Chapter 4:

The Centre Of Knowledge

The Lazy & Carefree Princess

A few minutes after Margaret left my room, I started to incorporate my plan to gather even more information. I only realized how much information has been kept away from me after my slight incident. It seems like the old me was just a child, I mean I still am a child... but... you get what I mean. Technically I am 8 + 19 years of age meaning that I should still be a legal adult... sort of... if you don't count my appearance.

But anyway, it seems like all the old Lucillia focused on was playing. I do realize that I may seem young in the eyes of others but I am 27 years of age mentally... wow I'm quite old, so it's quite unfair for them to keep information away from me. Although I am aware that I may seem like a child, the marriage is part of my life, it still concerns me, therefore I deserve the right to understand the situation am I right?

This reason only might be precisely why I can't shake off this unknown feeling. The state of feeling nostalgic despite the fact that I have never experienced any of these events in my history before... I just can't shake it away.

Perhaps there was something else I couldn't remember properly...

Thus was why I decided to head off to the biggest center of knowledge available in castle. But before that, I must keep track of the time. It's currently now noon, dinner should be later in the evening at 7. Which means I still have time to head over there and gain some extra information. I assume the maids and my parents don't want me to walk around aimlessly when I should be resting in bed so I should be careful when sneaking out. A few guards will be most likely be guarding the entrance but I bet I can quickly come up with a believable excuse to get in. For now the counter measures I need are... I quickly glanced at the pillows on my bed.

A doppelganger or Lucillia clone that will be able to fool the maids when they come in!

- Big Hug-gable Pillow for the body
- Small Round Pillow for the face
- Any fluffy clothing to be used as hair
- A big dress or piece of clothing that your pillow can wear

1. Gather all the needed materials.
2. Dress the hug-gable pillow.
3. Place the hug-gable pillow in the middle of the bed, tilting it slighty to the opposite side of the door.
4. Place the small round pillow next to the hug-gable pillow, make sure that its also slightly tilted as well.
5. Use the furry clothing as hair to cover the head and the body by placing it on top of the pillow. Make sure that it still looks realistic!
6. Cover the body with your blanket, only leaving abit of space for the head!

Congratulations! You have officially completed the disguise of a child sleeping in bed. Now whenever anyone comes into your room to check up on you they will see the child sleeping in bed! And since you are tilted to the opposite side they won't be able to see if it's actually you or not either unless they come close!... hopefully.

Now with my plan set into motion and all precautions taken care off. It's time for me to set out!

After a few minutes I sneakily slipped out of my room in the long hall away. It's quite strange how your perspective can change in a day. I would have been used to living in such a big mansion- or should I say palace when I was younger but when I look at it now my home just seems to be way too big. With deep red curtain drapes having golden lining at the edges, chandeliers, and candles on top of the fancy curved tables, this was exactly what you'd expect fancy palace to look like.

As I quietly sneaked through I managed to arrive at a big wooden door, the door that holds the key to the entrance of all the knowledge in the world- it was non other than... the royal library of course. Unfortunately there seemed to be 2 guards guarding the door. They looked confused while eyeing me suspiciously. "Your Highness... if it's not rude of me, may I ask what you doing here?" 

My sudden collapse was not made public as that may ruin my family's image. Because of this, I can assume that they did not that I was supposed to be resting right now. "Why my guards, I simply would like to access the royal family's library." 
"Oh really? And why would you need to access it?"
"Why to access and learn more about my family's history of course!" I thought it would be a good response, little did I know that it wasn't soon after they made an even more confused face.  
"Princess... learning history?" They both said completely in sync.
"I'm sorry but that does not make much sense..." One guard said.
"Yes, I agree... it's just too off..."
If it's true that they haven't heard about my slight incident then they probably wouldn't know about my personality change as well... I made a small sigh. Now that it's come to this, I might as well make up a fake cringe worthy excuse.
"Ohh... you got me..." I said sounding slightly sad "The truth is... I want to find out more about Prince Jerald and his family... I mean he is my fiancee. I might as well learn about him now... Won't you help a little girl out?" I said with puppy dog eyes while slightly pouting.
"Ohh, if it's like of that of course!" One of the guards said slightly laughing.
"Go right ahead princess!" The other said while moving to the side giving me space to walk right in.
"Thank you~!" I said happily and walked in.