Chapter 1:

A New Life in the Mist

Cursed Seasons

"Hello, My name is Haruka Yanato. I am a Student at the Yahou High School as a First Year in Sapporo, Japan. Here in Sapporo, we have a strange.....occurrence....We typically get the usual weather of Scorching, Foggy, Raining, and Snowy weather, though instead of it progressing through the typical 12 months, we have them in a daily progression. You heard right, Daily Weather. We don't have the same weather patterns either, some days its completely warm and some are Freezing Cold without end. Sapporo is the only place in the world that has this sort of Occurrence, so we get a lot of Tourists and Weather Scientists from around the world. Other places in Japan have something just as strange. Some adults and teens in Japan are naming them 'Japan's 7 Wonders'. My life began to change drastically when I met a boy. Though, I'm going to stop my rambling and tell you the story from the beginning."Bookmark here

A sudden alarm clock begins to go off playing an annoying beeping noise that begins to wake up a young beauty. The curtains are closed and the young beauty can barely see her atmosphere.Bookmark here

A long sigh could be hear around the walls of the room and more so around the bed as she began to arise from her bed.Bookmark here

"Nnnnnnng.... *Sigh* Friday....why must the week be so long....." , she said as opposed to getting up and placing on her clothes, showing off her curves for a moment only to be finished off by a few moments of looking into the mirror with her school uniform with the emblem of a Shield with four sections all with a symbol of a Season. The seasons corresponded with the order with Spring in the top left being a Raindrop. Summer being a fire in the top right. Fall being a Sakura Leaf in the bottom left and lastly, winter being a snowflake in the bottom right hand corner.Bookmark here

Haruka began her decent from her bedroom onto the staircase staring down below only to see nothing much and sighed before stepping down the stairs and entering the kitchen. Bookmark here

A few sighs left her mouth as she saw a small bento on the table along with a plate of food and a bowl of rice with a note. When she observed the note, she began to read it to herself.Bookmark here

"Sorry Haruka, As school is getting back into session for the week and today is Friday, I decided to stop by for a moment and leave you a healthy breakfast and lunch for your last day of your first week in high school. Due to me and your father's jobs you might have to live alone for the year so we can spend a lot of time together during your summer break. We will send you allowance every Saturday by mail. Don't worry about scary men coming to the door though. Me and your father will automatically pay for the bills for the house monthly. Have a good school life and I hope you enjoy your school life. Don't try having any parties or boys over. Other then that have fun!
Signed, Mom"Bookmark here

Haruka gave a simple sigh then a small smile, which made it easier to see her physical appearance from a great distance. Haruka had Long black hair that reached down to her waist and with strands coming out in front of her. She even stood at 5' 07 even for a girl at her age. Her hair on top held a hair pin of a Flower as symbol of what she represents. Someone who is focused no life and progression.Bookmark here

"I guess that means I won't be bothered by my brother either." She began to eat the plate of food provided to her and chomped down on her toast as she left the house to head to school. On the way she began to run as she was getting closer and closer to being late to class. Just before she ran into someone.Bookmark here

"Eh....ow...." The mysterious person placed a bag on his back and began to walk off speaking only for a moment. "Accident Prone...", he said before he simply left. She held her head for a moment, dusting herself off and throwing her toast into the nearest trash bin. She turned toward the direction the man walked in an sighed.Bookmark here

"Weird guy...", she pointed out before realizing the time and rushed to school. Bookmark here

When Haruka made it to school with only a few minutes to spare. She promptly went to her shoe locker, grabbed her school shoes and semi-rushed to her class only to catch it by the bell and arriving to the classroom second to last. From a distance, she looked compelled and clean, though she seemed to be sweating. "Whew...made it just in time.."Bookmark here

When the bell rang, the Homeroom teacher walked into the class with a smile and spoke.Bookmark here

"Welcome class to the last day of your first week here at Yahou High School. Today we have a lot to cover but first I'd like to introduce to you to a new student who just transferred here today. Why don't you come in."Bookmark here

Before the new student came in, a lot of the students began to speak to one another with sudden questions like "Is it a boy or girl?" "Are they cute?" "Are they from a different country?" "Are they Rich?" came around. Bookmark here

Before long, the new student came into the class wearing a hoodie that seemed to show the school's emblem on the front.Bookmark here

"Please remove your hood and introduce yourself to the class." The teacher spoke with a bit of hostility in her voice as the school doesn't allow hood to be worn in side the classrooms. Bookmark here

The mysterious person began to uncover their head dis-testable motion, almost as if they didn't like to be told what to do. For a moment time slowed down for everyone as the hand from the person grabbed the front of the hood and pulled it back to reveal glowing gold eyes. The eyes themselves seemed to see a lot of things and more over, seemed to reveal very little, as if the person who owned them were soul bound to the earth and forced to stay like they were nothing more then a seed buried underground. The student kept pulling the hoodie back until their entire face was shown revealing an orange-yellow punk styled hair to the rest of the class. With a annoyed tone, the boy began to introduce himself after writing his name on the chalk boardBookmark here

"My name is Ryuta. Ryuta Kido." Ryuta began to bow to his fellow classmates and sighed afterward with a hint of uncaring glares. Most of the girls in the class seemed to turn red and smiled as he walked by most of them as their eyes followed him like a shining star.Bookmark here

Ryuta soon found himself in the back of the classroom in the opposite corner from Haruka, though as he passed by he stared at her for a moment before taking his seat and the teacher began to speak.Bookmark here

"Alright class open up your history textbooks to Pg...." Bookmark here

The day seemed to get fast paced after his introduction as it was already after classes, though it seemed there was still more to come.Bookmark here

"Yanato-chan!"Bookmark here

Haruka began to turn around from her chair and looked toward the voice calling her out randomly.Bookmark here

"Gina-san?" Haruka looked over toward the girl who rushed over to her and gave a short wave. The girl was best known as 'Tamiko Gina' , the student council president. Bookmark here

"Yanato-chan are you headed home? The teacher wants to speak to you"Bookmark here

Haruka began to look toward Tamiko with an odd look, only to sigh for a brief moment then nodded.Bookmark here

"Thank you for telling me Gina-san." The gitl nodded and began to rush off, though most of the boys from the class watched as she ran looking toward her clevege move as she ran down the hall back to the teacher's lounge.Bookmark here

Haruka grabbed her textbooks and notes pads, all labeled accordingly: Social Studies, Japanese History, Biology, and Physics. She began to head toward the Teacher's lounge where the teacher had already left a not for another to give to her.Bookmark here

"That's it? Just show the new guy around tomorrow?"Bookmark here

Haruka grabbed the paper and began to head home, trying not to be bothered with the few details she needed to escort the new kid around the school.Bookmark here

After walking closer and closer toward her house, a few droplets of rain began to fall. Bookmark here

"Crap!" Haruka began to run faster holding her bag ontop of her head attempting to cover her body from the rain.Bookmark here

"Crap I wont make it back home in time...unless..." When Haruka finished speaking she looked around and began to run in a different direction only to come up to an abandoned area of the city. As she progressed, she began to see more and more of the abandoned area seemingly decomposed and destroyed only leading to a large crater in the middle of it all. Bookmark here

"What the-" She began to look down into the crater only to see someone below it. She couldn't see who it was, though the person began small movements such as twitching its arm and moving its head. The person began to groan which only drove Haruka to go into the crater slowly and check it out.
"Hello?" The person didn't react. She began to speak again only to have the same result. When she got closer she saw a figure in a black hoodie. When she removed it, it seemed to have stopped raining and she pulled part of her hair back from her face and spoke. "H...Hey are you alright?"Bookmark here

The figure turned out to be young boy who looked to be in his 15-17 years with blue hair. The boy opened his eyes to reveal a dark blue-purplish color pupils and a whispering tone.Bookmark here

"Who......are you?" Bookmark here

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