Chapter 14:

The Secret Revealed

Tears of Wars: The Heroes are Born

In the Great Monster Kingdom...Bookmark here

The next morning, the Baramus arrived at the Great Monster Kingdom. Seeing some of his men defeated in his own kingdom, he flew into a rage. He summoned all the monsters to inspect the area surrounding the Great Monster KingdomBookmark here

“What happened?!”Bookmark here

One of the Crocos came out to greet him.Bookmark here

“Baramus, our prisoner has run away!”Bookmark here

“She ran away?? How come?! What were you doing?!” the Baramus said, irritated.Bookmark here

He detected other human’s scent. He recalled that this was the scent of Roman and his friends.Bookmark here

“Destroy that woman’s village!! Call Rhino over here!”Bookmark here

He commanded three Rhinos, five Sharkins, and ten Wolfies to attack Julia’s village.Bookmark here

Meanwhile...Bookmark here

In the afternoon, Julia and the others arrived in her village. They urged all the villagers to move to a place that was safe from monsters. They hurriedly went to the place.Bookmark here

At night...Bookmark here

The monsters set off for the village where Julia was. However, not a single soul was found there, but they could smell them. They then followed the smell of Julia and the others.Bookmark here

The next morning...Bookmark here

After walking further south, Julia and the others finally arrived at the border barrier that had been destroyed earlier. They were surprised upon seeing that the wall had been rebuilt.Bookmark here

“What?? It has been fixed!!” Roman said.Bookmark here

“Are we in the wrong place?” Terry said.Bookmark here

“This is most likely the place. Look, the color is different. It means they have repaired the wall,” Darma explained.Bookmark here

“Shall we go back through the gate?” Kenue suggested.Bookmark here

“No way. It’s too far. We might even run into those monsters. I’m sure they would send an army to chase us,” Shinra said.Bookmark here

“You guys are so loud, huh? If the hole has been patched, we’ll just make another one, right??” Julia said, clenching her fists in preparation to hit the wall.Bookmark here

“You must be joking, right?” Roman said.Bookmark here

Julia punched the wall hard, making a big hole. She then hit it for the second time, enlarging the hole so that two people could easily pass through the wall at once.Bookmark here

“What? So it was you who destroyed the wall?” Roman asked, stunned.Bookmark here

Shinra stared in mute amazement. What an incredible power. I’d better watch my language when I’m talking to her.Bookmark here

“You’re so strong!!” Darma said.Bookmark here

“You’re not only beautiful, but you’re also incredibly strong,” Terry praised.Bookmark here

“Hurry up, save it for later. We’re being chased by those monsters,” Julia said, walking through the border barrier.Bookmark here

They all made it through the wall and arrived at the river bank. Then, they crossed the river.Bookmark here

“Wow, we’ve made it this far! We had saved a lot of time because we took a shortcut,” Darma said.Bookmark here

“Right, I think we’ll be there tonight,” Terry said.Bookmark here

“Huh. Next time, if you want to destroy the wall, let me try it first. I can break that wall, too!” Roman grumbled.Bookmark here

“Come on, Roman, get off your high horse,” Shinra said playfully.Bookmark here

“I’m not riding a horse,” Roman said, pretending to be oblivious. They all burst into laughter.Bookmark here

“You want to destroy the wall? I’ve saved your life twice, you know!” Kenue sneered.Bookmark here

Roman sulked, while Terry, Darma, and Shinra laughed.Bookmark here

Meanwhile...Bookmark here

“They went toward the border wall??” the Rhino said, puzzled.Bookmark here

The monsters’ search for Julia and the others by following their scent took them to the wall that had been destroyed.Bookmark here

“What the hell? Did they do this?” one of the Wolfies said.Bookmark here

“So it was true that humans destroyed it!! This wall had been repaired yesterday,” one of the Rhinos said.Bookmark here

“What should we do now? Are we going to follow them? Maybe they had set a trap. If they can break this wall, we’ll definitely be killed there,” the Wolfie said.Bookmark here

“Let’s just go back!!” the Rhino said.Bookmark here

“Is it okay? The Baramus will definitely go berserk,” one of the Sharkins asked, anxious.Bookmark here

“It’s better for him to be angry with us than to die if we keep following them,” the Rhino said.Bookmark here

“Okay, after all, the Baramus will understand if we tell him what happened,” the Sharkin said.Bookmark here

They returned to the Great Monster Kingdom and told the Baramus everything they saw there. Sure enough, he was furious. He beat up one of the Rhinos there.Bookmark here

“Damn it! Die, you bastard!!”Bookmark here

“Forgive us, Baramus,” the beaten Rhino pleaded.Bookmark here

“All of you, come with me now!!”Bookmark here

One of the Crocos came and interrupted him.Bookmark here

“Our apologies, Baramus. I wanted to let you know that Julia wasn’t the only one who ran away. The young man you invited arrived here with someone. He called himself the king of the Sacred Hawk Kingdom.”Bookmark here

“I see, okay. The five of you, go and annihilate that kingdom. And the three of you and ten Wolfies, come with me to the border wall!!”Bookmark here

Five Sharkins were sent to attack the Sacred Hawk Kingdom. The Baramus went to the destroyed wall with three Rhinos and ten Wolfies. They moved fast.Bookmark here

At night...Bookmark here

Julia and the others had almost reached the cave behind the waterfall. However, they were surprised by the amount of blood that was scattered there.Bookmark here

“Blood?! What happened??” Roman said, surprised.Bookmark here

“Father!!” Terry sprinted toward the cave.Bookmark here

They rushed toward the cave and saw a mysterious figure wearing a hooded cloak. The Torto was seriously injured. They also saw the one-eyed Sharkin lying motionless.Bookmark here

“Who are you?! What did you do to the Torto and the villagers?!” Shinra snapped at the figure.Bookmark here

He drew his twin swords and sprang into action.Bookmark here

“If you don’t talk, I’ll send you to hell!!”Bookmark here

The mysterious figure stood up and dodged his attack, then stood on his swords.Bookmark here

“How embarrassing, my student did not even recognize his sensei,” the mysterious figure said, removing his hood. He leveled a gaze at Shinra.Bookmark here

“Torou-sensei?!” Shinra sheathed his sword. He walked up to him and hugged him.Bookmark here

“You are a big boy, Shinra. I heard you are a king now,” Torou said, hugging him.Bookmark here

“Where have you been all this time? I looked for you, but I never found you.”Bookmark here

“I am always by your side, Shinra. I always take care of you and your father.”Bookmark here

“But Father is dead!! I couldn’t protect him,” Shinra said, still hugging him.Bookmark here

“Ah, that is right, my condolences to King Tertoro. Ah, I should not be the one explaining it. Gregori, please tell him everything to make things clear. No more lies.”Bookmark here

“What do you mean? What about my father?” Terry asked, confused.Bookmark here

Roman interrupted their conversation. Julia entered the cave and saw Torou.Bookmark here

“Hey, care to explain what’s going on here? The reunion can be continued later,” Roman said.Bookmark here

“Hey, Julia. Look at your brother, he has grown into a man, has he not?” Torou said.Bookmark here

“Hmm… A man? He’s still as weak as he used to be,” Julia answered sarcastically.Bookmark here

“Damn. Shitty older sister. Hey, Rat Monster, you know me too?”Bookmark here

“I was even there when you were born.”Bookmark here

Roman suffered an injury to his head, which caused him to be unable to remember his past. It happened sometime after Satria’s death.Bookmark here

Ten years ago...Bookmark here

“Baramus, looks like Satria has fainted. He’s lost a lot of blood. What are we going to do with the two children?” one of the Rhinos asked.Bookmark here

“Just throw them both into the river. They’re useless!” the Baramus replied.Bookmark here

The Rhino threw Roman and Julia into the river. At that time, Roman was ten and Julia was thirteen. They were swept away by the current.Bookmark here

Torou managed to save Julia. By that time, she had passed out on the river bank.Bookmark here

Unfortunately for Roman, his head hit a rock and he passed out. He was dragged so far that he reached the cave behind the waterfall. Roman lived alone. He foraged for food on his own.Bookmark here

A few years later, he went out to find out about his new identity. The only thing he remembered was his name. He knew because ‘Roman’ was clearly written on his shirt.Bookmark here

Currently...Bookmark here

“Really?! Ah, well, save the story for later. Now, tell us what’s going on here,” Roman asked Torou.Bookmark here

“That one-eyed Sharkin was trying to attack the villagers. I followed him from afar and I also saw the Torto stalking him. They followed you on your way to the border where the Baramus was. Then, you guys stopped by this cave, did you not? He was waiting for you to leave and then entered this cave intending to attack the villagers. However, the Torto blocked him, but his strength was unable to match him. He was immediately attacked using his sharp teeth and was badly injured. Now, he is asleep. I have already given him some ointments.”Bookmark here

“Thank you, Torou-sensei, you’ve helped Torto and the villagers,” Shinra said.Bookmark here

“My pleasure, Shinra,” Torou said with a smile.Bookmark here

“Hey, Mr. Rat, so you beat the Sharkin on your own? You’re strong,” Roman said.Bookmark here

“Of course, because Torou-sensei was nicknamed the Rapid Thunderbolt and Satria-sensei was the Steel Body. My two sensei are the strongest beings I’ve ever known,” Shinra said, smiling at Torou.Bookmark here

“Sorry to interrupt you guys, could you explain what you meant, Mr. Torou?” Terry said.Bookmark here

Gregori answered her question.Bookmark here

“Actually, ah, how should I explain this? I am so confused.”Bookmark here

Gregori explained that Shinra was actually his biological son. He used to be a very poor man, so he could not take care of his child. Then, he went to his friend, King Tertoro. King Tertoro had no children because his wife had had a disease that prevented her from getting pregnant. Long story short, Gregori asked King Tertoro for help, but King Tertoro offered something instead.Bookmark here

Twenty three years ago...Bookmark here

Shinra was only two. He was just starting to learn to walk.Bookmark here

“Listen, Gregori, we’ve been good friends for a long time, haven’t we? What if I just take care of your child? You know that my wife can’t get pregnant, right?”Bookmark here

“But what about me? He’s my only child.”Bookmark here

“I’ll take good care of your child. I’ll protect Shinra like my own child. You can come see him whenever you want.”Bookmark here

Then, Shinra lived in the kingdom with King Tertoro and his wife. Three years later, Terry was born, Gregori’s second child.Bookmark here

Currently...Bookmark here

“What’s the meaning of this?” Shinra said, confused.Bookmark here

“That’s right, Shinra, you are my first child and Terry’s older brother,” Gregori said.Bookmark here

“Why? Why did you even throw away your own child? Don’t you love me?! Answer me!!” Shinra snapped.Bookmark here

“I love you so much, but if I had tried to keep you, maybe you would not have grown up to be strong like this. I am so sorry, Shinra,” Gregori said, hanging his head in guilt.Bookmark here

Shinra immediately went back to his kingdom, but Roman chased after him.Bookmark here

“Just leave Shinra to me. Hey, Julia, I’ll leave the matter here to you okay?”Bookmark here

“Don’t tell me what to do!!” Julia said.Bookmark here

Meanwhile...Bookmark here

Five Sharkins were heading toward the Sacred Hawk Kingdom. At the same time, the Baramus with three Rhinos and ten Wolfies were marching toward the cave behind the waterfall.Bookmark here

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