Chapter 0:


The Graffers


-Akito, there's no time, the cops are here, all is lost now.

-Yes but... our history...

-As long as we're alive we'll make history.
So let's go!!!

-"Who wants to jump, jump".

-"who wants to die, die".

-Careful,  somone's coming!


-Hey, what's the metter with you?!

-I thought it's cop.

-Police! Stop Right there!

-Akito this time it's the cops, run!

-We can't just leave her here,  she's hurt.
Plus, I think she saw you when you hit her.

"Everything that happened last night seems so surreal. Was it a dream. No, it definitely wasn't. I can still feel the excruciating pain of that blow. Should I go the Police or just forget about it? No, that cannot happen, I must know who is behind the attack. Still who bandaged me, and how come I woke up in a shelter house?

-Yamada, can you please pay attention to class? We are all aware that you are still recovering from that fall on the stairs  so if you're not upto it you could go home for today.

"Why did I lie about what happened, why is there a part of me that wants to protec/t the one who hit me? Maybe it was a misunderstanding, that would explain the bandages. Or maybe it was just another delinquent who felt remorseful and couldn't bring himself to let me die in a puddle of blood. I feel like I'm going crazy. I need a break"

As I was walking towards the classroom door, someone barged in, a new student, or so he seemed until I heard his voice . He was wearing the schools uniform but I don't remember ever seeing him. He was quite dandsome with deep mysterious eyes. His body was not too bad either, athletic, he was definitely practicing a specific sport.

-Who are you and why are you disturbing my class? The teacher asked the boy.

-Well, my name is Eiji Arata and I just transferred here.

When I heard his voice my whole body just froze. He was the one, the one who did this to me. What was he doing here? Was I the reason? I was screaming inside, flooded by fear just waiting to brust out.

-You! What are you doing here? Did you come to finish the job?

-Do I know you?


-Miss Yamada, is everything alright? Do you know this boy?

-This bastard is the one who...

"What am I doing? I just told them I fell down the stairs, they won't believe me if I tell the thruth now. I need to find out more about this person, find if he is indeed the perpetrator. But still, he's cute. Yamada, focus, he is the one who did this to you! Eiji Arata that's the name he used, but I'm pretty sure I heard the other person calling him Akito. Why do I have feeling I've heard this name before?"

-I'm sorry, I'm still a bit confused. I will go home now.

-Mom, I'm home!

-Hello dear, how are you feeling?

-Better now, thank you!

"Of course I didn't tell her the thruth either, she would've been too worried. I can handle this on my own."

My mom was on the sofa watching the news when they started talking about the incident I was involved in as well.

-The vandals who call themselves "graffers" have crossed the line. Not only they are staining the image of our beautiful society by doodling on buildings and parks, but last night they defaced the statue of our beloved city founder. The police have began an investigation and have a few key witnesses that will help solve this case. Unfortunately, the surveillance cameras footage didn't help identify the ones responsible as they were all wearing face covers".

"So that's what happened. It wasn't a murder attempt, it was those graffers. Now I know why the name "Akito" sounded familiar, It's all over the city. Could it be that  Eiji Arata and Akito are the same person?!"

-I'm going to bed!

-Alright dear, sleep tight!

The following morining.

-Aimi, time to go to school!

-Mom I'm not feeling too good, I think I'm having a fever. Can I stay home today?

-A fever? I'm calling for an ambulance right now!

-Mom, it's not necessary, I'm just not up to it.

Mother was always panicking for the littlest thing, even a scratch. Thruth be  told I'm feeling fine, I just need to find out what to do  about Arata or what's his name.

-Are you sure about this?

Mooom I'll be okay. You can go to work.

-Hmm if you say so, but call me if something changes.

-Yes I promise. Have a good day!

-Bye sweetie!

"The whole situation was bothering me,  plus I hate lying my mom, but do I really have a choice? Should I report this to the Pollice? But what if he is innocent? Why should I care? They are already vandalising buildings, especially the statue of our city's founder."

Little did I know start this will change the moment someone rang the doorbell downstairs.

My room was on the 1st floor, so I could see the main entrance.

My heart almost stopped  when I saw the police car outside.

"How did they find me? Everyone knows it was just an accident. Surely they must have checked my school first and because they couldn't find me there came to my place. I need to sneak out somehow and find that Arata. I hope he will have the answer to my questions and end this ordeal. Who know maybe he's not even guilty..."

"Yamada, this isn't the right time, focus!"

"It's 11:47, the classes aren't over yet.  But how will I get past the pollice ansd show up at school when I should be in bed, sick?"

-Puffy, leave me alone, I don't feel like playing, I've  got bigger problems now.
That's it!


Puffy is my dog, a Pekingese that can get  really mad when not given enough attention.

-Puffy, it's only toothpaste. Now go outside and play with the nice policeman!

-Mate, do you see that dog coming towards us?

-Oh  come on, it's only a Pekingese!

-Yes, but THAT Pekingese is rabid!


"Looks like it worked, great job Puffy!"

At school.

"This day couldn't be any worse, hiding in the bushes stalkinga so called criminal. It was a cloudy day and I was wearning sunglasses and a khaki hoddie. I left in a hurry and i look like a mess. I could have at least showered.

I can see him, 4th bench from the window.

-Hey you, meow. What the hell am I doing?

-These stray cats, someone please close the window. Says the teacher.

-Nao!!! Tell Arata to come autside, I need to speak to him.

-Yamada, is that you? The police  was looking for you!

-I know , hurry up! There's no time! I will tell you all about it later.

-Nao, is someone there?

-Just the cat, Sir!

-Then close the window adn go back to your seat!

-Do you have an eraser? Asks Nao, on Arata.


-Thank you!

"Go behind the school there's someone there who wants too see you!"

After school.

-Where the hell have you been? I've been waiting for more than two hours!  The birds shat on me!

-Yuck! Well a message an eraser it's not very convincing.

You criminal! What were you doing in the Central Park that night?

-Criminal? I think you've got the wrong person.

-No, I'm sure it was you!


-You're the asshole that hit me in the head!

"Rei, you idiot, always putting me in trouble!"

-You must ve Yamada, right? I'm sorry that someone attacked you, or you had an accident but I have no idea what you're talking about. Have a good day!

-Hey, Akito wait, don't go!

-Akito?! My name is Eiji Arata.

"Suddenly he become unsettled. you could see on his face that he  was really worried."

-Before I passed out, I heard the name "Akito" loud and clear. then yesterday in class I heard your voice, the voice of Eiji Arata, which means you are one and the same person. According to last night news you are one of the vandals, and your presence there wasn't random. This name Akito is marked all over town especially in the Shima Central Park.

"HMMMM. This girl might men trouble for us..."

-Okay, let's say you're right. what are you gonna do about it? go to the cops?

-That's entirely up yo you and how you'll answer my question. who are you really, and what is graffity for you?

This time, graffiti was mentioned as street art, not an act of vandalism the way it's usually seen by societu and media.

-This is not the right moment to answer that, but if you keep quiet we'll have to go back to where it all started.

-And where is that?

To be continued...

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Phoenix Rebirth

The Graffers