Chapter 3:

Chapter 3 [Normal People, Normal Life]


In a blink of an eye, the class went by quickly, I didn't pay attention much after the topic about superpower, I try to focus but I quickly get bored, I stretch my hand under the table that I was sitting at then I turn my head to the clock on the wall; only 5 minutes left until lunch, I notice Lina is kept glancing at me and scribbling something with a pen in her notebook.

I look at Lina and she caught my eye, she blushes a little and grin, I whisper to her "are you drawing me again?...".

She shakes her head in response, I just sigh. She usually likes this, if she bored, she would start drawing thing, people, animal, anything she could find. I usually don't bother her much since 
it's her hobby but still, I didn't feel comfortable being drawn or even taken pictures of.

I try to ignore her since we still in the class and I don't want to disturb the class so I just ignore it for now, I look to the left of the room and saw a girl with her eyes is blocked by her bangs and wearing a beanie with a triangle logo on it also wearing a white shirt and black jeans. She is facing me and showing me a piece of paper with something written on it, I look closely at it.

the paper says:

Two butterflies float away,
It ends with a Scorpion,
One manage away,
while one left behind.

What that's a poem? I look back at the strange girl, with my left eyebrow raised, she just crumples the paper in response and then turns her body facing front again. That girl has always been in my class, I have tried speaking to her but she always gives me a cold shoulder, I try asking Lina about her wondering if that girl hates me or something. Lina told me that she did the same thing to everyone, so I just assume she just wants to be alone.

Butterflies and Scorpion, what does even that mean? I try to make sense of it but my brain just can't process it. I was snapped back to reality as the lunch bell rings and Mr. Eugene dismissing us from his class, while we about to leave the classroom, I look back to the strange girl but she is nowhere to be seen. I look around surprised because I have been trained to sharpen my sense, so why I didn't even notice her leaving. I tapped Lina's shoulder and she turns her head toward me still continuing packing her stuff.

"What is the name of the strange girl with beanie again? I seem to forget" I ask.

"who? do you mean Jeanie, what you have a crush on her now?" Lina look annoyed for a second there.

"no, not that, it just she show me... arhh forgot I say anything, so what are you getting for lunch today?" I said.

Lina look at me confused but she ignores it and carries her stuff out of the classroom, I follow her leaving the classroom, I look back at the empty chair where Jeanie was sitting earlier, then I shrug my shoulder.

while we were walking down the hallways heading toward the cafeteria, Lina turns toward me with a grin on her face "I got something planned for us at the end of the day, Do you want to know what it is?". I look at her with one of my eyebrows raise.

"What is it? wait don't tell me," I said.

"I won't, it a surprise" She turns her head forward and starts humming a happy tune, while I just sigh and facepalm myself. We arrive in front of the archway which led to the cafeteria when suddenly I can feel someone behind me, he intentionally bumped his shoulder with mine. I didn't do anything to avoid because I know who the culprit is.

"Move it, Loser!!" Brandon says after bumping me. Lina glared dagger at him as she noticed what Brandon has done, I try to calm Lina down.

"Lina it's okay, I'm not hurt, he just joking around, you know Brandon, he has always been a prick," I said with a smile on my face, trying to calm Lina down.

"I don't understand Haru, why you let him push you around, I know you can take him on" Lina say in slight anger voice.

"Violence only breeds Violence," I say with a smirk on my face.

"Erh, that just too cliche Haru" Lina anger has seemed to calm down and she is smiling a little.

"Haru you just too nice for your own good..." Lina says.

"that why i..." she says in the lowest tone that I cant hear the end of the sentence, I look at her with wide eyes.

"What was that?" I ask, but Lina's cheeks can be seen to redden.

"NOThing" she scoffs then start walking fast into the cafeteria leaving me behind.

"wait up!" I say to her while trying to catch up with her.

After I finally catch up to Lina, we both head to our usual table, Lina takes a seat at the table while I was heading to school counter to grab a plate of spaghetti. After I grab one I quickly walk back and take in front of Lina, She begins taking out the lunchbox that her mom packed for her. I look at the lunchbox it is covered with stickers of a unicorn and other stuff that she collected, it's an old lunchbox that she keeps because of sentimental reason but that not the important thing, the important thing is what Inside the lunchbox.

She opens the lunchbox and the delicious smell of food flood out of it like Niagra fall, looking inside; I saw a Japanese style bento with rice, fried prawn, a mix of fresh vegetable and rolled egg. My mouth begins to water, Lina is lucky to have a mom that good at cooking.

"where is your Lunch Haru?" Lina ask.

"I accidentally left it back home while I was hurrying to your house but don't worry, I still got this plate of spaghetti" I look at the spaghetti; it looks like generic plate of spaghetti but food is food and I am starving, I grab a fork and scoop it u, the moment it reaches the distance which my nose can smell, I immediately recoil my head away and put it back on the plate.

"On the second thought, I think the sauce has gone bad" I sigh loudly, I look at Lina and she is eating her lunch with a smile of joy. I look at her with my puppy eyes, begging her to share some with me. she look at me, I can see she rolling her eyes and grinning.

"Fine, only if you cut that hair of your" I grunt but my stomach is growling like mad.

"what is it with my hair that you want me to cut it so much?"

"because it getting way too long and you don't look good with long hair" she point the fork with a food toward me while she was saying.

"What?!.... Fine, I will cut it tomorrow," I scoff

She always has this huge smirk on her face everytime she wins an argument against me, I look at her with a pinched expression, I see the food on the fork that she is holding, I quickly lean closer to it and bite the food aways. I chew in happiness as my revenge has been fulfilled but when I look at Lina's face it doesn't show anger or annoyed instead she was blushing, her cheek redden.

"" She stutter. I just realized what I did, I accidentally make an indirect kiss, my face also begins to redden but I try to brush it off by faking a laugh. there was an awkward couple minute of silence between us as we both try not to look into each other eyes embarrassed about what happened.

While I was looking away, I saw the notebook that she was drawing on, thinking that I could change the subject and cast away the awkward silence so I grab it and open the page that has a pen stuck between the page. The page opens revealing a sketch of me; my face was facing the other way in this sketch and a black crow perched on top of my head. It such an amazing drawing but what with the crow?

"What is it with people and animal today?" I speak aloud. Lina look at me and she saw me looking at her notebook, she flips out in embarrassment and grabs the notebook away. Anger show on her face and her cheek redden, she stand up and grab her stuff away leaving her lunchbox behind then she rushes out of the cafeteria.

"Lina?! where are you going?" I called out but she ignores me and keeps walking fast.

I look at the Lina lunchbox that she left behind, my stomach still growling. what the hell, I'm gonna eat some and leave half of the food for Lina later, I gobble down the food, tasting the mix delicious flavor of the food so I catch up to her and deliver half of her lunch to her, it will be easy since we both in the same class anyway. My eyes wander around the cafeteria, I saw Jeanie sitting and eating alone, I want to ask her about the butterflies thing but she seems to be in a bad mood. I look at another table that it is filled with popular girls, in the middle of the group is Stephanie, she is talking and everyone seems to be paying attention to her sometimes they laugh when she makes a joke.

I look at the Brandon table where he and his goon is seating, they are tossing around what it seems to be a crumpled up paper ball. my eyes caught his eyes, he grins at me and tossed the paper ball to my face, it hit and fall to the table, I look at it, sighing loudly.