Chapter 11:

Chapter 11 [Downhill]


A bright light penetrates my eyelid causing me to wake from a deep sleep, I grunt as I can feel the ache of my bodies return to me. I sit up on the bed and immediately look at the alarm clock, it 12.00 clock.

I look around searching for Lina but only saw a note on top of the table, I stand up and walk toward, I read the note.

Went to school, see you later tonight

I look at the messy room filled with an unpacked bag of chips and an empty bottle of soda, we spent last night playing the old game. I smile as I remember the time I spent with Lina.

I went to the bathroom following the routine of cleaning myself, as I look at the mirror I see my burnt messy hair, feeling annoyed at the way I look, I grab a scissor in the cabinet and begin cutting my hair.

It took me a couple minute, I look at my short hair that I just cut, thinking it good enough, I shrug my shoulder. I wear the same cloth I had last night head toward the stair.

On top of the stair, I can hear aunt mary talking but I cant hear anyone else in the room, she probably talking to someone on the phone. I went downstairs quietly as I can to not disturb aunt mary.

"Okay... I will tell him....thank you" Aunt mary say, I can hear Aunt Mary voice as I passed the living room then I stooped and stand in the open doorway leading to the kitchen.

Aunt Mary, just finish her conversation and putting down the phone that was in her hand as she saw me in the open doorway.

"Hello sleepy head, you wake up late today," Aunt Mary said, her face shows a calm smile but I can see a tinge sadness and worry behind it.

"What going on, Aunt Mary?" I ask.

Aunt mary sigh and lean forward to the counter, "Please take a seat, Haru" Aunt Mary said.

I take a seat on one of the stool near the counter.

"The police just call earlier and they told me that they found a body in the house, and they have identified him as your uncle." Aunt Mary said, her face convey sadness and worried.

"Did... They found out who did it"I ask but I know who did it, his face burns at the back of my mind, even now I can see his face taunting me.

"No, the police say it was an accident, the cause of the fire was a malfunction gas pipe." Aunt Mary said.

"No, that not true I know who did it!!" I said in a slightly higher tone.

"Haru listen to me, I know it wasn't some kind of accident but the one who did is have real power, not just power but the resource to bribe an entire police force to drop this case." Aunt Mary said.

"I know deep down you wanted revenge, but please if you can find something that keeping you here, grab on to it tight because I don't want to see you getting hurt Haru," Aunt Mary said.

"I did find it,"I said, smiling as I remember Lina face.

Aunt Mary, smile as if she knew what my thought was "I'm sorry I had to leave you alone Haru, but I need to go to work, someone has to pay the bill around here" Aunt Mary said as she jests about the last part.

"There food is in the fridge just reheat it," Aunt Mary said, the walking toward me, as she got closer, she hug me and kiss my forehead, "you are strong Haru" she whispers.

I wanted to say that I'm not that strong, I'm scared that I might lose control but if I tell her that it might worry her more than she should be, so I hold my tongue. I just need to keep thinking about Lina, the thought of her help me keep control.

Aunt mary grab her purse and went through the door, I saw a glimpse of light outside as she opens the front door and left outside to her job. She close the door behind her and the house silence, I can hear the wood creaking as the house still setting in, water dripping from the faucet and the clock ticking ln the wall.

My stomach growl disturbing the quiet. I open the fridge and see egg and bacon on top of a plate covered with a plastic wrapper. Grabbing the plate, taking out from the fridge, I removed the plastic wrapper.

I walk to the microwave with the food on my hand, placing inside the microwave I set it for 5 minutes. The microwave rumble as it begins to turn the plate and heating up the food.

I breathe in and out as I listen, just listen, the quiet and peace. I felt like time has stopped itself as I stand in front of the microwave with my eyes closed.

I can feel him, standing behind me and glaring dagger at me.

"What you want?"

"You know what I want"

"I won't do it, I promise her"

This conversation happening inside of my head. Suddenly, the microwave beep disturbing the talk I had with him. When I look back, I see there. I breathe in and out. Afterward, I eat my food, feeling uncomfortable being alone I head outside, wanting to clear my head.

I have been walking for 30 minutes, taking a various shortcut and hidden route to stay out of sight after a while, I finally arrive at the town.

I keep on walking using the alleyway as to hide from people, it because I still know that killer will probably leave someone to keep watch just in case the target is not dead yet.

I stop and hide in the shadow in the alley across the bar where I last saw them, my theory was correct since there is one of motorcycle that the killer used still parked in front of the bar.

I clench my fist and grit my teeth as I remember that night, "Do It!"

"No!!" I said aloud, then I focusing my mind toward Lina, the thought help me stay in control, I breathe in and out. After calming down, I walk away, so I can stay as far as I can from the bar.

With nowhere to go, I head to the direction of the school. After another 30 minutes of walking I arrived at the step of the school, looking at the clock hanging in archway I concluded that it about time for the student to change class.

I enter the school walking down the empty hallway, until I arrive the class where Lina should be, slowly approaching the door I look in the small window on the door.

I can see Lina, with a pen on top of her lip, looking bored. My heartfelt like melting cheese as I saw Lina, she the only one that can make me feel calm and happy.

Ring Ring, the bell rang signaling it about time to change class.

I back away from the door and lean on the wall next to it waiting for Lina. A large number of student start exiting all of the classrooms including Lina. 

A lot of students passed by me, only some of them noticed I can tell it because everytime someone noticed me his or her eyes widen like seeing a ghost.

Lina exit the class, suddenly I grab her arm trying to surprise her, that was a bad choice because Lina response by swinging her arm toward me hitting me in the chest, with her strength she almost broke my ribcage.

When Lina finally noticed me, an instant regret can be seen in her eyes "Haru!?" Lina said.

"I'm sorry, I didn't know" she apologizes.

"It okay, it's fine, I should have known better," I said, let out a small laugh.

"You scared me, you are right, you should have known better," Lina said, pouting.

I was about to say something when Stephanie call out to Lina, Lina's head turn toward Stephanie, " one-minute Haru, Stephanie needs me for something"Lina said and walk toward Stephanie.

I look at Stephanie there a huge grin on her face as she looks at me, ignoring it I walk toward the trophy cabinet. Looking at the trophy cabinet I can see past student achievement.

Suddenly, my head start to ache just like last night, and my ears ringing like a bee was inside it. I place one hand on my face trying to ease the pain

I clench my teeth when a massive liquid-like substance was splashed on to me when my headache finally is gone I look at the trophy cabinet seeing my reflection. I am covered head to toe with a red liquid.

Moving my finger to nose, smelling it, recognized the smell, animal blood.

"MURDERER!!!" someone yells at me.

Turning my head to the source, I see him, Brandon grinning at me with an empty bucket in his hand. My whole body shaking and turning my open hand into the fist.

Looking at my reflection on the puddle of animal blood, I see him, the other me with a smile on his face and bloodshot eyes.

I lost control.

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