Chapter 11:

Let the hunt began

The broken bond

Arna was sitting at her father's study reading books and journals searching up more information about the gloom. Although there aren't any records about someone bonding with gloom, there were indications that a spirit may turn into gloom when the bonder loses his way and use the powers of the spirit for his own greed. Bookmark here

She was horrified when she got to learn that the only cure for some who have been bonded with gloom is to be stabbed in the heart by the person who they truly loved. A cruel end indeed she thought to herself. She heard a knocking sound on the door and went to open it. It was her older sister Diane. Bookmark here

"Hey, Let's go hunting," she said hoping Arna would come along with her. Arna refused her Diane telling her it would be a waste of time. "Oh come on, I wanna spend time with you guys before I head back to town,". With much pleading, Arna gave in to her sister. All of the siblings gathered in the front home along with Tadashi. Although Luna thought Tadashi should rest more he insisted he was fine. "It's okay Luna, Miguel would be with him. Besides, the young prince needs his exercise . You and Miguel are pampering him too much," Diane lectured Luna which annoyed Luna but made Miguel flushed. Bookmark here

The hunt began after everyone agreed to it . "It was going to be a long day ,"Arna thought to herself . Bookmark here

At the same time, the courtroom was in havoc. Everyone panicked including the king as the young prince was missing for 3 weeks. Prince Rehan was standing beside the King and watched the minister begin to accuse each other. The accusation at the end came to Rehan. Bookmark here

"Your majesty, Prince Rehan may have something to do with Prince Tadashi's disappearance. As your majesty knows that Prince Rehan is the only Royal that Guardian Spirit Ophir has not given her blessing, making him unfit for the ...." the Minister's sentence stopped mid-sentence as his throat slit open. Bookmark here

King Leopold sword dripped blood  and glared at the audience. "No one accuses the royal family, Prince Rehan is my successor and Prince Tadashi will be his aide. No one will ever change that. "Bookmark here

"Stop pointing fingers at my nephew, The rising Sun of the kingdom, You are nobles. I appointed each and everyone for your knowledge not for your title. Don't ever think that because you're a court member you can slander and talk whatever you presume. This will be the first and last accusation of a Royal family. Now send the royal guards to the Lexdon Forest,"Bookmark here

The nobles were shocked. No one can enter the forest. The only people that could enter are the people who are given permission to enter. "But your majesty," "Shut it, my youngest nephew is in trouble, break that barrier. Burn it . I don't care. Bring back Tadashi no matter what," with that, the court was adjourned. Bookmark here

Prince Rehan and the royal guard began to ride towards the forest under the Kings Command . Bookmark here

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