Chapter 4:

Chapter 4 [Gym Fight]


After lunch, I went alone to the Locker room changing my cloth into my Gym cloth, I didn't see Lina on my way to the Locker room, she probably already in the gym, on my way here I store the lunchbox in my locker. I tied up the lace of my Gym shoe and head to the gym.Bookmark here

When I'm in the gym, I look around searching for Lina, and I see her sitting in the corner and the highest seat on the bleacher, She is drawing something again in her notebook. I look around again and I saw Stephanie and her friends are playing basketball while the boys are still deciding. I look at Ms. Kelly, our gym teacher, she is busy playing with her phone. so the class today probably free time.Bookmark here

I walk up to the bleacher and heading toward Lina, she doesn't even notice me getting closer to her. A grin on my face, I grab a pamphlet that someone left behind on the seat, I rolled it up and hit gently on top of her head, her body stand upright, surprised. when she looked at the source and saw me, she was about to freak out but I can see her taking a huge breath, calming herself. My left eyebrow raised.Bookmark here

"Are you okay now?"Bookmark here

"I'm fine now" her body is stiff as a board as she said.Bookmark here

I took a seat beside her, this causes her to scooch an away from me, "Lina, look I'm sorry, I saw your drawing, but you don't need to stay away from me beside I like your drawing, it not like I never seen your drawing before I usually sneak a peek at it when you away" Bookmark here

"What?!" she says but she takes another long breath, "It's embarrassing to let other people see my drawing even you," she hugged her notebook tightlyBookmark here

"Even me? look, Lina, I once saw you chugging a Slurpee drink until it falls on your shirt, I don't think it can be more embarrassing than showing me you drawing"Bookmark here

"Especially you!! it different from that, you won't understand it" Bookmark here

"Okay fine, can we just forget about the topic?" I say wanting to be back to normal again, I just can't handle Lina being like this,Bookmark here

"Are you saying the truth about liking my drawing?" Lina looks at me with both her eyes anticipating an answer, that makes my heart skip a beat. "yeah it really good.." I scratch the back of my head and looking away.Bookmark here

I can imagine Lina face smiling brightly behind me, Suddenly, somebody shout Bookmark here

"1 LOSER + 1 LOSER= LOSER!!!" The most annoying voice that I have heard in my entire life, Freakin Brandon. Thank god, I'm a pacifist,  just keep calm Haru you know better, Just ignore him. I turn my head to Lina, What is going on? is Lina Blushing heavily? "Lina are you okay?" I ask her.Bookmark here

"Mhm, It,... Thank you for the compliment about my drawing" She says in a soft tone.Bookmark here

I look Back at Brandon, his face shows annoyance as being ignored by us, "No wonder you guys turn into freaks, It because your parent left you, probably they hate your ugly face" Brandon said again with a louder tone that causes everyone to turn their head toward us.Bookmark here

"TAKE THAT BACK BRANDON!!!" Lina with anger on her face said it while quickly stand on her feet, Brandon smiled as he saw our reaction.Bookmark here

I stand up and place my hand on Lina's shoulder, Lina look at me "I'm not just gonn..a" Lina look at my face, surprised to see anger on my face because never once she saw Me angry before, Lina stunted and back away.Bookmark here

I walk down the bleacher, slowly. My bloodlust seeping through my facade, Brandon friends all back away except for him, I stand before him, he tried to hide it but I can smell his fear from this distance.Bookmark here

"What are you gonna do? if you lay a hand on me, my father will make sure you rot in prison for your entire life" Brandon threaten but it doesn't have an effect on me in slightest.Bookmark here

"Take it back," I said slowly while my hand is tightening, Brandon gulping.Bookmark here

"STOP IT YOU GUYS!!, if you want to fight so much how about we settle this with a game?" Ms. Kelly says. I look at her, her phone is down and holding a ball.Bookmark here

"If I win you must do what I told you for the rest of school year if you win I take back what say"
Brandon challenge with a smirk on his face. I have been patient with his behavior for a long time but he has crossed the line by insulting Lina, I think it time to teach him a lesson.Bookmark here

"I accept," I say, everyone gasp but Brandon only Laugh.Bookmark here

"Okay, here the game" Ms.Kelly smirked, "It's called Dodgeball, the court is split into two area, each for a team, if you get out of this area you are disqualified, this is a ball you be using, everyone will be given a ball before you start. if you hit an opponent with this ball he is out, if you catch an opponent ball he out, this is sudden death, once you out, your OUT" Ms. Kelly explained.Bookmark here

"Do you understand?" Ms. Kelly asks, I and Brandon both nod our head.Bookmark here

"Okay now pick five people into your team," Ms. Kelly said. Brandon goon joins his team with ease. I look around looking teammate, all their face show that they too scared to go against Brandon, Lina looks at me worried, I nod to her telling her that everything's gonna be fine.Bookmark here

"Haru, pick five!" Ms. Kelly says.Bookmark here

"it's okay, don't need them," I say with confidence.Bookmark here

"but it will be unfair," Ms. Kelly says, but cut off by Brandon "if he doesn't want it, I'm fine with it," He said with a smirk, Ms. Kelly look at me, her eyes worried but she sees my resolve so she allowed it.Bookmark here

I walk to the center of my area, while Brandon team position themselves in their area, you can do this Haru. Five targets, remember uncle teaching and I will be fine, I inhale and exhale calming my heartbeat, relaxing my muscle, my grip on the ball tighten, sweat between my finger seeping.Bookmark here

I look at Ms. Kelly whistle in her mouth, looking at both of us. The sound whistle ring.Bookmark here

My instinct flares up and my hand moves like a lighting catching a ball that was thrown at me by one of the goons. "OUT!!" Ms. Kelly shouted. Everyone was surprised to see that I managed to take out one of the Brandon goon quickly.Bookmark here

"That was a fluke," Brandon says loudly with disbelief on his face "you two throw at the same time" Both of Brandon goon threw the ball, I can see it the ball flying toward me, It was too easy. I slightly adjust my body and the flew across me without hitting me.Bookmark here

I smile slightly, I threw one of the balls in my hand high up in the air, All in the Gym watch as the ball flew up, taking the chance I threw the ball to the one of Brandon goon, the ball fly so fast that it hot the goon chest with force that causes him to fall backwards, "OUT!!" SHouted Ms. Kelly.Bookmark here

This cause Brandon goons to panic, they were surprised as one of their friends has taken out, the ball that was high up in the air fall back, the ball fall in front of Haru, and he saw the perfect alignment of aim, He punches the ball shooting it straight toward the goon. The goon tries to catch it but it was to fast, it hit the goon in the chest causing the same thing that happens to one of his friend earlier. "Out" Ms. Kelly shouted.Bookmark here

with no ball in my hand, I smirk toward Brandon, He face was filled in anger and despise, He orders one of his goons to throw his ball to me. It was a mistake as the goon throw it following his order, I catch with ease as the ball come near me.Bookmark here

"Out!" Ms. Kelly shouted but I can see a smile on her face, people were cheering as they saw only I and Brandon were left. I never felt this kind of attention, people were cheering for me, how cool was that. I do a little shuffle with my feet to celebrate my early winning, Lina looks at me shaking her head while covering her smile, Stephanie also looks at me with a huge smile and cheering me on. Brandon, on the other hand, was furious, but his expression changed, suddenly he has this huge grin on his face.Bookmark here

I stopped dancing and look at Brandon, he raises his ball, I was ready my stance to catch the ball but I didn't realize it sooner. Brandon aims his ball at Lina and threw it. Bookmark here

I quickly let go of the ball that I was holding and chase toward the ball, I can see at the corner of my eyes Brandon was smirking. "Arrogance leads to defeat" My uncle word from earlier morning echoed, Damn it.Bookmark here

I chase after the ball but I was not fast enough to reach it, so I jump, the momentum is enough to boost me to reach it. The ball hit my palm, I managed to catch it but my momentum was too strong for me to stop. I slam to the floor outside of my area, sliding with the ball in my hand. The gym was quiet, only the sound of me slam on the floor can be heard and I know what going to happen next.Bookmark here

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