Chapter 7:


Skipped a Beat

It's 13th May, Monday.
It's been a month since I have told them about my situation and honestly, my life is a lot easier now.

In the Past month I got a lot to learn about them and the past me. And it seems that I don't have any more friends since Aoi was the only one who approached me, and Eiji and Hina have been her friends since the start of elementary school.

As for if something has happened between me and Sachi, Nothing. It's completely normal between us after that day. None of us has brought up that topic ever again.

What I learned new is that Sachi's really good at studies. She even beat me in a mathematics test once. It was just by 1 point though. If I don't study hard, she might take the first position from me.

After I told my secret that day. Hina and Eiji acted weird for some days. Like they were trying to avoid me? They didn't talk to me much, looked sad all the time, I wonder if it was because Sachi would be leaving after this year. But that wasn't much of a problem as they returned to their normal selves after almost a week, I think… I still wonder what the cause was.

Everything's been completely fine, completely back to normal, back to how it used to be… How? Well, after that incident with Aoi and Shinichi, I thought that the girls would stop confessing. Yeah, it's still happening. Even the kiss didn't change their minds. Even though it would have clearly made them realize that I already have someone else. Which is totally a lie, maybe that's why they still confess…

I'm walking to school today and as I reach near the school, when the school gate is in my sight. I see a girl searching for someone.

Even though I'm 97% sure that she is looking for me, I'm just going to walk past her. I'm too popular in this school. I know that I don't look like any celebrity but still.

I think it's because of my grades and the first year me. Because when I asked Eiji and Hina. They said that after I came back to Tokyo from Kyoto, after I had found Sachi. I was happy. They said that they have never seen me that happy ever again. Even now. I'm not that happy and cheerful as I was after my trip. I wonder what I did on that trip.

Oh… the girl is coming towards me … this is getting old…

"Takahashi…. I'm... Yui from 2 - B... I have been wondering if you have a girlfriend or not. So, I'm asking it straight. I L...Like you, I want to know you better, please go out with me"

"Yui is your name you said?"


"Yui, I'm sorry but I have someone else I like, it's great that you confessed but I don't want to be with anyone else right now..."

"Oh… I see. It's ok. I understand. So, who is it? Sachi?"

"You know about Sachi?"

"She's popular among boys since she's so beautiful"

"She is popular? Wow… I didn't know that. But no, it's not Sachi. It's someone else. I still haven't told her and I'm waiting for the best moment"

"Ok… I wonder who's even more beautiful than Sachi..."

"It's a secret!"

Yes, I have changed my technique. And no, I don't have someone like that, nor I like Sachi. I just say this now instead of insulting the girl. This way most of the girls understand and don't get hurt.

I have been trying to change as much as I can, and I have changed a lot but there are still some thing's bothering me, like Sachi leaving and why I was so depressed in 1st year.

It's 08: 25 and I have entered my class now. Sachi and Eiji are Early as usual. Hina's always late because she gets up late. That's what Eiji told me.

"Yo! Sachi, Eiji. Good morning!"

"Morning Takahashi, what's up?

"Nothing just the usual, what about you?"

"Nothing just the usual too"

"Hey, by Usual, you mean the confessions...?" (Sachi)

"Yeah, they don't stop, I'm getting bored of this. I want to go back to my old style of rejection"

"No, don't. It's stupid and the one I told you to doesn't harm anyone." (Sachi)

"Yeah, but I can't keep saying that there's someone I like… it's embarrassing..."

"The original sentence was I love someone, but you were too embarrassed to say that, so I said change love with like. And you can't even say that… what's wrong with you? When you really want to confess your feelings, what would you say, you me together, happy happy?"

“Hahaha” (Eiji)

"It's not that, it's just that when I say there's someone I like, they always ask if it's you? That's what's embarrassing..."

"Just say no, why would that bother you?"

"I do, but I don't like it when they ask about you..."

"Aaaah… you are a pain in the ass. Come with me. This will fix everything"


Sachi gets up from her seat, grabs my hand, pulls me up so that I get up from my seat too and I do without struggling. She walks towards the front of the class, In front of everyone and …

"Everyone, listen Carefully! As of today, Takahashi and I are officially a couple."

WHAT??? I look at her with a confused face and she gives me the "play along, I'll explain later" look. And the whole class's reaction wasn't something unexpected


After their totally expected reaction, they started gathering around us, I was surrounded by boys and Sachi by girls… we were separated… hope our stories match now, don't want to create a "fake" misunderstanding between the two groups


"Hey Takahashi, is it true?

"Yes… it's true"

"Bro, since when?"

Just now but I'll say 3 weeks

"3 weeks"

"Dude, fuck you, taking the class's beauty for yourself"

"Ha ha…"

I'm sorry guys...

"You are just a bastard after all..."

Now it's just getting out of hand...

"Man, share with us too"

"WHAT ??"

"Yeah, it wouldn't hurt to share your girlfriend, just Saturdays to Saturdays, you can have Sundays for your dates"

"Why the fuck are you scheduling our dates and no, I won't share. Human beings are not something you can borrow for a day; they are not a possession"

"Wonder what would have happened if Shinichi was still here"

"He probably would have called Takahashi to the back of the gym again, and said that he likes Sachi now"

“Hahaha, yeah”

"Please, don't speak about that day..." (Takahashi)

"Yeah, spout shit like I fell for her angry face, Haha"

Shit… they know every single detail, but Wow, boys can take anything to a whole ‘nother level. Changed the topic from Sachi and me to Shinichi… And they were only interested in Sachi and didn't even care how we started, what happened… well good for me. Hope the girls didn't ask anything weird from Sachi...

Meanwhile, Girls:

"Wow, Sachi that's great!"


"Since when?"

What should I do now, what did Takahashi say…? I did hear something like 3 weeks, so I'll just say that…

"Ammm…. 3 Weeks"

"Wow it's been that long, and you didn't tell us..."


"Good for you, getting the hot kid in class"

"I know right! And he's so cool, like DAMN" (Sachi)

"So, the kiss wasn't fake after all"

"...Please don't"

"Yeah, I totally thought you guys were acting or something because you and Takahashi, I can't see that happening"

"How did you start to like him?"

Shit, this is bad, if our stories don't match, we'll be busted… oh yeah!

"Since the park hug… I started liking him then"

I'm thinking Takahashi would have answered the same thing

"Hey hey, who confessed first, you or Takahashi?"

I guess since I'm the mastermind of this plan, basically I'm the one who confessed…

"It was me..."

"We knew it, Takahashi's just too weak to do stuff like that"

Weak? Who says you have to be strong to Confess?

"Are you ok with it? He just broke up with Aoi, and you're already dating him, what would Aoi think?"

"Nothing, I have talked to her. It was just a misunderstanding that broke 'em up. She completely understands our relationship""

"What misunderstanding?"

Oh shit… I shouldn't have brought that up here…

"Nothing, it was nothing..."


After this, Homeroom teacher came, and everyone had to go and sit on their seats.

This was something… I wonder what type of questions the girls asked from Sachi… I'll ask after homeroom ends… oh there's Hina, missed the whole show.

"So, what happened?" (Sachi)

"What's wrong with you? Declaring we are a couple in front of everyone? You didn't have to lie. There could have been other ways"

"Relax! this way they won't bother you. And it's not like we are actually a couple… are we?"

"Of course we aren't… but what if it doesn't work, because the kiss didn't make a difference at all..."

"Oh, about that. The girls assumed that it was just a joke. That's why the kiss didn't affect them at all"

"Oh… then I guess this will have a bigger impact?"

"Yes, it will work. Believe me"

"Wait… is this from some anime?"

"Yes... recently watched it"

“Seriously… And I was wondering how this crazy idea even came to your mind anyway"

"Yes, it's a fake relationship"

"It's annoying how you act so childish sometimes..."

"Ughhh, don't worry about it. We don't even have to act like boyfriend and girlfriend, nor do we need to go on dates"

"Whatever, I won't say anything, it was your plan anyway"

"What plan?" (Hina)

"Takahashi and Sachi are in a relationship now" (Eiji)

"Wow… when did that happen… I thought Takahashi didn't wanted to be in a relationship"

"Yeah, Takahashi is madly in love with me now. I just can't ignore his feelings you know" (Sachi)

"Huh…?" (Hina)

"Just tell her already! Look, you know how there are girls confessing to me almost every day?" (Takahashi)

"Yeah, Sachi told you to confess another way since your old one was harsh and stupid"

"Yeah, but that wasn't enough, the girls weren't stopping, it was frustrating for me, so Sachi came up with another plan"

"Which is?"

"Fake relationship. Make the whole class think that we are a couple so that they stop bothering Takahashi" (Sachi)

"Oh… Nice"

"But the problem still isn't resolved" (Takahashi)

"How?" (Sachi)

"The girls, they are not just from our class, they are also from other sections too"

"Don’t worry about that, the rumours will spread and soon the whole school will know"


"It will, for sure"


And just like that the day ended.

Some days have passed, and surprisingly it worked, her fake relationship idea worked!

Well, there were girls from other classes, right? What happened to them? Funny, the news about us spread so fast around the school, even the teachers now know that we are a couple. It stopped 90% of the girls from confessing. The remaining 10%, they come to me asking to break up with Sachi and go out with them, and I just say "no I can't, and you know why", and they leave. Honestly, life is a lot Better than before.

It's 16th May, Thursday. Huh… it's 08: 20 and Hina is in class… WOW

"Yo! You came early today, Hina"

"Yesss! I'm sooo happy"

"It's actually her first time coming early in high school" (Eiji)

"Wow, that's amazing… but how? What did you do to wake up early?"

"I... aa…didn't sleep last night..."

"What? What were you doing all night?"

"Guess what happened Takahashi" (Sachi)


"She started watching anime"

"WHAT??? Is it true Hina? … hey, don't sleep during school time!"

"Huh… yeah… it's true... I started watching anime too"

"But how?"

"That day when you found out that my plan originated from an anime. She asked me about it, then bought the full series and started watching it yesterday" (Sachi)

"It was good!" (Hina)

"No, the anime was trash. But more importantly, why does everyone who becomes an otaku have to binge a series?" (Takahashi)

"Not everyone, I have never pulled an all-nighter for anime. It's just you two"

"And it… was worth… it..." (Hina)

"You are sleeping, how was it worth it? And how are you going to take all the classes today?"

"She'll sleep through them don't worry!"

"Don't say that Sachi… her grades are the worst among us… she can't miss a single class"

"Don't worry I'll do something..." (Hina)

"You went to sleep again..."

"Oh… Takahashi, you have read the manga, right? Tell me what happens" (Hina)

"Oh, all of a sudden your sleep's gone… ok so you want to know what happens between them at the end?"

"Yes!" (Eyes sparkling with excitement)

"DON'T, don't talk about manga out loud, whisper it in her ear or write in on a paper or something" (Sachi)

"Ok… So..."

I tell her what happens and… she starts crying

"Ok… ok… ok… thanks, now I want to read the manga too" (Hina)

"Ok... Eiji you are completely normal right?"

Why did he just turn around…?

"He started watching too" (Sachi)

"Huh…. What?"

"Yes… but I'm not stupid enough to forget that I have to sleep. I keep check of everything." (Eiji)

"Huh… I guess we are all otakus now?


"Well, Whatever. It's not like it's going to hurt having otaku friends"

"It won't" (Sachi)

"Hey Takahashi, you didn't tell us, what about the girls? Did they stop?" (Sachi)

"Oh yeah, It's a lot Better now. But there are still some girls that say that I should break up with you and date them instead"

"Haha, nothing can be done about them."

"Yeah, other than that. Everything's fine. Oh yeah, … boys stare at me almost all the time..."

Sachi thought while looking around the class: oh… he's right, they are all glaring at him…


"But it's ok, they just stare, they don't say anything. At first, I was scared because Shinichi was glaring at me the same way, so I thought they wanted to fight me or something. But now I understand… they do this because they are boys… haha..."

"Yeah, then it's ok"

The day ended just like that. We are heading to our homes now… and Hina somehow managed to make it to recess without sleeping and went to the nurse's office to sleep. I guess the ending must have really woken her up.

And about Eiji and Hina becoming otakus… I'm surprised and somewhat happy. I mean, Eiji too. I didn't think that he could start watching anime. But whatever.

All is good. Everything's solved. Everything's normal… but whenever Sachi comes to mind… I become sad…

"Oh… so you better hurry to confess your feelings to her"

Yeah… it's almost like I have feelings for her. But I don't want to be in a relationship. It still kills me… to think about having a girlfriend… but it's killing me more… to hide this feeling. This sadness… Yeah, I should call this feeling sadness… but what will Sachi say when I tell her that I feel like this about her leaving…

"Yeah, so either enjoy your time with me to the fullest, if you think that you can bear the pain of me leaving, or don't get too close to me because that will break you the second time."

Yeah… I can't bear the pain of her leaving. So, I should just leave her now… it should be this easy but it's not. Because leaving her now means the same thing as her leaving at the end of this year. So, it's just better to enjoy the time I have left with her. I can't tell her how I feel about her leaving… yeah. I should ask Eiji what he thinks about this

"Hey Eiji..."


Yeah, last week I started working part time at the store Eiji works at. So right now, Me and Eiji are headed towards that store. Right after school ends, we go to work.

"How do you handle the thought of Sachi leaving?"

"I don't. I have accepted it already. I know that she'll leave after a year. And she has her own reasons. I'm ok with that"

"But how? I mean, I know that she has her own reasons. I have accepted it too. But it hurts… Everytime I think about Sachi leaving..."

"Do you like her?"

"I… aaa..."

"Do you like her?"

"I don't know..."

"Do I like her?"

"No… I guess?"

"Yes, I don't. She's just a friend. A friend leaving doesn't hurt that much than a lover leaving. It's a big difference. That's how I have accepted her, you like her, that's why it hurts when you think about Sachi leaving. It actually… it's sad that she has to leave… she's a really good friend. But you can't spend the time left worrying. Just forget that she's leaving and enjoy her last year with her."

"Her … last year…?"

"I mean her last year here. She'll be leaving for Kyoto you know..."


"And besides, it's not like she won't come back after high school ends. So what's the problem? Just relax. I know you can spend a year without her"

"I hope I can… hey Eiji, do you like someone?"

"Hmm… no."


"Yeah, I haven't given much thought to who I like."

"So, who's your type?"

"I don't know… twin-tail white hair, blue eyes, someone shorter than me. And kind and persistent and cute and gets angry easily. And is a little dumb because that's somewhat cute you know. And___"

"You are just describing Aoi..."

"I…. Hmm….."

"So, you do like someone. And it's Aoi..."

"No… I don't like someone. My description just happens to match someone I knew… I liked..."

"Oh…. I'm sorry… she's gone… because of me..."

"Nah, it's Ok! She's gone now. And she was Never interested in me. She always liked you..."

"Oh… So… you have been bearing the pain of someone leaving already..."

"Yeah, but I'm ok now. We'll meet her in summer vacations, and I have decided I'll tell her how I felt about her… I want to hear what she thinks about me"

"You are so mature and strong"

"No… I'm not strong. If I was, I would have talked to her when she cried that day, when you shouted at her"


"Don't grieve, it's all in the past. Think about the future. Care for what's going to happen in the future"

"Sachi's leaving and I can't do anything about it..."

"(Eiji smacks Takahashi's head) Not that future. I have told you not to think about it"

"Ok ok…"

"Why do you like Sachi?"

"I don't"

"...*stare* "

"Ah… I don't know if I like her or not."

"Assume you like her, then why"

"If have to assume I like some, I'll have to assume the reason too"

"Then assume"

"Ah...ok. hmm… She ...a… She risked her life for me… even without knowing who I am… that's when I thought that I could be friends with her. She's trustworthy, strong. I won't regret if I have her as my friend… she won't betray me"

"I see, but what about her looks? Her character? Normally boys fall for a girl's looks and stuff"

"Nope, I have never paid any attention to how Sachi looks and as far as her character goes, it's annoying, she does stuff on her own, without even telling me"

"But it has always helped, hasn't it?"

"Yeah...I guess Her character isn't that bad..."

"Yes, it isn't"

"It was all just an assumption you know…"

"Haha… ok it was "just" an Assumption"

"Oh, we are here"

Eiji's a good guy. I'm glad I talked to him about Sachi. Yeah, I can spend a year without her. Just have to enjoy this year as much I can… 

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