Chapter 23:

Dragon fire amulet!

Who will the Villainess choose?

Damien was trying his best to be gentle, but it was not part of his nature so he was having difficulty as he tried to rub my red arms slowly when we heard the voice from behind.Bookmark here

“I see. So this is the way you both are trying to find the lost sibling??!!” we heard a loud and clear voice that startled me.Bookmark here

I turned to see Andrew standing behind us. His face was red with anger. Only then did I notice that our position was looking rather intimate from far away. His face was red with anger as he walked closer. Holding my hand, and throwing Damien’s hand away, he held me roughly in his arms.Bookmark here

“Have you completely forgotten about our engagement when you were the one who was talking about strengthening the relationship just a few days ago?” his eyes were boring holes into my skin. I understand that he was angry but this was too much.Bookmark here

“Let me explain first.” I opened my mouth, but before I could say further he started dragging me towards the other side. Bookmark here

The amulet in my hands fell on the ground and rolled to the other side.Bookmark here

“Wait, your highness. My amulet has fallen.`` I said as I tried to bend but he did not let me.Bookmark here

“Let it go, it is just a cheap jewel, it would not suit your status anyway. We need to go from here.” there was annoyance in his voice. But I have never liked when others boss me around and he was doing this often these days.Bookmark here

I jerked my hand away with all my might, surprising him in the process. Bookmark here

“Your highness, I do not value everything by its price or its market value. I value things from my liking and how precious they are to me. And right now, I like that amulet. I did not understand why you were so angry? It is not like you do not hold hands with the girls publicly. So? What have I done to make you so embarrassed? ``I asked in a sharp tone, calling him dumbfounded.Bookmark here

And when he was too stunned to react, I moved back and bent to pick up the amulet. It was cracked at its centre and I sighed. Why did it feel like it was an important part of the story! When I was in the game, I died before the story reached even half of the part. So, I still did not know many things like who was the villain of the story as Damien was also offered as my love interest. I did not think that he is the exact villain of the story.Bookmark here

I walked back towards the small store of the lady who sold me this amulet. She was looking much more normal than before as she was talking to other customers.Bookmark here

“Welcome, my lady, how may I help you?” she asked me with a professional smile as if she was looking at me for the first time.Bookmark here

“Umm, the amulet fell and broke, i want to have another piece or can it be repaired?” I asked with an embarrassed smile as she feigned ignorance towards me.Bookmark here

She frowned as she looked carefully at the amulet in my hands and then shook her head.Bookmark here

“My lady, there might be some confusion. This amulet is not from our store and amulets can not be repaired as they lose their magic when they get cracked. It is a rare fire stone. It is part of the legend of dragons. So, i am afraid it is impossible to find another piece of it.'' I frowned listening to her replies.Bookmark here

“What do you mean? I have taken this amulet from this shop only just a few minutes ago.`` I replied, even if I got confused about the store, there was no way I would get confused about the person too, who had tried to attack me and said something scary.Bookmark here

She frowned and then shook her head. Bookmark here

“My lady, our shop has a seal mark on every item we sell.” she replied as she picked a few amulets and other jewels and turned them only to show a mark which was on each and every piece. Then she took the amulet from my hand and turned but there was no mark or seal!Bookmark here

“See, I have told you. This is not from our store. You must be misunderstanding my lady.” there was no way she was lying as her eyes were clear and she had no reason to do so either.Bookmark here

But then I was sure that she was the one who had sold me the amulet. I sighed as I looked at the broken piece in my hand and walked out of the store.Bookmark here

Both Damien and Andrew were standing there glaring at each other as if they would attack each other in a second. Bookmark here

I gritted my teeth and clenched my hands. I was facing a strange dream and then that painting and now this amulet and yet they both were busy in their childish acts. Bookmark here

“What are you both doing now?” I asked in an annoyed tone.Bookmark here

“Ask your fiance, he is the one who is trying to pick up a fight.” said Damien as he cracked his knuckles.Bookmark here

“You are the one who is trying to come in between our personal matters. Since when the duke of the biggest estate of the empire has been free to roam in streets?” asked Andrew tilting his head, an action he mostly did when he was about to start sparring or close combat.Bookmark here

“Alright, I think both of you listen to each other silently. Your highness, you have an image to follow. You can not spar on the road. And my lord, do not forget that you need help from his highness for uncovering the truth.`` I stood in between both of them as their mana started to affect the commoners.Bookmark here

There was so much pressure in the air that I was surprised that I was still able to stand in front of them.Bookmark here

“If you both would not stop right here then I will not help you anymore lord Damien, even if you threaten me about mine. And your highness, i will personally go tell his majesty about today's incident then.'' I threatened both of them once again as they gave one final look to each other and then glared at me. But I just shrugged my shoulders.Bookmark here

They were looking for no more than two class bullies who were trying to see who will have the power in the class. While I was the teacher who could keep them in check.Bookmark here

They both finally stopped releasing their mana and stood straight.Bookmark here

“My lord, don't you have to say something to your highness?” I asked the man who was standing there silently as if he was waiting for an apology.Bookmark here

Andrew frowned as he looked at me. But I just shook my head. It is a matter of both of them, if i would ask on behalf of Damien, it will only escalate the matter.Bookmark here

“As an apology, you will have to help me in finding the best businessmen of the town. Did you get that??”Bookmark here

“...............”Bookmark here

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