Chapter 11:

The Concert preparations: Oh no we don't have the lyrics.

Cellular Redo

So far, we finally met with the 4th member and club advisor for our club. And shortly after that Sakai Senpai came to us(stalked me) with an impossible task by telling us that she organized a consert we need to perform in, as little as 2 weeks. Now we have no lyrics, no song composed and basically unprepared so we're pretty much screwed. 
Looks like there's no choice, I have to skip lunch in order to figure out some lyrics. I went to the library to find some ideas. Iwasaki said that she'd meet me there. When I entered the library I saw Miyura stacking some books but she didn't notice the book on top of her falling. 
"Hey, Miyura watch out!" I warned her. And she noticed me but didn't move so I pushed her just in time but the books fell on me instead. She naturally fell because I pushed her away from danger. 
She fell such that I could see under her skirt. She was wearing white panties with a little pink ribbon on the top cener of the hip part. I blushed out of embarrassment out of exidentaly seing her panties. Miyura didn't notice anything since she was still recovering from being pushed in the ground. She saw my position and immediately stood up covered her exposed panties and blushed. 
"A-Are you alright. Did any books fell on you?" I asked after recovering from embarrassment. 
"T-Thank you for s-saving me." she says still embarrassed from what happened earlier. 
"More importantly, are you alright? Those books fell on top of you." she says out of concern. 
"I'll be alright. I mean it's just a bunch of books that fell on top of my head that's all. Next time be more careful or books will fall on top of you. " I say that to not let her get worried as I stand up. 
"Is everything alright I heard something fall in here." says one of the student library staff. She saw some books as well as Miyura laying on the floor with me trying to help her get up. 
"Again? How many does it make it today? You should really be more careful or you'd really get seriously hurt. You got that Miyura." she scolds Miyura while she picks up the books she dropped. 
"Y-Yes, I-I understand." she stands up while she picks the books as well and I helped. 
I'm assuming stuff like this happen to Miyura almost all the time. But it looks like she's talking more than when I met her. I mean she's been talking to me in class while we're on cleaning duty. But I've never seen her talk to someone than me. Even if almost all of the conversations came to me. But I'm glad she's coming out of her shell. 
"What brings you hear Hayashi. Are you looking for a book perhaps." she asked after we where done packing the books that fell earlier. 
"No not this time, I'm actually waiting for a club member. You see we gotta think of a song for our concert." I explained
"You mean the concert in the poster." she says. 
"That's the one unfortunately." I say and Iwasaki came just a moment later. 
"Oh Iwasaki, you came just in time. Shall we get started?" I say and we sat on a table to work on. 
"Okay, here's what I came up with." Iwasaki hands me her idea. I have never thought that she would be terrible at writing music. 
"Hey I can't help it. I'm not sure you've noticed but this is my first time I've ever written a song before." she says while she blushes. 
"It's okay. I think we can review on what you've written. But I gotta say, I never expect you to not be good at this." I say out of amazement. 
"What are you saying I'm perfect or something?" she asked. To be honest I did, hell everyone did. But she doesn't look anything people say, in fact she's fidgeting out of embarrassment right now. 
"What have you got? Since you are quick to judge me." she yanks my page and I get a little embarrassed about it. She looks to read the chorus that I've written with focus for a moment. 
"Eh, Iwasaki are you alright? You've been reading that for a little while now." I say that while she continues to read the chorus. 
"This is pretty deap." she says after assessing the chorus I've written. 
"Come on, all I just did was write things that came in mind that's all." I say. 
"And this is pretty good. No, more than that it's great. Who knew that your this talented. We are definitely using this." she compliments me. 
"Shouldn't we consult the senpais for this." I ensisted for the others judge the chorus.
"You there, little librarian girl please come here for a minute." she asks Miyura to come to our table. 
"Heh, Ah o-okay." she answered so intimatly. 
"Read this and tell us your thoughts." she forcefully asked her to read my chorus. She also read it so seriously. 
"This is pretty good. If I could grade it, I would say it's amazing." Miyura says. 
"See, even she agrees and I'm pretty sure that they'll agree. Besides didn't they ask us to prepare the song?" she says. 
"Alright fine. But we'll take yours as well and tweek it a bit to make it match the chorus." I said. 
"Come on I'd you don't have to do that. We already said it's terrible." she says that while she looks away out of embarrassment.
"The senpais did say we should think of the lyrics. And I'd feel bad if I take all the credit for all of this." I say. 
"Oh, I just remembered that I had something to do. If you'll excuse me. We'll continue this after school." she says and suddenly leaves the library.
I noticed that she forgot her diary when she left. I ran after her to hand it to her. It seem that I've lost her so I think I'll hand it to her after school. 
After school I got out of class and spotted Iwasaki going somewhere. I tailed her down to hand her diary but she looks to be going to the opposite direction of the club room. I wonder she is she going. I continued tailing her to find out. 
She finally stopped and waited. A few minutes later a random guy came toward her. And the two of them are right behind the jym . Wait, I'm getting some kinda déjà vu. Oh now I see this is. I rushed behind the corner besides them to not get seen. 
"Ah thank you for coming Miss Iwasaki. I'm so glad you came. I see you've read my letter. " this guy is so scared out of his boots. 
"What is it that you have to talk to me about. And make it quick, there's somewhere important I have to be right now." Iwasaki says. 
"Ah right. I am deaply in love with you. Could you go out with me!!" he shouts that a brief moment followed. 
"Seriously, you've wasted my time on something as pethetic as that. Do you know that I have a concert I have to preper for and every single moment counts and you come with nonsense like this. As if I'd go out with a piece of trash like you anyway. Let's not waste anymore our time and forget this ever happened in the first place. " she walks away after shattering the guys heart like that. And it looks like the guys is about to cry for his mother at any moment now. 
Damn that was cold as ever. I bet the guy is never gone ever forget this day. He's gonna re-live this moment for the rest of his life. Well what you gonna do?You could say that he dug his own grave for confessing like that. Huh, he's getting up. This guy is stronger than I thought. Nah, nevermind he's crying so bad. And that face looks like he's gonna do something terrible. Should I step in. 
"YOU! Why are acting like you're better than anyone else here. Your nothing but a bitch who's thinking too highly of her self. What do you have to say about that." he says while he crying and Iwasaki stops for a moment. 
"It's like I said you're only wasting your own time. Judging by your love letter, you didn't think of what I'm gonna say haven't you? Instead you where only selfish thinking about yourself. You don't even know be that well and expect me to just accept your feelings like that. I won't date you even if you where the last guy in the entire world." she says with more brutal words and it make the situation far worse than it is already was. 
"DON'T SCREW WITH MEEEE!!!." he shouts as he runs to attack Iwasaki and Iwasaki. 
"This is bad." I rushed to save her. He tries punch her but I blocked his punch and he backs away a bit. 
"Tsk. Who are you. Can't you see that you're interrupting something here?" he says to me. 
"I see perfectly well. Just a guy who got rejected and can't even except reality so he's taking his own anger to an innocent girl." I say to taunt him and I could feel that Iwasaki is feeling a little scared.
"What are you. His boyfriend or something. Don't get in my way or you'll get hurt. " he attacks again but this time he charges towards me. 
"Crap. Iwasaki run and get a teacher right now." I say to her. He throws a bunch of attacks and I dodge him. He then connects with a punch on the face and but I then blocked his other attack, flipped him and pinned him on the ground. He starts to struggle. The second later Iwasaki came with a teacher. 
"STOP THIS RIGHT NOW!" the teacher shouts and I let him go and tacked me to the ground he punched me a couple of time. I let my guard down think he'd stop. The teacher grabs and separate him from me. 
"DIDN'T I SAY STOP IT YOU BRAT. Miss Iwasaki take the other one to the infirmary ." he says to Iwasaki while holding this guy. 
"O-Okay." she then pick me up and sends me to the infirmary. 
In the infirmary, the nurse treats my swollen face and palm. The disinfect stang a lot though. 
"At least you didn't suffer any other injuries from that fight. You should be alright. Just take it easy. If you want to rest some more you can. Lock up after your feel alright and hand in the key to the faculty room alright. " the nurse says as she leaves. 
"Thanks." I say. 
Man who would have thought I knew how to move like that. I was pretty amazing. 
While I was thinking. I could see Iwasaki's head sticking out. 
"I can clearly see you hiding over there Iwasaki. You can come out." she jolts after being figured out. She comes out and sits at the seat right next to the bed
"I'm sorry. I didn't mean things to be like this. But how did you figure out that I was there though." she asked. 
"Well you forgot your diary when you left the library. Since I couldn't find you. I thought I might be able give it to you in the club room but I saw you going to a different direction so I followed you." I explained myself. 
"So you...." She stops while she gives a sad face. 
"Yeah I pretty much heard everything that happened there. I'm sorry for eavesdropping." I apologize. 
"No you didn't do anything wrong. In fact, I'm glad that you where there. Because if you weren't, who knows what he would have done. I'm thankful for what you have done." she apologized. 
"Alright, next time please be careful on what you say. Or you just might get attacked by a crazy jealous guy." I warned her. 
"I know that." she answered. 
Man that guy has a painful right hand. I think I can still feel it till now but, at least she is safe.Bookmark here

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