay. I underestimated you. Don't look at me like that! I-I let you win! Take off those glasses idiot!" she pouted.Bookmark here

   I don't know if I hurt her feelings, but I do know that I'm on cloud nine. Nothing like an absolute smack down to boost my confidence.Bookmark here

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   "Thermo Corp."Bookmark here

   "Thermo Corp."Bookmark here

   "The 'p' is silent."Bookmark here

   "Thermop Cor.?"Bookmark here

   "It's silent. It doesn't change places."Bookmark here

   "Thermo Corp."Bookmark here

   "For the love of all things holy, the 'p' is silent Seiji-san!" Takenaka shouted at me.Bookmark here

   "Jeez. So those _eo_le wearing _instri_ed suits are from Thermo Cor.?" I asked.Bookmark here

   "NO! But yes. Those people wearing pinstriped suits are from Thermo Corp. Pronounce the 'p'." Takenaka spat at me. Literally.Bookmark here

   "Sheesh, make up your mind. But what's the deal with them? Why are they always interfering with us?" I asked.Bookmark here

   "Thermo Corp. is just a cover for the faction of the same name. They're a globally unified faction that has been the go-to for taking out eidolons all across the world. They've been more active than normal, but that's the gist of them, okay?" Maekawa-sensei explained. Bookmark here

   "Sensei-pan, why do they wear pinstriped suits and fedoras?"Bookmark here

   "Hmm. Not sure. Work uniform I guess, okay?"Bookmark here

   "So are they the bad guys and we're the good guys?" I asked.Bookmark here

   "Well I wouldn't put it quite like that. They may have some under handed techniques and the occasional corrupt employee, but we have the same goal-- so more like competition."Bookmark here

   "Oh, I see."Bookmark here

   "Seiji-san, Thermo Corp. is still a large company. The love of money is the root of all evil, O remember this and thou may prevail against thy enemies."Bookmark here

   "Uh, yeah. Thanks."Bookmark here

   "Enough with the chit chat about this and that. Time to address the matter at hand, okay?" Maekawa-sensei said and looked at me.Bookmark here

   Oh right. My non-ability to use spectra energy.Bookmark here

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   "Seiji-san! Have faith! Open and pull!"Bookmark here

   "Seijiiii-kun! Take a deep breath and I don't know just do it already!!"Bookmark here

   "Ahh! Inverse Rift! Inverse Rift! Inverse Rift! Inverse Rift!" I huffed out.Bookmark here

   "Ha. This is just pitiful. You've been trying for hours now, okay? Think about it a bit more."Bookmark here

   "I'm literally trying so hard, but I have no idea what to expect!" I said. I've been trying every suggestion and listening to their cheers and encouragement for so long its wearing me out. My muscles are cramping from all the stress I'm putting on myself and it's all been for nothing. Not a single thing has appeared or opened up or I dont even know anymore.Bookmark here

   "Seiji-kun. You've done it before. When we were training you opened your rift when you went to punch me. Think about that."Bookmark here

   "Oh that's what that was? I don't know then, I'm not really in a murderous mood right now" I said frankly.Bookmark here

   "I'll change that" Maekawa-sensei said.Bookmark here

   "Haha. Good luck, not much gets to me" I boasted.Bookmark here

   "Seiji, your father abandoned you because you're useless. Exhibit A: right now. Do something you dollar store sacrificial pawn. By the way, how's your mom? She looked cute last night."Bookmark here

   "Sensei-pan! That's too far! How did you even know that..." Mitsuki intervened.Bookmark here

   She seemed calm. She probably wasn't calm though. Everyone seemed calm. Everything looked boring and plain. Nobody had emotion. Nothing in comparison to the wildfire of rage in my heart that just ignited.Bookmark here

   "INVERSE RIFT!" I screamed. I let it out with all intent to unleash a furious attack and erase the existence known as Maekawa-sensei from this world. My rage was immeasurable. Who does he think he is? To talk to me like that? Bookmark here

    A large dark rift opened up to my side.Bookmark here

   "Thou hast done it! I congratulate thee!"Bookmark here

   "Nice! Woo-hoooo Seiji-kuuuuun!"Bookmark here

   "Oh? I wasn't expecting that. Ergh, not okay." Maekawa-sensei said.Bookmark here

   Hm? I turned and faced the rift. It was really dark. I was still filled up to the brim with rage that I couldn't think about much, but I was surprised that I did it.Bookmark here

   "Seiji, step away from that!" Maekawa-sensei warned. Bookmark here

   "Why?" I asked. I just did it, and now you're telling me I can't even enjoy it? I'll be honest though, I'm not sure what I did, but I know I did do it. I made my Inverse Rift that is.Bookmark here

   "Just do--!"Bookmark here

Bookmark here

I never heard him finish. An arm stuck out of the Rift and grabbed me by the collar and pulled me in. Bookmark here

   !?!Bookmark here

   What the heck! Where am I? Is this hell? Am I dead? Didn't I just get randomly pulled into my own Inverse Rift? Wait... I've felt this energy before, maybe I am inside my Inverse Rift? I didn't think this was even possible!?Bookmark here

   A voice spoke, and cut off all my thoughts.Bookmark here

   "Welcome to paradise, my love."Bookmark here

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