Chapter 8:


Skipped a Beat

Aaah, I don't know what to do, watch anime or prepare for the exams, because exams are coming next month, on 8th July.Bookmark here

It's 3rd June, Monday. I'm on my way to school, on foot. I normally walk to school because I don't like riding a bike but, I have to use it when I'm late.Bookmark here

Lately, I haven't been able to watch much anime because the thought of Sachi outrivalling me in exams is bugging me. Because she's the only one that could top me in class.Bookmark here

I have to study but I want to watch anime too. But I shouldn't think about it that much because I always study and get 1st position anyway when the exams are really near.Bookmark here

I'm here at 08: 18, and as usual, Eiji and Sachi are there. And surprisingly, Hina too… she must have stayed up all night watching anime again.Bookmark here

"Yo! Eiji, Sachi, Hina"Bookmark here

"Good morning Takahashi"Bookmark here

"How's Hina here this early?"Bookmark here

"She watched anime" (Sachi)Bookmark here

"Another all-nighter?"Bookmark here

"No, it was a movie"Bookmark here

"So how…?"Bookmark here

"I… couldn't sleep after watching that movie" (Hina)Bookmark here

"What? Why?"Bookmark here

"The ending was so sad…" (Hina)Bookmark here

"And… "Bookmark here

"She was crying all night, she couldn't sleep." (Sachi)Bookmark here

"Really?"Bookmark here

"Ha ha…. Yes..." (Hina)Bookmark here

"Why? Who would cry on anime?"Bookmark here

"Hey, it is a pretty emotional movie you know." (Sachi)Bookmark here

"Well, if you know that it's an emotional movie, then Don't recommend it to her"Bookmark here

"I didn't recommend, we watched it together, last night"Bookmark here

"Huh..."Bookmark here

"It was my second time though..."Bookmark here

"Where did you watch it?"Bookmark here

"At my house, I asked her to come so that she could help me with studies, and watching that movie was the reward of solving a number of questions without her help" (Hina)Bookmark here

"Ok… come to think of it, exams are nearby. How are you guys at studies? I mean, I Know that Sachi's really good, can even surpass me, and that Hina sucks A LOT (Hina says out loud: HEY!) And Eiji's pretty average. But I have never seen your test scores. How are they?"Bookmark here

"98 out of 100 in the last Maths test" (Sachi)Bookmark here

"74 in that test" (Eiji)Bookmark here

"And…. Hina?"Bookmark here

"Aa… haha… it's really bad..."Bookmark here

"How bad?"Bookmark here

"33" (Sachi)Bookmark here

"HEY!" (Hina)Bookmark here

"Oh… how do you plan to pass the first term exams?"Bookmark here

"With the help of Sachi, that's why I asked her to help me study"Bookmark here

"But she can't learn anything… she's too hopeless"Bookmark here

"Hey! Don't say that. It will take time, but I can get better. I did solve those questions you know"Bookmark here

"Yeah, but not totally by yourself"Bookmark here

"Hey…. Don't tell them that..."Bookmark here

"Wasn't the condition to watch a movie if she solved some questions without your help Sachi?"Bookmark here

"Yeah, but when I said that you couldn't solve them on your own… she begged me to____"Bookmark here

"WHY are you telling them everything? Stop!"Bookmark here

"Because I wanted to ask for help, I want to see if you can study better if Takahashi teaches you"Bookmark here

"Huh..." (Hina and Takahashi)Bookmark here

"Yes, Takahashi. You can teach her, can't you?"Bookmark here

"No, I'm not going to have another girl over for studies"Bookmark here

"who told you she's coming to your house idiot. You'll help her after school today, in the library. Here at school"Bookmark here

"Oh… but Hina? Is she ok with that?"Bookmark here

"Yeah… I guess. I don't know but it might help, getting someone else to teach me" (Hina)Bookmark here

"So, it's settled then. I'll be going home after school ends then, YES!" (Sachi)Bookmark here

"No! Sachi, you'll help Eiji" (Takahashi)Bookmark here

"What?"Bookmark here

"Yes, Takahashi was supposed to help me with some topics I can't understand. But now that he's going to be helping Hina. You should help me." (Eiji)Bookmark here

"Oh… ok… I guess. I can't deny it then..."Bookmark here

"Yes, you can't. So don't try to run off on your own to watch anime. I'm stuck, so you should be too… we are friends after all right? Friends help each other in need " (Takahashi)Bookmark here

"Yes, we are friends… Haha..."Bookmark here

"It's settled then, I'll help Hina and Sachi will help Eiji after school"Bookmark here

"Ughh… yes..."Bookmark here

Hours have passed and it's 15: 30 now, we are all heading towards the library. It's my first time helping someone with studies after a long time. I hope I don't get nervous or anything. Yeah, I won't. We are just friends. And it's not weird to help a friend. Everything's going to be just fine
"DAMN IT HINA! the formula I just told you, two minutes ago. How can you forget that? And you just used it in the previous question. It's on the same page. You can't even look at that? Sachi's a real bastard, handing me over this dolt..."Bookmark here

"Hey, I told you I'll get better. And I didn't know if I could use the same formula or not..."Bookmark here

"What did you do in the previous question?"Bookmark here

"Convert Degree into radian..."Bookmark here

"Yes, what does this question ask you to do?"Bookmark here

"Convert Degree Into rad… oh I got it… wait I'll solve it. I can do it now"Bookmark here

"Ah… ok. An elementary school student could do these questions if I tell them the formula, it's that simple. How did you graduate middle school anyway?"Bookmark here

"I don't know, luck I guess?"Bookmark here

"Ah… why do cliché characters like you have to exist in real life?"Bookmark here

"Huh… what's that?"Bookmark here

"I mean, in anime. Ok. But in real life why?"Bookmark here

"Not everyone's supposed to be a genius like you."Bookmark here

"And I haven't seen anyone like you ever before either"Bookmark here

"..."Bookmark here

"Just focus on the book."Bookmark here

"Yes senpai!"Bookmark here

"...aaaah. how's Eiji doing Sachi?"Bookmark here

"Better than Hina" (Sachi)Bookmark here

"Well, that was obvious"Bookmark here

"He picks up really fast, I don't need to explain anything that much, I just point, and he studies and understand"Bookmark here

"Lucky you… I'm stuck with her"Bookmark here

"You can't let her fail, can you?"Bookmark here

"I knoooooow!"Bookmark here

"Good! (grin)"Bookmark here

18: 00. We are heading back to our homes. Bookmark here

Sigh… I didn't think Hina was that dumb. Next time, Sachi's helping her. I'm not going to tutor her ever again...
Bookmark here

14th June, Friday. it’s recess right now. We are outside the school building right now
Test results came today, and as expected, Sachi got 96, I got 99, Eiji 83, and Hina…. failed… 47, but it was an improvement so I’m not that mad at her. And besides, she's not my problem now. Because Sachi's going to help her in studies from now on anyway. And Sachi's mad at Hina for failing…Bookmark here

"But I improved, and it's really close to passing too, next time I'll definitely pass, so just help me, ok?"Bookmark here

"Do you know how hard it is to teach you, I don't want to go through any of that ever again" (Sachi)Bookmark here

"Yeah, me neither" (Takahashi)Bookmark here

“But I have to give the retest, who’s going to help me with that?”Bookmark here

“Ask Eiji”Bookmark here

“Eiji, will you?”Bookmark here

“… (Eiji looks away)”Bookmark here

“Nooooo, how am I supposed to pass… Sachi, please”Bookmark here

“ughh… no”Bookmark here

“Please…”Bookmark here

“Umm, only if you buy me ice cream”Bookmark here

“Deal”Bookmark here

“yayyy”Bookmark here

“Really? you are going to make her pay for helping her with studies…” (Takahashi)Bookmark here

“it’s ice cream, and she agreed to it”Bookmark here

“Its fine, at least she’s helping, you didn’t even bother” (Hina)Bookmark here

“Sorry…”Bookmark here

“Whatever!”Bookmark here

“When’s the retest?” (Sachi)Bookmark here

“Next week, Tuesday”Bookmark here

“Then you have a lot of time to study for it, I’ll be coming over Tomorrow”Bookmark here

“Why not tonight? You can stay over if you want”Bookmark here

“You probably just want to watch movies with me”Bookmark here

“Hehe…”Bookmark here

“Nope, I’ll come over on Saturday”Bookmark here

“Ugh…Fine, I was thinking of studying too you know”Bookmark here

“Yeah yeah”Bookmark here

“Recess is about to end, let’s go back to our class” (Eiji)Bookmark here

“Yeah” (Everyone)Bookmark here

(After school, Eiji and Takahasi talking while on their way to the store)Bookmark here

“Hey, Takahashi”Bookmark here

“Yeah?”Bookmark here

“I’m pretty sure Hina didn’t notice this yet, but her retest is on the same day as her birthday”Bookmark here

“What… really. On 18th June?”Bookmark here

“Yeah”Bookmark here

“Does Sachi know?”Bookmark here

“I don’t know, you can ask her if she knows her birthday”Bookmark here

“I’ll message her”Bookmark here

To Sachi: Hey, did you know that Hina’s birthday is on 18th, her retest day? “Sent it”Bookmark here

“I wonder what Sachi’s reaction will be” (Eiji)Bookmark here

“Yeah… oh she’s calling”Bookmark here

*Picks up the call*Bookmark here


“Aaaaahh, DON’T shout in the mic, idiot. Felt like my ear was going to blow up” (Takahashi)Bookmark here

“Sorry sorry, but yeah, I didn’t know her birthday was on 18th, and the funny thing is, she didn’t notice that either, even though it’s her birthday” Bookmark here

(Takahashi switches to speaker call)Bookmark here

“Hey! It’s not a big deal, stop laughing so much, I just didn’t pay much attention to the retest date” (Hina)Bookmark here

“Yeah, but you’ll be studying, no celebration haha…” (Sachi)Bookmark here

“it’s fine, we can do that later”Bookmark here

“Ohhh, Hina’s serious about studies” (Eiji)Bookmark here

“of course, I would be, don’t want to fail first term exams”Bookmark here

“yeah”Bookmark here

“What’s your age Hina?” (Takahashi)Bookmark here

“I’m… 15”Bookmark here

“So young, in second year? Maybe that’s why you can’t study well, it’s too hard for you”Bookmark here

“No, she just doesn’t really want to study. Playing around reading manga and watching anime is what interests her more” (Eiji)Bookmark here

“But you started watching anime recently, your grades have been bad since way long” (Takahashi)Bookmark here

“No, I used to read some manga and play video games before” (Hina)Bookmark here

“Oh, I see” (Takahashi)Bookmark here

“Well, I’ll be hanging up, thanks for telling me this” (Sachi)Bookmark here

“Yeah, bye” (Takahashi)Bookmark here

“By the way, did you know or Eiji told you” (Sachi)Bookmark here

“Eiji told me, and he did say that she probably hasn’t even noticed yet”Bookmark here

“Haha, she didn’t”Bookmark here

“Ughhhh, hang up already” (Hina)Bookmark here

“Ok…”Bookmark here

*Call ended*Bookmark here

That was nice, I think first time we talked on the phone.Bookmark here

Now, I hope she does study for the test and doesn’t fail again. The store’s here. Let’s just see what happens on Tuesday.Bookmark here

(17th June, Monday. Takahashi enters the class)Bookmark here

“Hi Sachi… what’s wrong? You don’t look ok…”Bookmark here

“Spent last night helping her, ate a lot of ice creams… she still is nowhere near passing”Bookmark here

“Oh, and the test is tomorrow”Bookmark here

“Yeah… and now, she doesn’t want my help anymore”Bookmark here

“Huh… why?”Bookmark here

“She ran out of money…”Bookmark here

“What… just help her, stop eating ice cream from her money”Bookmark here

“Nah, no ice cream. No helping her. Plus, she said that she’ll try her best on her own. Doesn’t want to bother me anymore”Bookmark here

“Oh… I see”Bookmark here

“Yeah, and here she comes”Bookmark here

“Good morning everyone” (Hina)Bookmark here

“Good morning!” (Sachi, Takahashi, Eiji)Bookmark here

“How’s you preparation for the test Hina?” (Takahashi)Bookmark here

“Its… not that good”Bookmark here

“Want me to help you with anything?” (Takahashi)Bookmark here

“No, its fine, I’ll do something about it, by myself. Don’t want to bother you guys anymore, you get annoyed by me anyways”Bookmark here

“No, it’s fine. I don’t mind helping right now, I don’t want you to fail”Bookmark here

“Don’t worry, I won’t”Bookmark here

“How?” (Sachi)Bookmark here

“I’ll focus only on my books. Won’t watch anime today”Bookmark here

“Can you? Because last night when I went out, I heard you started watching anime… it was loud” (Hina)Bookmark here

“Oh… I was relaxing. Got tired of studying”Bookmark here

“It was 12 at midnight… you should have gone to sleep”Bookmark here

“I did, after a little while”Bookmark here

“Well, if she says she can focus, maybe she will.” (Eiji)Bookmark here

“I will, don’t worry” (Hina)Bookmark here

“Homerooms about to start” (Takahashi)Bookmark here

it’s been some days since Hina took the test, today’s 24th. I am on my way to school on foot right now. Exams are two weeks from now. I have also been studying for the exams and I’m confident that I can pass easily, but I have to stay sharp because Sachi can also get better marks than me. I wonder how others are doing. Oh, that’s EijiBookmark here

“Eiji, Good morning”Bookmark here

“Good morning!” Bookmark here

“What do you think, will she pass or not?”Bookmark here

“I don’t know really, but I hope she passes. Exams are near too. She needs to study for that too”Bookmark here

“Yeah, I was thinking of a study group sometimes next weekend, Exam’s on 8th.”Bookmark here

“Yeah, that sounds nice, we’ll discuss it with others and see what they have to say”Bookmark here

“Yeah”Bookmark here

“Want to bet whether Hina is in class or not?”Bookmark here

“I say she isn’t”Bookmark here

“Yeah, same”Bookmark here

“What’s the point of the bet, she is mostly late in the class anyways”Bookmark here

“I know, but let’s just see if she is here or not”Bookmark here

“You… hiding something?”Bookmark here

“Haha, no, I’m not”
Bookmark here

“We are here”Bookmark here

“Yeah… and Sachi’s not here either”Bookmark here

“Weird, normally she’s early”Bookmark here

“yeah”Bookmark here

“Well, let’s just wait… they’ll come.”Bookmark here

It’s been 30 minutes, and they are both not here yet, wonder if they were watching anime till late again. Homerooms almost finished now. Bookmark here

“Takahashi, look. They came”Bookmark here

“So late, they are out of breath, must have run all the way to the class”Bookmark here

“So, I guess they overslept”Bookmark here

“What do you mean?”Bookmark here

“They’ll explain”Bookmark here

“Morning guys!” (Sachi and Hina panting)Bookmark here

“Good morning, what happened?” (Takahashi)Bookmark here

“Nothing, just couldn’t get up at time because we slept late last night” (Sachi)Bookmark here

“Anime?”Bookmark here

“No, helping hina for the exams and anime”Bookmark here

“She’s going to run out of money again…”Bookmark here

“No, not this time, she’s helping me free of cost, no charges” (Hina)Bookmark here

“Wow, really?”Bookmark here

“Yeah, and didn’t want her to feel like left behind in studies, so I offered to help myself” (Sachi)Bookmark here

“That’s nice” Bookmark here

“Yeah, I feel like I can pass the exams easily like this” (Hina)Bookmark here

“Not now, you still have a lot to learn” (Sachi)Bookmark here

“I know, but I will, by the time exams come”Bookmark here

“Takahashi was thinking of group studying somewhere” (Eiji)Bookmark here

“Oh, really? That would be awesome!”Bookmark here

“Yeah, next weekend. But where?” (Eiji)Bookmark here

“What about at your place, Takahashi?” (Sachi)Bookmark here

“No… you know why” Bookmark here

“But it will be fine if it’s with us.”Bookmark here

“What’s wrong?” (Eiji)Bookmark here

“Oh, nothing. Just something that happened in the past”Bookmark here

“What?” (Eiji and Hina curious)Bookmark here

“It was nothing, don’t want to talk about it now, maybe sometime later”Bookmark here

“Okay…” (Eiji)Bookmark here

“So, at your house?” (Sachi)Bookmark here

“It doesn’t have to be a house; we can go to a library too you know” (Eiji)Bookmark here

“No, it’s fine, you guys can come over for studying” Bookmark here

“Yayyyy!” (Sachi)Bookmark here

“What’s with the excitement…”Bookmark here

“Nothing… hehe”
Bookmark here

“When are you getting your retest result back Hina?” (Takahashi)Bookmark here

“I don’t know, probably today”Bookmark here

“I see”Bookmark here

(After school)Bookmark here

“Another day gone, just like that” (Sachi)Bookmark here

“Yeah, and who knew Hina was going to pass that test, and with average marks” (Takahashi)Bookmark here

“Yeah, first time I got 73 in Maths” Bookmark here

“That’s amazing” (Eiji)Bookmark here

“What do you think, are you prepared for the exams?” (Sachi)Bookmark here

“Now, I feel more confident, like I can do it, I can pass easily, with Sachi’s help of course”Bookmark here

“You passed this one almost by yourself” Bookmark here

“I know right, I’m surprised by myself too” Bookmark here

“If you put more effort into studying, you might surpass me Hina” (Eiji)Bookmark here

“Yeah, maybe I will”Bookmark here

"I’m joking though, I’m not going to let you get more marks than me, I’m going to hard work too”Bookmark here

“Whatever, I’ll win”Bookmark here

“we’ll see”Bookmark here

“Eiji’s still better” (Sachi and Takahashi said in unison)Bookmark here

“Heyyy!!!” (Hina)Bookmark here

“Haha” (Eiji, Sachi and Takahashi chuckle)Bookmark here

“We should get going now, or we’ll be late for work” (Eiji)Bookmark here

“Yeah, See you tomorrow” (Sachi)Bookmark here

“Bye” (Takahashi)Bookmark here

Everyone’s really hyped for the exams. Oh, I forgot to ask Eiji how he knew about them being late, he must have talked with Hina or SachiBookmark here

“Hey Eiji”Bookmark here

“Yeah?”Bookmark here

“How did you know about them staying over and studying?”Bookmark here

“Hina told me”Bookmark here

“I knew it”Bookmark here

“There’s something else too”Bookmark here

“What?”Bookmark here

“Why Hina is so focused on studying”Bookmark here

“Oh yeah, I did notice she’s a lil better than before, probably because Sachi’s helping her”Bookmark here

“Yes, but no”Bookmark here

“Huh…?”Bookmark here

“Sachi told Hina that if she gets average 70 plus marks in all subjects, she’ll treat her to all the ice cream she ate off of her money”Bookmark here

“hahaha, That’s nice, so that’s what is driving Hina to study better”Bookmark here

“yeah”Bookmark here

“What about you?”Bookmark here

“Huh?”Bookmark here

“Your preparation for exams, how is it?”Bookmark here

“Oh, it’s fine”Bookmark here

“I see, tell me if you need help with anything, I’ll help you”Bookmark here

“Ok, thanks”Bookmark here

(6th July, Saturday)Bookmark here

*Bell ringsBookmark here

Huh… what time is it? 9: 30… who would be here this early in the morning. Oh wait… I invited them to study over at my house. And I completely forgot about it…
They are here, what do I do, I’m still in my sleeping suite and my rooms a mess. I think, not that messy. Maybe all high school student’s room is like this… yeah, its fine. I should go downBookmark here

What the… Bookmark here

“Takahashi, which one these two is your girlfriend?” (Takahashi’s mom asking with a smile)Bookmark here

“It’s me” (Sachi)Bookmark here

“MOMMMMMM!!”Bookmark here

“Oh, you should have told me, you have such a beautiful girlfriend” (Takahashi’s mom)Bookmark here

“No, she isn’t my girlfriend. Sachi, you don’t have to pretend here…” Bookmark here

“Why not… it’s fun. And look, your moms happy that someone like me is your girlfriend”Bookmark here

“You aren’t…” (Takahashi pissed)Bookmark here

“And who are you two?”Bookmark here

“Good morning Takahashi’s mom, I’m Eiji”Bookmark here

“Hina”Bookmark here

“Lovers?” (Takahashi’s mom)Bookmark here

“NO NO, just friends” (Hina and Eiji reply)Bookmark here

“Haha, I see”Bookmark here

“Mom! Stop asking embarrassing questions”Bookmark here

“Ok ok… you guys go upstairs; I’ll bring something to eat later”Bookmark here

“Okay” (Hina, Eiji and Sachi)Bookmark here

Takahashi: they must be thinking that I have a weird mom. She really likes to joke about that stuff. Well, whatever. My room’s going to be more of a big surprise. Let’s see what they thinkBookmark here

“Aah, It’s so messy” (Hina)Bookmark here

“You think this is messy? You should have checked mine, this is nothing” (Sachi)Bookmark here

“Haha, I’m sure you both can’t win against me, mine’s probably a more mess than yours” (Eiji)Bookmark here

“Mine’s always clean…” (Hina)Bookmark here

“You guys are seriously competing over who’s room is messier *facepalm” (Takahashi)Bookmark here

“Whatever, you still lose” (Sachi)Bookmark here

“I don’t care. Let me just clean it up a lil” (Takahashi)Bookmark here

“we’ll help”Bookmark here

“No, it’s fine, you guys sit there”Bookmark here

These guys are unbelievable…Bookmark here

“What do you want to start with first?” (Takahashi)Bookmark here

“Maths” “History” “Whatever you guys decide on” (Sachi, Takahashi and Eiji)Bookmark here

“Why not History? It’s History’s exam on Monday” (Takahashi)Bookmark here

“Yeah, but Hina needs to study Maths more”Bookmark here

“I guess, maths then.”Bookmark here

“yeah” (Sachi)Bookmark here

“Yeah, I’m fine with that too” (Eiji)Bookmark here

“Okay”Bookmark here

Just like that, the whole day passes by. And surprisingly, instead of wasting time, we actually got somewhere. Like, Hina’s bases are really good now, in Maths. Though, I noticed that Eiji was struggling with a lot of questions we have studied a long time ago. It was like he hasn’t been practicing. I should have asked but didn’t give it a second thought. I’ll ask sometime later. For now, I got to sleep.Bookmark here

(8th July, Monday)Bookmark here

I couldn’t get much sleep because I had to stay up late preparing and now, I feel like sleeping. I’m in class right now. Every one’s here. Not as much sleepy as me though. They are about to distribute the paper. I hope everything goes well today.Bookmark here

(19th July, Friday)Bookmark here

“Mannnn! That was something” (Sachi)Bookmark here

“Yeah, now summer vacations” (Eiji)Bookmark here

“Yes, so don’t talk about exams, I need to relax and watch anime now” (Hina)Bookmark here

“I think you have improved a lot in this term, you seem confident about what you attempted in exams” (Takahashi)Bookmark here

“Yeah, I did improve a lot. Thanks to Sachi” Bookmark here

“And if you get 70 above, I have to pay back for the ice cream” (Sachi)Bookmark here

“I will, don’t worry, Hehe”Bookmark here

“Now that the summer vacations have started, what do you guys say, when we should go meet Aoi?” (Takahashi)Bookmark here

“What about next week?” (Sachi)Bookmark here

“Not during the week, who knows if she has school or not”Bookmark here

“Hina can ask her” (Sachi) Bookmark here

“Yeah, I’ll contact her” (Hina)Bookmark here

“For now, let’s just go home, we can talk about this over the phones on weekend” (Eiji)Bookmark here

Takahashi: Eiji has been weird lately, I wonder what’s bothering him, I quit around the time exams started and Eiji doesn't have to go to the store. Maybe I should ask him nowBookmark here

“Yeah, we should be going now” (Sachi)Bookmark here

“You guys go, I’ll come back later, I have something to talk about with Eiji” (Takahashi) Bookmark here

“You do?” (Eiji)Bookmark here

“Yeah, come with me, Bye guys” (Takahashi)Bookmark here

“Bye…” (Hina and Sachi)Bookmark here

Sachi: What was that? Wonder what they want to talk about…Bookmark here

Sachi and Hina walk away on the way to their homes. And I start walking with EijiBookmark here

“Hey, you are going the opposite way from your house…” (Eiji)Bookmark here

“Yeah, I know. But tell me, something is wrong, isn’t it?”Bookmark here

“Nothing’s wrong, really”Bookmark here

“You feel different, something’s bothering you”Bookmark here

“It was just the exam’s stress. Really, I’m fine”Bookmark here

“Really?” Bookmark here

“Yeah”Bookmark here

“Then tell me, how you did on your exams?”Bookmark here

“…Not that good actually”Bookmark here

“Why?”Bookmark here

“Something’s been on my mind from sometime now”Bookmark here

“What is it?”Bookmark here

“Aoi”Bookmark here

“What about her?”Bookmark here

“Ever since you decided to go meet her in summer vacation, I have been thinking about whether I should or shouldn't talk about my feelings, and even if I do confess, how?”Bookmark here

“Hina told you?”Bookmark here

“Yeah…”Bookmark here

“Why are you worrying about that. You’ll know what to do when the time comes”Bookmark here

“I don’t know though. I don’t want to confess because I’m afraid of rejection. But I want to tell her about these feelings because maybe she felt a little bit same? I don’t know what I’m hoping for. She just broke up with you. Thinking that I can confess now, I shouldn’t. but…”Bookmark here

“I understand but thinking like this won’t get you anywhere. Have you talked about this with anyone else?”Bookmark here

“No, I haven’t”Bookmark here

“I see. Well, it’s totally up to you what you want to do. But don’t do something you’ll regret later”Bookmark here

“Whether I decide to confess or not, I won’t regret my decision. It’s what I decided. I have to live with it”Bookmark here

“Yeah. Though I think it’s better not to now. Maybe sometime later. Next year or something”Bookmark here

“Yeah, I’m thinking the same, now is not the right time”Bookmark here

“Yeah… Well, I’ll be going now. Don’t think much about it, ok?”Bookmark here

“Ok… I won’t”Bookmark here

“Good… Bye”Bookmark here

“Bye”Bookmark here

I never really thought Eiji was this type of guy. I guess everyone has their ups and downs. No one’s perfect after all. I should hurry back, maybe they are still on their way bac... huh… what are those two doing here… wait… they were following me?!Bookmark here

“Hi…” (Sachi)Bookmark here

“Heard?” (Takahashi)Bookmark here

“Yeah…” (Sachi and Hina)Bookmark here

“What’s wrong with you…”Bookmark here

“Not my fault, Hina couldn’t hear well so she got too close, and I went to her too”Bookmark here

“Not that… why were you guys even eavesdropping?”Bookmark here

“Got Curious…”Bookmark here

“But It’s wrong” Bookmark here

“We know…”Bookmark here

“But he shouldn’t” (Hina)Bookmark here

“What?” (Takahashi)Bookmark here

“Confess his feelings” (Hina)Bookmark here

“Yeah, I know. But no point in thinking about it. He’ll do what he thinks is best for him. We don’t have a say in it”Bookmark here

“Yeah, its best we leave it to him” (Sachi)Bookmark here

“I know…” (Hina)Bookmark here

“Hina, are you fine?” (Takahashi)Bookmark here

“Yeah, I’m fine”Bookmark here

“Okay…”Bookmark here

Bookmark here

After this, no one talked with each other on our way home. Hina was acting weird after she overheard my conversation with Eiji. Maybe she likes him or something. Well, I need to relax, exams ended. There’s a lot of time to worry about other stuff. Going back to my usual routine of watching anime till I fall asleep. Though I should change it, it’s a bad habit.Bookmark here

Real Aire
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