Chapter 10:

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Cellular Redo

"It can't be. This has got to be a dream is it. Ryu is that you?" Is what we all heard from the mysterious woman who suddenly dropped a box of supplies. And no one had an idea of who's she's talking about.Bookmark here

Ryu? That name sounds familiar. Wait, cout to think of it, where have I seen this woman before? And for some reason why is my chest hurting thinking about it?Bookmark here

"Sensei are you alright?" Miyazaki asked to break the tension that has followed in the classroom but she is still in shock of seeing my face that she's not even listening.Bookmark here

"Hey you there can I ask you a question.?You are him right? You're Ryu Morita right?" this woman asked me and the ache in my heart started to get worse. Everyone still in shock of confusion to await for my answer.Bookmark here

"I'm sorry but I think you're mistaking me for another person. My name is Ayato Hayashi. " I said that after I followed by a big breath. Bookmark here

"I see, I thought you where someone I know. It makes sense since he.... Nevermind. I'm sorry for the misunderstanding." she apologized after she looked like she had seen a ghost.Bookmark here

"Now that I think about it, you haven't met Sensei yet now, have you?" Miyazaki asked me.Bookmark here

"I'm sorry for being rude. Once again, My name is Shina Imai. I teach morden Japanese in the upper classes. Please to be in your care. " she said and bowed. Suddenly we hear a forced demonic laugh coming from the door. Bookmark here

"Now I get what your angle is. You're trying to build a harem and my sweet Yukiko-chan is on your target list isn't she." says Sakai Senpai coming out of nowhere. She surprised everyone in the whole classroom. Bookmark here

"Harem!" Iwasaki asked because she was confused. Bookmark here

"Don't worry about it. What are you doing her senpai? " I asked. Bookmark here

"What do you think? I was tailing.... I mean, inspecting your behavior the whole day." Sakai senpai states. Bookmark here

"Wayda go Genius. You just confessed to stalking me for the entire day no matter how you phrase it." I retorted. Bookmark here

"What actually bring you here Sakai?" Miyazaki senpai asked with a smile while Sakai senpai follows with a cocky laugh. Bookmark here

"What a way to Phrase that one senpai." I responded to Miyazaki's questions towards Sakai senpai. Bookmark here

"I'm glad you asked. I came hear for this!" Sakai senpai shows a poster. Bookmark here

"School band rocking and roaling on next week Friday concert. (Note Rock and roaling is in Bold and English.). HOLD ON WHEN DID WE AGREE TO THIS!? " I asked out of surprise. Bookmark here

"Since now I've set up the gig for your club and I already signed the paperwork, so you're ready to go." Sakai senpai says. Bookmark here


"Ayato is right. This is rather short notice since we just started as a club not to mention we just got a drummer right now. You're putting us on a pinch here don't you think?" Iwaski second my complaint. Bookmark here

"Don't worry I'm pretty sure you'd be fine. Just do what you we're doing before." Sakai senpai says. Bookmark here

"I don't think what ever we say to this one, is ever gonna possess to her thick head. Hell common sense doesn't so I'm not that surprised." I retorted. Bookmark here

"Ah, there you are Kaiya. I've been looking for you in this entire school to find you. Do you know how many paperwork you still have to fill. " Uchida suddenly says after showing up and Sakai senpai jolted from hearing Uchida senpai's voice. Bookmark here

"Busted. Yukiko-Chan, what a surprised. Just know that I wasn't running away from the work in all." Sakai senpai said with a shaky voice. Bookmark here

"You're clearly selling your self out without even trying to hide it." I retorted. Bookmark here

"Now come on those paperwork is not going to fill themselves. I hope she hasn't caused you any trouble. " Uchida says while dragging Sakai senpai out of the club room and while Sakai senpai is whining. Bookmark here

"Believe me she's done more than enough trouble than you can imagine." I answered Uchida senpai. Bookmark here

Seriously why is she even the Student council president in the first place. At least she's got Uchida senpai got to straighten her up. But I feel sorry for other members of the student council who has to put up with her stunts. Bookmark here

"Well that happened. What do think should we do." I said after the two senpais left. Bookmark here

"I have no Idea what is happened right now. All I've done is just joined this club and we're already in a fight with the student council." says Imai senpai. Bookmark here

"That's the president for you. Brings more trouble with less common sense." I said that with a sigh tone. Bookmark here

"I'm sorry. I should have known that this would have happened. I mean the president likes to go overbord with things like that." Miyazaki senpai apologized. I looked at Iwasaki and by the looks of it she's thinking what I'm thinking. Bookmark here

"Now senpai it's not your fault. If anything it's Hayashi's fault that we were stuck in this mess." Iwasaki tries to consolidate Miyazaki senpai. Bookmark here

"You know that hurts me even more to hear you say it, but she's right. All of this is my fault. I could have noticed that she's been stalking me for the entire day and should have bonked her in the head or something. Now since the boat is already sailing  in the sea, it time to see this whole voyage right through. You alright with this Imai senpai?" I said. Bookmark here

"I haven't even started practice yet, and we've already got a gig aren't you asking too much?" Imai senpai says.Bookmark here

"What choice do we have? The gig was dumped to us without any of our knowledge. And it's already been approved. So might as well give them one hell of a show." I say that looking serious. And suddenly Imai Sensei laughs as we look at her. Bookmark here

"No it's nothing. I just thought of something nostalgic that's all." Imai senpai says while recovering from laughter. Bookmark here

Club Activities for the day a now over for today. I'm walking towards the the school gate. The two senpai stayed in the classroom while I'm currently walking with Iwasaki to the school gate. Bookmark here

"Man that Sakai is such a pain in the ass organizing that consert without the clubs permission like that." I complained. Bookmark here

"That may be true. This wouldn't have happened if you didn't provoke her in any way." she says.Bookmark here

"I feel like where not in the same picture here. And again I think that you're right. I may have provoked her by helping Uchida Senpai then. Apparently, she has a thing for her and I, unfortunately, stepped on her territory. " I said. Bookmark here

"And thats why this whole thing is entirely your fault." she says while smiling. Bookmark here

"It's not like I immediately knew she was the queen of crazy before I went there. Hell if I knew, I could have at least sent you or Miyazaki senpai. " I complain. Bookmark here

"I'm just teasing." she said that following with a giggle. Bookmark here

I gatta say a smile suites her even more than I thought. I mean sure I'm being teased in the process, but it's all worth seeing that face. Bookmark here

"Since we've already agreed to it all we should knock them dead on the concert next Friday." I said. Bookmark here

" Yeah. I'll also do my best as well. " she agrees. Then we followed by a huge smile. Bookmark here

We continued talking about the song we should perform in the concert until we reached the gate where her car was waiting. After a few seconds we reached the car both Nakano and Taki showed up. Bookmark here

"Looks like those two are here. It's about time for me to leave. For now think of what the theme of our song will be about and think about the chorus of the song as well. I'll do the same as well and we'll vote which one we take with the others. And I'll see you tomorrow then. " I said and she soon left after we said our goodbye. The three of us starts walking to the train station as well. Bookmark here

"Now I gotta know. What's the news with you and the honor student?" Nakano asks a familiar question.Bookmark here

"Why ask the same question when you know the answer. Are you jealous or something?" I overlap her question with my question. Bookmark here

"What if I am?" she answers my question with her question. Bookmark here

"Wow seriously!? Wait! " I look at Taki's direction to see if he isn't listening to out conversation. Oh he is listening alright, but he is so tired that he doesn't have the energy to even complain about what we're talking about. In fact he's occupied by his repetitive whining on Hopping in the bath, eating and going straight to bed since he met me by the gate. Bookmark here

"I'm just joking. It's just I've never seen the The honor that relaxed with anyone. I mean she always gives people around her the cold expression to push them away, it's almost like she's trying to push people away. But with you, all of that changes, I bet she smiles a couple of times too." She says. Bookmark here

"You completely right about that. I mean I got the glimpse of Iwasaki's bright smile." I said that like I found a diamond under a rock. Bookmark here

"Wow shut up. You mean to me that this smile is not beautiful?" she asked while pointing her smile.Bookmark here

"Your smile is amazing." she stopped talking for a little while after I said that.Bookmark here

"pfft. What the hell does that suppose to me." she says while she laughs and pushes me towards the frail Taki. Bookmark here

"OW THAT HURTS!!!!" Taki screams out of pain. Bookmark here

We finally reached the train station and parted ways. I finally reached home while I was thinking what should I do about the lyrics. Bookmark here

"I'm home." I shout and went to the dining room. I find Iroha giving me a deep, angry stare hiding behind the chair. Bookmark here

"What's with the stare?" I asked because I feel like she wants to talk about it. Bookmark here

"Your where with that girl weren't you?" she suddenly asked that question. Bookmark here

"What girl?" out of confusion I asked her. She has to be specific to which girl she's referring to because I pretty much hang out with girls pretty much every five days week at school. Bookmark here

"You know that supper rich girl who dropped you the other day with a fancy black car." she says. Bookmark here

"You mean Iwasaki? Yeah I guess you could say that. But what has me being with her be an issue." I said. Bookmark here

"I knew it. Lately you've been hanging around with girls all the time. I mean what happened to my lame, gross big brother?" she says that while she ducks inside of the sofa. Bookmark here

"Now now you're over exaggerating." I said that as I tried to calm him down. Bookmark here

"Now he comes home with sents of different girls everytime he gets home. My brother has became a man-whore." she overeats. Bookmark here

"Hey don't jump into that conclusion. At least hear what I have to say first. If it wasn't for Iwasaki I was gonna come home with a nasty cold. " I said. Bookmark here

At this point I'm not gonna explain that I'm being stalked by the student council president. And I'm sure it would take a while for me to explain the situation with the concert incident. Bookmark here

And also why did I ache when I saw senpai earlier and why did she look like she had seen a ghost among us. Bookmark here

Questions for later right now I have to think of a way we could prepare our performance for the gig next Friday. Honestly all of this will be such a huge pain in the ass. Bookmark here

Real Aire
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