Chapter 15:

The Baramus' Defeat

Tears of Wars: The Heroes are Born

“Shinra!” Roman called Shinra, chasing after him.

Shinra was confused and disappointed in himself. He thought that Gregori did not care about him in the slightest because he never once came to see him.

“Shinra! Get a grip!! You’re the king now!”

Shinra stopped in his tracks, listening to his words.

“Calm yourself down, my friend. I understand that you must’ve been very disappointed to hear that, right? Me too. Just imagine, my older sister is still alive! I don’t know whether to be angry or happy. What matters most is that I’m grateful that my family is still alive.”

“Right, congratulations, Roman.” Shinra walked on.

“Where are you going?”

“I’ll return to the Sacred Hawk Kingdom. Maybe I’d better not see my family again.”

Roman walked next to him. “Shinra, you’re not alone. Darma, Kenue, Kong, Torto, Terry, and I will always be there for you. We’ve spent a lot of time together.”

“I don’t know. I’m still confused.”

“Chill out, my friend, I’ll accompany you to the Sacred Hawk Kingdom, okay?” Roman put an arm around Shinra’s shoulder and smiled.

“Thanks, Roman.”


“Why didn’t you tell me? At least you can tell me, right?” Terry asked Gregori.

“I am sorry, Terry. I had really wanted to tell you, but I thought it would have been better if I had told Shinra first. It is my fault.”

“Since it has come to this, we’d better give him some time alone.”

“You all should rest first and fill your stomachs with food, so that your minds will be calm,” Torou said.

In the afternoon, within the border barrier...

“We’re about to reach the destroyed wall,” the Rhino said.

“I can still detect their unmistakable scent,” the Wolfie said.

“All right, let’s hurry,” the Baramus said.


“Hey, Torou, I want to talk with you in private,” Julia said. She asked Torou to talk in a place some distance away.

“I’ve been wondering, why doesn’t Baramus remember my father’s death? Wasn’t he the one who killed my father?”

“It was not the Baramus you met yesterday, but the Baramus in the Central Monster Kingdom instead. He has a scar on his face because I almost killed him! After your father had passed out, I attacked him. However, due to the large number of the Rhinos and the Sharkins there, I chose to retreat and save you. I saw your father being taken away somewhere.”

“So you’ve managed to hurt him? Nice, now I’ll go to the Central Monster Kingdom.”

“You cannot go alone. You should go with your brother. I will come with you too, because Satyr is there!!”

In the afternoon, in the Sacred Hawk Kingdom...

“Look, King Shinra has returned, along with Roman,” the royal soldiers on top of the tower shouted.

“Just the two of them?” Kong asked, puzzled.

“Yo, Kong, how are you, my friend?” Roman greeted.

“Hey, Roman, things are good. Why is it just the two of you? What happened? Shinra, are you all right?”

“I’m all right, Kong. I want to rest,” Shinra said, walking away.

“It’s a long story, Kong, but don’t worry, Terry and the others are fine in the cave behind the waterfall.”

“Thank goodness. By the way, the Torto was not in his room!”

“The Torto is in that cave too, Kong. Don’t worry, I’ll tell you everything that happened.”

Roman started to tell the story as they entered the castle: arriving at where Baramus was, meeting Julia, breaking the border wall, and the one-eyed Sharkin’s attack on the cave behind the waterfall.

“Is it true that you have an older sister? Is she strong?”

“She’s strong, but because she’s a girl, I’m stronger than her,” Roman bragged.

“Yeah, right. Thank goodness, Roman, you still have a family.”

“Yeah, I don’t know whether to be happy or upset because I’ve survived alone for all these years.”

“Roman, it’s precisely because you’ve managed to survive on your own that you’re finally reunited with your sister.”

“I guess you’re right, Kong.”

“Anyhow, is it true that Shinra is Terry’s older brother?”

“Yes, that’s what I heard from Gregori.”

“I get it. Shinra must be feeling disappointed in him.”

In the afternoon, near the cave behind the waterfall...

“Someone is coming! I smelled monsters. It is the Baramus! He brought some monsters with him,” Torou said.

“Is that so? Nice, I don’t have to bother coming back to where they are. So they have chosen death,” Julia said.

Darma and Kenue stepped up to Julia.

“What are you doing?” Darma asked.

“You and The Quiet One, go back into the cave. The Baramus and some monsters are heading here. You two won’t be able to fight him!” Julia said.

“I want to fight them, too,” Darma said.

“I told you, you’ll get killed.”

“Do you really think that everyone is always weaker than you? Get off your high horse,” Kenue said.

“You don’t seem to like me, huh?” Julia said, clenching her fists.

“You’re a short-tempered person. On top of that, you can’t control your emotions. If you continue being like that, how can you possibly defeat a monster if you can’t even beat yourself?!”

Julia lunged at him, aiming her fist toward his face, but the unexpected happened.

Kenue managed to dodge her attack. He aimed his spear at her neck. However, she grabbed his spear with her other hand.

“I take back my words. You’re pretty fast, brat. You might be able to hold out a little against those monsters. Keep this in mind, if you feel you can’t do it, don’t push yourself and just run away, got it?”

Damn, she attacked while predicting my move, so she could catch my spear easily like that! She’s really great. “I understand. Okay.”

At last, the Baramus, three Rhinos, and ten Wolfies arrived.

“So this is where you are!! It’s finally time for me to get serious!!” the Baramus said.

“Is this all? You really are a stupid leader, Baramus. I have no interest in taking your life. I want to kill the Baramus of the Central Monster Kingdom. Scram, before I change my mind!!” Julia howled.

“Hey, Julia, you’re a feisty little one. What’s with the Baramus in the Central Monster Kingdom? I’m just as strong as him!! Don’t underestimate me!! Kill them all!!”

Three Rhinos and ten Wolfies sprinted toward Julia, Torou, Darma, and Kenue at once.

Kenue and Darma assumed an attack position. Julia was still silent, clenching her fists. Torou drew his sword.

One of the Wolfies jumped toward Julia. With his long claws, he swung at her neck. She punched him hard. He was sent flying, hitting one of the other Wolfies. Instantly, they passed out.

“You Wolfies had better not get in our way!!”

Darma stared in mute amazement. What an incredible power.

Torou slowly began to wound his way toward some Wolfies, twirling his sword. He then quickly zigzagged toward them. He dispatched three Wolfies swiftly.

Kenue advanced and managed to knock a Wolfie down. However, he was caught off guard. A Wolfie came from the side, jumping at him, but Darma quickly shot his head.

Seven Wolfies had fallen. Then, the three Rhino halted their attacks.

“Why did you stop?!” the Baramus snapped.

“Our apologies, Baramus, if we attack them, we’ll die,” one of the Rhinos said.

The remaining three Wolfies got beaten up by Julia.

The Baramus sprang at Kenue and swung at him.

“Die, brat!!”

Kenue moved to block the blow with his spear, but he was flung away instantly.

Darma walked up to Kenue. Furious, he pierced through the Baramus with an icy look. He fired his arrow at the Baramus, who then sprinted and dodged it. Then, the Baramus swung his big axe at Darma and Kenue.

Torou swiftly parried it with his sword. Due to the Baramus’ sheer power, Torou doubled over before him. The Baramus kicked Torou so hard that he was hurled far away.

“What’s the matter, Rat Monster? You think you’re strong, huh?!”

Julia came up to him and punched sideways, hitting him right in the face. He was thrown far away.

“Tch. Your opponent is me, you stupid monster.”

Three Rhinos attacked her at once, but she defeated them with just one hit each.

The Baramus hopped and struck her right in the stomach. She was sent flying, slamming against the cave wall.

He walked up to her and swung his big axe.

“I’ve got you now!! Die!!”

An arrow shot out from inside the cave, piercing his right eye.


Terry stood at the mouth of the cave. His attack had missed because her arrow obstructed his vision.

Julia took the opportunity. She got up and pummeled his body so hard that he vomited blood.

“This is for my dad!! This is for my brother!! And this is for my fellow villagers!!”

He was thrown about violently, then sank to his knees in front of her.

She walked toward him.

“You should’ve just kneeled before me from the start, so I wouldn’t have bothered to beat you up!!”

He took his weapon and swung it at her, but she was able to dodge it by jumping backward. Then, he turned on his heel and ran away.

“I’m going after him!”

“Do not chase after him, Julia, just let him go. We have to treat our wounds first,” Torou said.

Meanwhile, in the Sacred Hawk Kingdom...

“Five Sharkins are heading this way!!” the royal soldiers who were on top of the tower hollered.

“The Sharkins? I’ll beat them up,” Roman said, walking out of the castle.

“I’ll go with you, Roman,” Kong said.

Roman and Kong blocked the five Sharkins.

“Hey, you guys are stupid, huh? What were you sent here for? You’d better go home now, before I finish you all off!” Roman said.

“You’re the one who killed a Sharkin inside the border barrier, right?! I’ll kill you here!!” one of the Sharkins said, rushing toward Roman.

Suddenly, his neck was cut. Shinra arrived, wearing his armor.

“I’m the one!!”

“You’re so cool, Shinra!” Roman said.

“Now, let’s finish them off and head back to the cave behind the waterfall,” Shinra said.

“I’m glad to see you two are doing well. All right, I’ll fight too,” Kong said.

Four Sharkins to go. Shinra, Roman, and Kong finished them off with ease.

“So, is that all they’ve got?” Roman wondered, fiddling with the jaws of a dead Sharkin.

“Roman, get on my horse, quick. We’re going back to the cave,” Shinra said.

“Okay. We’re off. Kong, give my regards to the others. Please take care of this kingdom, okay?” Roman said, giving Kong a smile.

“Will do! You two, take good care of yourselves. Give my regards to Darma and the others.”

Then, Shinra and Roman returned to the cave.