Chapter 1:

Going Over

The Graffers

T.CBookmark here

-Okay, we're here.Bookmark here

-Shima Central Park?! What are we doing here?Bookmark here

-You asked me what graffiti means to me, Follow me. Bookmark here

-The founder's statue, completely ruined...Why did you do it?Bookmark here

-It's not us, there's a goverment organisation that wants to end our  art through whatever means necesary.Bookmark here

-But why?Bookmark here

-What do you yhink graffiti is?Bookmark here

-As far as I know, it's an art movement born in the 20th century, and it's main characteristic was marking walls and pavements with meaningful messages.Bookmark here

-And what  were those messages?Bookmark here

-Each artists wanted to express: Love, poetry, fun, satire...Bookmark here

-Stop. You see, the world "graffiti"  didn't appear in the 20th century, it exists since ancient times.Bookmark here

*From a historical point  of view, the term "graffiti" initially meant inscriptions, portraits found on ancient tombs  or ruins such as Roman catacombs or in Pompeii, Romans used to engrave graffiti on their own wall and monuments, and examples of their work also exists in Egypt such as the Vesuvius eruption. There still exists graffiti on the walls in Pompeii and this  offer us a direct perspective of the street life: Vulgar Latin, insults, magic, love declarations, political messages.
Unlike modern graffiti, the meaning of the world evolved. And now it represents any kind of inscription on any surface which can of course be seen as vandalism, or ilegal images, writings you can find  on the walls sidewalks.Bookmark here

-I still don't get it. Would this organisation destroy the park?Bookmark here

-You said it, the satire addresses the demagogic political classes. And it wasn't the anti-graffer organisation that did this.Bookmark here

-Then who was it?Bookmark here

-Another graffer gang.Bookmark here

-Who are they?Bookmark here

-A large group of writers who mark their initials along with their names.Bookmark here

-Why would they do that?Bookmark here

-Because the political system is against us, many bands lost their territory, in a band without a domain means nothing in our world. In order to keep there territory, these scumbags will work for organisation thinking this way they will keep doing  what they lov, but they are not aware that these alliances made us hate each other, meaning the end of the graffiti era is nigh.Bookmark here

-Finaly, I found you. Where the hell have you been?Bookmark here

-Kazuma, what happended?Bookmark here

-It's Rei, it's bad, I think he's about to fight.Bookmark here

A fight happens when two graffers pr two bands are disagreeing.
The fight can go two ways: a fight of scale is when  two writers paint the wall in a certain amount of time, usually a day or a couple of hours, and whoever's art is better wins, or a getting up battle when the writers pick a certain area over town and whoever from a band can tag most of that area in a certain time, let's say a week or a month, wins. There is also a jury, and the loser can lose his tagging right.Bookmark here

-A fight, on his own, and with whom?Bookmark here

-The ones who declared war on us in this trader territory, they weren't working for the organisation, they were graffer choppers ( a writer or a band of writers that have only one goal: get rid of the competition). Almost all of work  and tags were erased or crossed out, the only one left is the Phoenix Rebirth.Bookmark here

-Impossibble, that piece is "heavens" made by our founder, not even  the higher kings could replace it.Bookmark here

"Heavens"  are graffitichallanges  they are always take place in busy areas at high altitudes or in heavily surveilled places. It has a double meaning because all those locations are dangerous and can lead to death, this way going to heavens.Bookmark here

-Rei is fighting them now, but I don't think he stands a change.Bookmark here

-Yamada, let's go! I'll explain later.Bookmark here

Central Park entranceBookmark here

Rei is fighting a graffer chopper, it's already dark and these's not too many people left. They're scared of graffers after thelast incident.Bookmark here

-Rei, what's going on? asks Akito.
In that moment Rei was punching one of his rivals, his fists full of blood, broken head a river of blood drenching his face, not even his mother could recognise him.Bookmark here

-Rei, stop!Bookmark here

-Shut up Akito or you're next. If we don't do something we will lose out territory.Bookmark here

-Well, well, well what have we here?! Akito, the prize of the new king generation. The Phoenix Rebirth is a joke, you're a joke.Bookmark here

-Kaito Kanzaki, leader of "Crossing out Tokyo", why are you doing this?Bookmark here

-Why? I'll tell you why. Your lovely senpai ant at the same time  my silly brother. Where is he?Bookmark here

-Hagane Kanzaki, the leader and founder of The Phoenix Rebirth, Taught me everything I know, died last mounth in an atempt to become king.Bookmark here

-If he didn't think of himself as a king and if she  wasn't in his life he would still be alive. It was too much for him, there is no writer that can accomplish a "third rail"
(The third rail that powers trains, if you tuch it you'll be dead).Bookmark here

-I cand do it  and I'll prove that Hagane senpai was right.Bookmark here

-You make me laugh, the Phoenix is dead and will never be reborn, your team is dead. How many of  you are left, 3-4? HA ha ha! Since Hagane died. I've declared "going over" to all the graffers in Tokyo.Bookmark here

"Going over" refers to a writer  or gang who covers someone else's work, this way killing the competitin, except if it's high quality. Otherwise, it was just toying (inside joke).Bookmark here

-The kings won't let you do it!Bookmark here

-The kings? Who are these kings, Arata? Asks Yamada.Bookmark here

-Hmmm, who dares interrupt me?Bookmark here

-Yamada, shut up! This guy is dangerous!Bookmark here

The next secound Kaito grabs Yamada's hand and pushes her against the wall.Bookmark here

-Don't touch me you delinquent!
She slaps him.Bookmark here

-Leave her, Kaito! She's not one of them.Bookmark here

-Maybe she's your girlfriend then "Arata". You're so desperate you'd accept anyone into your team, or use her for other purposes.
Kaito is interrupted by Rei with a kick in the face a that made him roll on the dusty ground.Bookmark here

-You bastard! How dare you?!Bookmark here

-You trespassed on our territory, did you think we're just gonna sit and watch? You never understood senpai, and now you're staining his memory by ruining his art work.
You are just a toy.Bookmark here

-I'm sick of you, I'm gonna erase you  from the face of the earth! Let the fight begin!Bookmark here

-With pleasure!Bookmark here

-Rei, we can't do this! We will lose our right to tag! says Kazuma.Bookmark here

-We? Who said that I think about  the gang fight?Bookmark here

-"Who wants to jump, jump! if it's death, death!Bookmark here

-But Rei, you can't do this!Bookmark here

-I can,and I will!Bookmark here

-Kanzaki, I want a one  on one fight! The loser has to give up his tag right forever!Bookmark here

-You gotta be joking! You, a newbie against me? Ha ha ha.Bookmark here

-Are you scared?Bookmark here

-Scared? You will never beat me!Bookmark here

-Hey you, I will fight you! Says the guy that Rei was beating earlier.Bookmark here

-This could be intersting. Alright Shun, all yours.Bookmark here

-By the way, Shun is the weakest membar of the team, if you beat him  I'm gonna let you be for awhile, ha ha ha.Bookmark here

-I will bwat him  and then I'm coming afer you Kanzaki!Bookmark here

-Let's begin!Bookmark here

-Rei,this  cannot hapen !Says Akito.Bookmark here

-Akito, mind  your own business.Bookmark here

-But we don't even have a judge!Bookmark here

-Hmmm, I didn't consider that...Bookmark here

-No worries, we will be your judgeBookmark here

-Who's there?Bookmark here

-Surprise!! The police has surrounded  the area!Bookmark here

-Do you really think you'll catch us?
This is our home, no hostile graffer or cop is welcome here! Says Akito.Bookmark here

-Your home?! This is public domain you trash, your homey's inside a prison cell.Bookmark here

-We'll see about that! Rei take the East side, Kazuma you go West and I'll go North. we'll meet in the central spot. Yamada, you're with me!Bookmark here

-Kanzaki this isn't over! says ReiBookmark here

-You can be sure of it! Let's go boys all these cops are gibing me a headache.Bookmark here

-Do you really think  you're gonna get away so easily? says the chief of police, Hiroshi  Daisuke. Get them!!Bookmark here

The next secound all the graffers disappear in the bushes, between the builldings, trees, all of them except...Bookmark here

-Chief, I got one!Bookmark here

-Bring him here!Bookmark here

-Well, well, well. if it isn't miss Aimi Yamada, the one that mec olleagues were looking for this morning. And here I was thinking you're a victim! How's the fever?
What are you doing with these punks? Your mother was worried!Bookmark here

-I... I I didn't do anything!Bookmark here

-By the way, next time you brush your dog teeth don't forget  to floss!Bookmark here

-But it's not  what it  seems!Bookmark here

-No? Enlighten me!Bookmark here

You see, I just....Bookmark here

-I advise you choose your words carefully, Let's go!Bookmark here

-Where?Bookmark here

-To police station of course, where you belong!Bookmark here

-You can do this, I'm underage!Bookmark here

-Don't worry, your mother is waiting for you! She will be really happy, to see you.Bookmark here

"This time I'm in trouble. But why did Akito tell me I can even reveal his real neame they still won't find him. I don't get it. Arataaaa!!!Bookmark here

Central point, Phoenix baseBookmark here

I can't belive  Kaito ruined that place, says Rei while looking around the decrepit room as if looking for something. How could he do that? We were a team!Bookmark here

-Kazuma, is everyone here?Bookmark here

-Akito and that chick aren't here.Bookmark here

-What the hell is he doing? I hope  he didn't get caught.Bookmark here

-Relax Rei, he'll be fain. I'm worried  about that friend of his.Bookmark here

By the way, is she his girlfriend or something?Bookmark here

-No way, she's just a chick who's head you banged and left unconscious.Bookmark here

-Where is she?Bookmark here

-I think they got her.Bookmark here

-Oh well, she knew too much if she'd seen you that night.Bookmark here

-You idiot! How could you tell her your reall name?Bookmark here

-Do you think I'm stupid? I wanted to test her! She thinkks my real name is Eiji Arata and I'm a transfer stundents at her school.
After we split that night I went after her because no one saw she was lying in a puddle of blood. I bandaged her and left her in a shelter house. Next day I followed her again and instead of going to the police she went home.Bookmark here

-Maybe she was confused.Bookmark here

-I doubt it! A few  days later I went to her class possing as a student.
When I opened my mouth she realised that Akito and Eiji are one and the same person.Bookmark here

-So she doesn't really Know anything.Bookmark here

I think we can trust her. Even when she knew who I am she didn't go to the cops, instead she ennt looking for me. That's why I was with her. We gotta help her.Bookmark here

-But how? says Kazuma.Bookmark here

-I don't care, she's not one of us and I have no intention of helping!Bookmark here

-Rei you moron, after the stunt you just pulled you owe me! You're selfish!Bookmark here

-Me? Selfish? I'm doing everything I can to protect the Phoenix! Look around, everything is destroyed it's just  the three of us left but you care more about your little girlfriend.
Maybe Kanzaki was right and without Hagane we are just a joke. I'm out of here!Bookmark here

-Rei, you can't go! says Kazuna Worrie.Bookmark here

-Relax Kazuma, I'm just gonna get ready for the duel. Some of us  have important things to do, not butterflies in our stomach.Bookmark here

-Kazuma, am I wrong about this girl?Bookmark here

-Only you can know that Akito, but if you're  saying theat we can trust her then I'm with you.Bookmark here

-I owe her that, it's my faul that she got caught in this mess,Bookmark here

-What do you wanna do then?Bookmark here

-What we know the best!Bookmark here

Tokyo Police Station, 6:00 AMBookmark here

Aimi gets out of the police car  escorted by Daisuke and two other policeman.Bookmark here

-Ms. Yamada, we found her well and unharmed, but she will have to tell us what was she doing in that place.Bookmark here

-Aimi, are you okay? Where have you been? When the police called me to get Pufi and that someone attacked you I was terrified! Why did you lie to me?Bookmark here

-Because I was scared, mom! I was afraid that if Itell someone my life will be in danger so I lied...Bookmark here

-Of my dear, you should have told me! We would have found a solution. What about Pufi and the toothpaste? What was that all about?Bookmark here

-Oh just a bad joke...Bookmark here

-A bad joke?? Listen here Missy, cut the acting and tell me what were you doing with those punks? Daisuke intevenes.
Bookmark here

-I wasn't feeling well so I went for a walk  in the park to get some fresh air. Then this guy, Eiji Arata, the same guy who attacked me that nightshowed up  and threatened me that if I say anything he'll kill me.Bookmark here

-How do you know his name?Bookmark here

-Before hitting me I heard his voice and someone calling his name.Bookmark here

-Well, I think you're lying and there's no punk with this tag and that you made all of this up. Trust me, I know all the ganngs in my sector.Bookmark here

He didn't even finish the sentence when a loud bang come from outside and the whole police station went dark.Bookmark here

-I think it's  a solar eclipse! says one of the policeman.Bookmark here

-Solar eclipse my ***! Have you ever seen a lack ink eclipse? Yells Daisuke. It's those punks! Hurry up  before they get awayBookmark here

Outside, all the station windows were covered with ink bombs, special ink designed to cover a certain area or someone's tag, in this case "Eiji Arata"Bookmark here

No one was outside, they  were already gone.Bookmark here

-It's him, cries Yamada hugging her mom.Bookmark here

-Stay calm miss, we belive you. We eill sign up for the witness protection programme.
You have my word as chief of police!Bookmark here

"Hmmm, I'm  a pretty good actress, but still that doesn't change the fact that he lied about his name..."Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

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