Chapter 14:

Let's get out of here

I am a God, But I Accidentally Summoned Myself into My Own World as a Human Being!

“Seriously? All that happened just cause of those horses?” Jace asked before he stuffed another mouthful of rice.Bookmark here

Renz punched him. “Horses which YOU forgot to keep an eye on” Bookmark here

“Alright, alright! I said I’m sorry. It’s not my fault you got kicked in the stomach Renz”Bookmark here

“Just shut up and keep eating Jace”Bookmark here

The two really liked to argue a lot. The others have already been told of our new companions. Uriel and Una are staying with Captain Hannah and the others for the night. Bookmark here

Head Knight Grayson and Mercedes went to get Jace and Renz as soon as Julie got back and told them. An hour later and here we are, eating downstairs with just the five of us. Bookmark here

I was not in the mood to sleep early like the rest so I gave Aidan the key to our room. I needed to eat a lot at least to start getting this body into shape.Bookmark here

It is 8:43 on the timepiece on the corner. Early in the night. Without the view of the sun or the moon to tell the time, the residents of Durahl use a timepiece to tell the time.Bookmark here

“Shouldn’t you have reported them to the authorities?” Mercedes patted her chin with a piece of cloth before eating another slice of her cake.Bookmark here

“If the authorities were anything decent, such an incident wouldn’t have happened. Toshikasu and I would likely have been the ones arrested for attacking Durahl citizens” I answered while pouring some water.Bookmark here

“You have a point”Bookmark here

Head Knight Grayson arrived with another plate. He sure eats a lot. I think I will be addressing him as just Grayson from now on.Bookmark here

“What did I miss?” He asked, already stuffing his mouth with food.Bookmark here

Head Knight is too much for someone like him.
Bookmark here

I replied to him. “Nothing much. So you guys do not have any problems with taking those two with us? I did agree with taking them back here, but at some point we will have to-”Bookmark here

“Yes, I know Al. Maybe we can find someone to take them in at the next city.”Bookmark here

He can be serious sometimes. But I will still stop calling him Head Knight.Bookmark here

“Okay then.”Bookmark here

I looked at my food. It is not as good as the food I got at Sol. I also know there is no way we are getting rid of those two at this point.Bookmark here

“Yo Al, which room are we again?” Jace stood up, having finished his food.Bookmark here

“Third room on the second floor.”Bookmark here

“Thanks man, well I’m gonna go now, goodnight guys.” He waved as he went upstairs. Bookmark here

Renz stood up as well. “I'll go sleep as well, have a good night everyone.”Bookmark here

He followed Jace upstairs.Bookmark here

Mercedes waited until they both disappeared from view. “Now that it’s just the three of us, I have to say, what are the odds of us defeating the new Demon Lord?”Bookmark here

“What are you trying to say Mercedes?” Grayson asked, still stuffing his mouth with food.Bookmark here

Mercedes finished her plate. “You captains and the king try to hide it, but it’s too obvious now. This is different from all the other invasions.”Bookmark here

Oh? I am intrigued by this as well. How would it be any different? It should be the same as last time, Amaris and I make sure of that all the time.Bookmark here

Grayson let out a sigh. “Captain Hannah and I were going to tell you guys soon. The demon’s invasion this time far exceeds that of what is recorded in the history of both kingdoms. Not only did they manage to build a portal right on our homeland, but their numbers are at least 9 times more compared to the previous ones.”Bookmark here

“You’re forgetting something.” Mercedes took out a piece of paper from her pocket. Bookmark here

It seemed to be a report from one of the captains to the king.Bookmark here

Grayson quickly grabbed the paper. “H-how did you get this?”Bookmark here

“Don’t forget that my family is the one of the most powerful noble families in Sol. It’s not the original report however.”Bookmark here

It is like they forgot that I am still here. Grayson hid the paper in his pocket.Bookmark here

“You knew what was going to happen, why did you still come along?Bookmark here

“I don’t know either, maybe I was bored.”Bookmark here

I interjected between the two. “Could the two of you tell me what’s going on?”Bookmark here

Mercedes slid her chair closer to me, whispering in my ear.Bookmark here

“The demons know we’re coming.”Bookmark here

Mercedes then left the table, going upstairs. Now it is just me and Head Kni- Grayson.Bookmark here

I interrogate him, pointing my fork at him for added flair. “What did Mercedes mean? And before you try to deny it, I could always voice my complaint with everyone else.”Bookmark here

Grayson seemed to be deeply troubled. He took the paper out.Bookmark here

“Maybe you should just read it. You’re quite rational, maybe you’ll understand what we’re trying to do here” He handed the paper to me before he stood up, “I’m going to sleep now. Goodnight Al.”Bookmark here

He went upstairs. Bookmark here

I turned around, looking behind me. There are not much people here except some travelers and the staff. But it is still better to read this privately.Bookmark here

The timepiece on the wall reads 8:51.Bookmark here

Holding the piece of paper in my hands, I walked up the stairs.Bookmark here

The building itself has 4 floors. Julie and Elen are on the 4th floor. Mercedes, Elizabeth, Iris, and Hannah are on the 3rd. Una and Uriel are also sharing the room with them. Bookmark here

Walking up the stairs, I saw Grayson entering the room on the far right.Bookmark here

On the 2nd floor, the 7th room is where Toshikasu, Shaun, Grayson, and Jace are staying at. Bookmark here

I sauntered on to the room on the left, the sign on the door says “NO. 3”. My room, along with Aidan, Nadia, and Jace. I knocked on the door.Bookmark here

 Aidan opened it.Bookmark here

“I didn’t think you’d be awake, where’s Jace?” I was expecting Jace to open the door.Bookmark here

“I already slept on the carriage, Jace is over there” Aidan pointed at Jace, who’s already sound asleep on his bed.Bookmark here

“What about Nadia?”Bookmark here

“She’s sleeping as well”Bookmark here

I headed over to my bed. The beds are arranged with two on the left and two on the right.Bookmark here

Aidan went over to his bed on the left. Jace has the one on the right. Nadia is sleeping on the bed next to Aidan’s. That leaves me with the one beside Jace.Bookmark here

I should have cleaned up first, but I feel tired. I lay down on the bed.Bookmark here

I unfolded the paper in my hand. It looks like it was made just a day or two ago. How did they manage to send this to Mercedes? Teleport?Bookmark here

For now, time to read what is on this paper.Bookmark here

To his Majesty, King Leon the XVII.Bookmark here

Around two divisions spawned from the demon portal yesterday. Our source in the demon camps reports that these two divisions are also headed north towards Miele along with the other four divisions that went before. At estimate, they might reach the Hero’s party within a few days – the ones on the Greater Dragon even sooner. Due to this, the demons have halted their advance for now. All according to plan.Bookmark here

All according to plan? Are you telling me we were just bait?Bookmark here

I continued reading.Bookmark here

The last shipment of magic cores from the kingdom of Henrhia has just been received. With this, the new armaments should be complete. It will arrive at Sol in a couple of hours. My troops will be withdrawing from the borders soon. We will arrive at the Alliance Army camp and have them withdraw from the area. Bookmark here

Magic cores. Armaments. Just what are they planning?Bookmark here

The last parts of the letter are just the costs of the magic cores, supplies and such. Below it is a signature above the name, Cael Daisetsu, Captain of the 3rd Ray.Bookmark here

I folded the letter, placing it inside my pocket. I then looked at the others. They are all asleep. Even Aidan.Bookmark here

I turned my attention towards the window on the right. Only the faint glow of magic stones can be seen.Bookmark here

This might be the last night that we sleep peacefully. Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

“Yo Al, rise and shine dude!”Bookmark here

Jace shook me awake. I wish I could sleep more.Bookmark here

I waved my hands to indicate that I am awake. “What about Aidan and Nadia?”Bookmark here

“They’re downstairs with the others. Come on let’s eat breakfast.”Bookmark here

Reluctantly, I stood up and followed Jace.Bookmark here

Downstairs, there are plenty of people eating and getting ready for another busy day.Bookmark here

“Al you’re awake! Over hereee!” Nadia waved at me with Aidan pointing to a chair.Bookmark here

I sat down beside them. Jace went over to Toshikasu and the others.Bookmark here

“Good morning Al.” Shaun said before he took a bite of his sandwich. That is a bit rude for a priest.Bookmark here

“Good morning Aelius.” Iris shifted her seat closer to me.Bookmark here

“Good morning Iri-”Bookmark here

“Ah- ow!” Nadia suddenly tried to interrupt, but was also interrupted by Aidan.Bookmark here

“Mind your own business sis.”Bookmark here

“Why don’t you mind your own business!”Bookmark here

The two began poking at each other.Bookmark here

I continued. “-As I said, Good morning to you too Iris.”Bookmark here

We continued eating. A few moments later, a couple of dwarven soldiers entered the inn. I watched as they trudged inside, wearing full battle armor and their weapons held high. That is not a good sign.Bookmark here

The one at the front looked at us. “The governor of Durahl wishes to meet with you, travelers.”Bookmark here

The room fell silent.Bookmark here

Grayson walked over to me. He asked the soldiers. “All of us?”Bookmark here

“Just a few representatives will do.”Bookmark here

“Alright, Al come with me.”Bookmark here

Captain Hannah and Toshikasu approached us.Bookmark here

“Us too.”Bookmark here

The soldier looked at the four of us, then turned around. “Alright then, let’s get going”Bookmark here

I sighed. I did not even finish my breakfast yet. Iris looks a little irritated. That is a first.Bookmark here

We made our leave.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

We drew closer to the center of the city. People have already filled the streets, and the smell of smoke is once again spreading all over the place.Bookmark here

“This way please.” The soldier gestured at us.Bookmark here

We stopped at a huge building. It looked more like a mansion than a palace. We went inside.Bookmark here

“This looks like an office building. Don’t you think so too Al?” Toshikasu looked at the floor then the ceiling.Bookmark here

“Yes. I think so as well”Bookmark here

This does look like the buildings from the other world. We went up the second floor. There is a room at the end of the hallway. The soldiers stopped. Bookmark here

One of them knocked at the door. “The travelers you called for are here”Bookmark here

A voice called out from the room. “Let them in”Bookmark here

We headed inside. The room is not that big. Several metal drawers are lined on the walls on the right. There’s also a line of chairs on the left. In the middle of the room is a desk. A dwarf is reading some papers. He placed it down on the desk, looking at us.Bookmark here

“Greetings travelers. Or should I say heroes?”Bookmark here

Great. Even the dwarves know who we are.Bookmark here

Captain Hannah stepped forward. “How did you know?”Bookmark here

“The guards take note of the items that people have with them when they enter the city. And you guys stick out like a sore thumb, having so many heroic-grade items in your possession. You can’t hide such excellent craftsmanship from us”Bookmark here

Toshikasu took a seat on one of the chairs.Bookmark here

Captain Hannah continued to ask. “Why did you call us here?”Bookmark here

The dwarf took off his glasses.Bookmark here

“We didn’t even exchange names yet, and you’re already interrogating me in my own office. Fine, I’ll make this quick. Leave the city”Bookmark here

That is a shock. I at least thought they would welcome us and all that. The demons are a common enemy of everyone on this world. It was supposed to be a secret, but now that they know, why would  they not ally with us now that they know who we are?Bookmark here

Grayson also asked. “Why? We didn’t cause any troubles in this city”Bookmark here

“So beating up some of our citizens doesn’t count?”Bookmark here

“They were attacking someone, we just helped!” Toshikasu stood up, not even hiding his anger.Bookmark here

The dwarf raised his hand. “I know. I don’t hold that against you. Do you know that the current Demon Lord gave an offer to the other races? They wouldn’t harm any of us as long as we cooperate with them”Bookmark here

“And what is this cooperation that they asked for?” Grayson inquired.Bookmark here

“To kill the heroes, to kill you. Of course, we’d receive more rewards if we brought you to them alive. A couple of mercenaries from the other cities as well as soldiers are already here looking for you guys.”Bookmark here

Captai- I am tired of calling them captains altogether. Hannah looked at Toshikasu. They nod at each other.Bookmark here

Toshikasu’s body began to glow and he disappeared from the room. I did not expect that. He was using Light Clone all this time.Bookmark here

Hannah then turned towards the dwarf. “Why tell us this?”Bookmark here

The dwarf stood up, looking over the city through the window. “Simply because I don’t trust the Demon Lord. If your kingdoms fall, I know that monster will set its sights on the rest of us. Go, I’ll order my soldiers not to capture you, but they won’t help you either. Now leave”Bookmark here

“Thank you” Hannah and Grayson bow to him then head out the room.Bookmark here

I looked at the dwarf. He is already back to reading his papers.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

“We need to hurry!” Hannah ran faster than us despite her size.Bookmark here

The three of us are currently running back to the inn.Bookmark here

“Toshikasu should have already told the others, now we just need to hurry back” She lead the way out the courtyard of the mansion.Bookmark here

As we entered the streets, a couple of fireballs flew towards us.Bookmark here

Hannah stopped, pointing her staff at the projectiles. “Shit! Oh spirits of the flames, grant us-”Bookmark here

Ice wall!” Grayson summoned an ice wall which blocks the fiery projectiles. Bookmark here

He grabbed Hannah- who is clearly shocked, as we redirect to the alleys.Bookmark here

“W-wha!? You can cast without chanting too?!”Bookmark here

Hannah clearly did not notice Grayson cast spells without chanting back when we fought the orcs. I figured that he also has the same Unique Skill as me, though I do not know how he got it since he is not an otherworlder.Bookmark here

In the alleys, two mercenaries blocked our path. They charged at us with their swords.Bookmark here

Grayson rushed towards them, Hannah in tow. “Nature’s Bind!”Bookmark here

Lianas erupted from the ground, immobilizing our attackers.Bookmark here

We ran around them as we zig-zagged through the narrow paths. Bookmark here

“Let’s head this way!” Grayson puts Hannah down. Bookmark here

We turned to the right. The main street is up ahead. Just before we could exit this nightmare maze, a wall of stone suddenly emerged, blocking our path.Bookmark here

“Damn it!”Bookmark here

A group of armed people come up behind us. Hannah started to chant another spell.Bookmark here

At this rate, we will never make it to the inn. As Grayson turned around to fight the mercenaries, I looked at the infrastructure walls.Bookmark here

Ally Locate.Bookmark here

I focused my thoughts on Iris. This is more than my current innate mana would allow, but I have to try.Bookmark here

“Grayson! Hannah! Come closer to me!” I yelled at the two, placing my hands on the ground.Bookmark here

Hannah stopped chanting. “Wha-” Bookmark here

“Just do it!!”Bookmark here

Without another word, Hannah proceeded to run towards me. Grayson summoned another Ice Wall  behind us before he ran over in my direction.Bookmark here

“Everyone hang on!! Mass Teleport!!"Bookmark here

A huge magic circle appeared below us, glowing a bright shade of yellow. It extended outwards a lot more than I intended.Bookmark here

We teleported inside the first floor of the inn, a few feet above the ground. Our attackers have been teleported along with us.Bookmark here

I landed on top of Iris, who was hiding behind an overturned table.Bookmark here

“A-aelius!” Her face went red.Bookmark here

I caught her off guard. It has been a while since she’s been flustered like this.Bookmark here

“Sorry about that!” I immediately stood up. Bookmark here

The furniture around us are riddled with metal balls and arrows.Bookmark here

“Al, behind us.” Elizabeth pointed behind me. She also hid behind a flipped table, holding Una.Bookmark here

I turned around. Our attackers are already standing.Bookmark here

“Nature’s Bind.” I waved at them. Bookmark here

Nothing happened. Ah, I am out of mana again.Bookmark here

They were confused for a moment, then they proceeded to charge us.Bookmark here

“Force Wind!” Bookmark here

I almost forgot that Grayson and Hannah are here as well.Bookmark here

The attackers are blown to the walls.Bookmark here

Hannah ran over to Elizabeth. “Elizabeth, where are the others?”Bookmark here

She pointed out the doorway- the door itself is gone.Bookmark here

“They’re fighting outside.”Bookmark here

We rushed outside. Elizabeth, Una, and Iris stayed behind. Bookmark here

The area around the inn looked like a mini-battlefield. The others have already dealt with most of the mercenaries and soldiers. Bookmark here

“You guys are finally here! You missed the show though.” Toshikasu waved at us.Bookmark here

Just as he walked over to us, a giant metal leg pulverized the ground behind him.Bookmark here

Smoke covered the area. As soon as it cleared, a huge silhouette appeared in our sights.Bookmark here

“How about an encore?” A penetrating mechanical voice rings the area.Bookmark here

I looked up. Its giant claws already held two of our carriages. Bookmark here

A giant metal crab.Bookmark here

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