Chapter 5:

My Kingdom, This World Pt 1

The Lazy & Carefree Princess

As soon as I entered the library I found myself in awe by how big it was.
Bookshelves were completely stacked and it’s height went up to at least 2 meters high. Comparing the library’s size to me would be like a small rat trying to find its way through a big maze- well a maze full of knowledge if that counts.Bookmark here

Despite coming here a few times before, I knew that I would get lost eventually in this place. Therefore the best course of action would be to find the one and only librarian- Ms.Michelle. "Ms.Michelle! Ms.Michelle!!!" I shouted. Suddenly a lady wearing a flowy purple gown with dark brown hair came running out holding a bunch of books in her hand. I recognized her same glasses and the way she styled her hair was just as I remembered- in a simple styled bun. It seems like she didn't change one bit.
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Although, I rarely visited the library I would come over sometimes for those delicious biscuits that she baked. I enjoyed having tea parties with her and discussing about the so called "girly" things when I was young. Now that I have grown older-mentally, thinking of even playing tea party again with dolls makes me embarrassed. Soon she interrupted the thought process by saying "Princess, I beg your pardon but please don't shout in the library. I am aware that no one rarely ever comes in here but still, I'd appreciate it if you keep your volume down. It is still a library after all."
"Yeah yeah~ I know." I said smiling back. Out of everyone in the whole castle, so far only Michelle has treated me informally like this, it makes me feel comfortable around her as she still speaks to everyone the same way regardless of their status- except for the king and queen of course. It feels especially calming now that I have become aware of what I was like in my former life.Bookmark here

"Oh yea, Ms.Michelle, I need your help with something."
"And what is it that you need help with?" She asked while carefully setting down the previous books she had on the table.
"The country's history and... my past with Prince Jerald..." I said while slightly blushing, even in my older life I've never actually been in an relationship but to think I've gotten into an engagement this young!
"Oh yes, Prince Jerald I understand, but why your country all of a sudden?"
"...What? Is it weird for me to wonder about my country?"
"Yes- I mean no, not necessarily but... " She said looking worried and confused "Alright, I'll help you. What do you want to know?"
"Magic, the education system and occupations. Basically how this world works."
"Well yes... the basics, I see."
"What was that?"
"Nothing~" She coughed to clear her throat. "Well then hold up, I'll go grab a few books based on what you'd like to know."
"Sure." I said waiting patiently. A few minutes after she came back with a bunch of books stacked on top of each other in her hand.
"Yes, wow indeed, now shall we start with magic?"
She carefully took a book and turned the page open to show an illustrations of a magic circle with many colored gems on each side.
"In this word we operate on magic and money. However as of currently, magic is quite a privilege as only nobles and royalty have it. It's quite rare for a commoner to have magical abilities however not completely unseen. Nobles and royalty typical gain their magical abilities at the age before they transition into teenagers, so 7-10 years old. Once a person has gained their magical abilities they typically put on a tea party to celebrate the occasion and show the world what element they possess. In your case your tea party was quite recently."
"Yes, and my element is water is it not?"
"Precisely, now usually once a person has reached 16 years of age they will move on to attend a magic academy."
"Magic Academy?"
"Yes, it's to enhance their magical strengths while also training in academics and physical strength. One of it's focus is to produce future scholars, leaders of the magical industry and also future knights who will train to protect the country."
"I see, but what if I don't want to become any of the above?" I can't bother and I'm too lazy.
"Then that's fine, you can just be a normal magical student who partakes in classes. But either way school is mandatory for nobles and royalty if they do end up having magical powers."
Geh, Oh come on! I just finished high school and now you want me to go back to school... again?!
"Besides, you are a princess anyway so you will have to come back to being a princess and doing princess duties whether you like it not."
I suddenly felt disappointed.
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Well there goes my lazy and comfortable life style...Bookmark here

Goodbye my dream life! Although it hasn't started I know I'll miss you. Go and live a good life with another person! TwT
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