Chapter 6:

My Kingdom, This World Pt 2

The Lazy & Carefree Princess

Slowly coming back to my senses after Ms.Michelle's educational lesson, I continued to ask some more questions.
"Oh... I see... And just how long will this continue?" I said trying to put on a smile despite the fact of feeling devastated for having to go to school again.
"3 years, typically students there are ages 16 - 19."
"Oh I see." So it really is like high school...
"Then, I will continue onto the main magical elements of this world. In this world there are a total of 8 elements and those 2 elements are divided into 2 categories/types. Type 1 - Defense Based and Type 2 - Attack Based. However there is a special type of element that is a hybrid, a mixture of those two types. Although still slightly focused more on the defense spectrum, it's considered a hybrid because it still has attack based spells."
"I see, so it would somewhat be like 60% Defense & 40% Attack?"
"Yes very much so. I am astonished princess, I never thought you had the space to think."
I suddenly felt an arrow piercing my heart with imaginary tears streaming down my face. Was I really deemed that stupid?
"Is that a compliment?" I asked while still feeling slightly hurt.
"Yes, very much so. I have completely changed my image of your mental capabilities now."
"Uuuu~" I made a slight groan. Not helping...
"I see." I tried replying as calmly as possible.
As expected, it still hurts. Especially since I was pretty much a teacher's pet in my old life... Bookmark here

What? Does it seem that unexpected? Well unfortunately for you, it's quite true. I won't deny that I am lazy but that doesn't mean that I can't actually get good grades and be at the top of the class! I can assure you I do put in effort to actually study last minute or if I feel like it...
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Obviously though, I had to study. Like I mentioned before in my past life, you won't be able to survive properly and be successful without good grades. Or at least, that was what I believed.
...Really though, If I was smart before how did younger Lucillia end up being so stubborn and stupid?
Jesus, she better be glad I came back.Bookmark here

"Anyway, No time for small chit-chat. If you want to learn we're doing this seriously. Come on, let us continue." Michelle said sternly.
"Now let's see, where was I again?"
"Oh, the elements~"
"Ah yes! So, aside from the air element there are also seven other different elements available as well. The remaining elements are light, lightning, fire, ice, water and earth. These elements are separated in the two categories as well. Out of all these elements light is known to be one of the strongest, especially as a defense based element but since it's so strong, it is also very rare to actually find a light wielder. Perhaps you can find one once every 10 years if you're lucky."
"Wow, I see." What a protagonist type element. Definitely ain't meant for me, yup. I'm so glad I didn't end up with that either, I'd gain too much attention and pressure if I do.
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"So continuing on, there is also an even divide between attack based elements and defense based elements. These elements are also ranked from how rare to how common they are to find in people. The rarer it is, the more stronger the element. Let's start with defense based elements, they are ranked from:
1). Light - extremely rare - extremely powerful. Highest percentage of obtaining it would be 3%. The one who wields this element correctly may be one of the greatest magicians in history.
2). Air - 40-50% chance of finding it in people. Since it's a hybrid it's also a powerful element to have.
3). Earth  - You have a 70% of having this element. It's placed third since it's slightly above water.
4). Water - 80% chance of having this element. Out of all the elements available in both categories it's the easiest element to obtain since birth and very common among nobles."
"I see... so I'm last?" I asked wondering.
"Yes, but no need to be disheartened. If you end up strengthening your element and mastering it well to it's utmost potential you will be very strong. You might even be able to defeat one of highest ice elements or attack based elements. Overall everything depends on your mastery level and how good you are. Having a stronger element only gives you a slight advantage unless you're a light wielder of course so stay strong and practice!"
"Y-yes... I see" Aww, too bad. It good news that it was common so I wouldn't have to try much or get much attention but I guess I still have to enhance it if I get forced to and I most likely will by my family... "So anyway, move onto the attack based elements?"Bookmark here

"Yes of course. Now for the attack based elements. These are rankings:
1). Lightning - There is 20% chance of obtaining it. It is quite rare but not as rare as Light. Still very powerful attack based element. It can do both single target and give a large area of effect spell.
2). Fire - There is a 30% chance of obtaining it. Once again it's still very powerful, it's placed under lighting because lighting does quicker damage than fire, while fire takes slightly longer.
3). Ice - 40% chance of obtaining it. Last but certainly not least. It's even on the higher tier of the elements list. It is placed 3rd since there are higher chances of obtaining it and also since fire and lighting can crack ice. But of course, as I mentioned before, if the ice wielder has more skill and experience than the fire wielder then they will still win if challenged to a fight so it's nothing to be worried about.
"I see, but Ms.Michelle- there is one thing that is confusing me."
"Yes, what is it?"
"Well you mentioned before that there were 8 elements. But this is just 7 is it not? Did you forget something?"
"Oh dear! Well, excuse the random slip of my mouth. The next element is... one that is a secret and not supposed to be mentioned... In fact not many people even know of it. The only people who have knowledge on this are the royalties and only a few selected nobles at the highest ranking..."
"I see, my apologizes. But I would still like to know." Who knows, this can serve to be useful in the future.
Ms.Michelle sighed slightly. "Well I suppose I cannot hide it from you. You are bound to find out eventually... Very well then."
She prepared herself and slightly adjusted her glasses.
"The final element is... a forbidden element... and it is none other than..."Bookmark here

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