Chapter 12:

Chapter 12 [Break]


Moving my left feet forward, I take a step toward Brandon, about a couple step, I was stopped in the track by one of Brandon goon, a big tall muscle bodied teen that looks like he has been held back a few grade stand between me and Brandon, a smirk plaster on the goon face.Bookmark here

I glare as I look at him, "you ain't getting past.. " the goon doesn't even manage to finish his sentence when my hand jabs his throat causing him to choke.Bookmark here

When the goon bows his upper body in response, I quickly uppercut him with a punch on his jaw. Brandon and his other goons back away when the goon I hit fall backward on the floor unconscious.Bookmark here

Everyone eyes widen as their witness what just happened, "what are you doing, get him" Brandon yell to his goons.Bookmark here

One of them charge at me with his fist ready, the moment he gets close to me, he releases the punch he was holding, I move my body slightly missing his punch aiming at me.Bookmark here

I grab his upper arm and another hand grabbing his elbow, I bring his entire.body close to my back, then using the momentum I flip his body upward then he falls down on to the ground with his head facing the ceiling when he is on the ground, I punch his face making sure he unconscious.Bookmark here

I hear someone charging behind me, I notice it one of the goon, I dodge to the left missing the metal pipe that he was swinging at me, as I saw it and start to wonder where he got the pipe, I shake my thought away.Bookmark here

I back away from the goon swinging the metal pipe around, calculating the speed of the swing, a perfect moment presented to me when the goon grew tired of swinging. I quickly close the distance between me and the goon I catch his arm stopping the metal pipe.Bookmark here

His eyes widen and filled with fear when I pull back my fist and punch his face, his body recoil backward but I grab his arm making sure he doesn't get away, I punched again, again, again and again until I completely broke his nose, blood gushing out from his nose then he scream in pain while crying and calling out to his parent.Bookmark here

I let go of his arm and he falls to his knee then slowly lay on the floor while placing both of his hand on his broken nose.Bookmark here

I look at one of a hanging picture with glass cover and wooden frame on the wall, I focus on the reflection that shows Brandon and one goon left beside him, scared and panicking.Bookmark here

"It's your turn, go get him!!" He commands his goon, I can see the reflection of the picture on the wall that his goon shaking his head, disobeying his order. Brandon shoves him this time toward me but he stops in his track.Bookmark here

He looks to the right and took off, I felt unsatisfied then I grab the metal pipe that was dropped to the floor and throw it toward the running goon. It hit his head knocking him unconscious causing him to fall flat on to the floor but the momentum from running causing his body to drag on the floor for a few feet.Bookmark here

I turn my head toward Brandon, I can see the fear in his eyes and his leg shaking out of fear. I slowly walk toward him, as I get near him, he panics and swings a fist at me.Bookmark here

Grabbing his fist, I bring him forward then using my feet, I kick his balance out causing him to fall face first to the floor, while he on the floor, I pull his hand backward and knee on his back putting some weight on his back making sure he cannot move his bodies.Bookmark here

"Let me go!!" Brandon yell, "Or I'm gonna tell my father what you did to me", Brandon threatens me. I pull his hand backward, causing pain in his shoulder.Bookmark here

"Please, I didn't mean it" Brandon wince and said, his eyes start to water.Bookmark here

Then I realized something, something that scared me, at that moment I felt joy and pure bliss and when my eyes wander to the reflection of the glass pane on the trophy cabinet.Bookmark here

I can see him this time, not as a hallucination but as me, I have been smiling all this time, my eyes are bloodshot and that fucking evil incarnate smile is on my face.Bookmark here

Anger mix with joy swirl inside me, the one who causes me to do this is being held in a lock by me. I look at his crying face, snot drooling from his nose. I feel the muscle in his arm, the bone strain under pressure, I could easily break his arm and just like that,Bookmark here

Crack.Bookmark here

The hallway turn silence as Brandon scream in agony filled the entire hallway when I finally let go of his arm. I can see that his arm is broken, anyone can see it bend unnaturally, even someone who doesn't study medical can tell that his arm is broken.Bookmark here

It was a small giggle at first but then it turns into a laugh, I was laughing at his pain and I still laughing while putting my foot on the back of Brandon's head. Bookmark here

"Let him go!!" Someone yell, I turn my head and find Stephanie, her hand shaking.Bookmark here

"I said it Let him go," Stephanie said then charge at me.Bookmark here

The moment Stephanie get near me, I deflect her blow and grab her throat with one hand, then I move her to the trophy cabinet and force her back on it.Bookmark here

She tries to wedge her finger between my hand and her throat, wanting to get out but her effort is useless, "You Monster!!" Stephanie yells at me, an instant regret can be seen on her face as I tighten my grip on her throat causing her to lose her breathe "why should I let him go?" I ask while smiling.Bookmark here

"Because it was all fault, I'm the one who orders Brandon to do it, I just want you to pay for rejecting me," Stephanie said desperately, wanting to get out and her breath become scarce as I tighten more then her eyes begin to tear up, she was about to cry and I can feel pleasure as I was she was about to cry. It was all her plan all along just because of some stupid grudge, I can't stand people like her, a fake. These people deserve to die!!
Bookmark here

No, This is not me.Bookmark here

"GET OUT, GET OUT!!!!!"Bookmark here

"IM IN CONTROL NOT YOU!!!", I scream internally suddenly that same headache came causing massive pain in my head accompanies by ringing in my ear. This causes me to let go of Stephanie and place both hands on the side of my head, my head feels like it being split in half as I try to hold my head together. I then suddenly punch the glass door of the trophy cabinet, the glass door shattered and I can feel the shard inside my hand as I pull back my fist only after I punch the trophy cabinet the massive headache and ringing stop.Bookmark here

My breath is scarce as I stand there looking at my wound hand, I turn my head toward Lina, she was shocked by what just happened, I raise one of my hand trying to reach her, seeking comfort in her but she back away, her eyes filled with fear and confusion, at that moment she doesn't me as Haru she saw me as...Bookmark here

a Monster.Bookmark here

I lost her..... you are right this is all their fault, they're the one that made me like this. "HEY WHATS GOING ON HERE?!!" I can hear one of the school staff running toward where I am and shouting. I quickly dash forward passing Lina, I can feel her eyes on me as I pass her, the student all move away as I get close to them because they are scared of, I don't care at least they not getting on my way. Finally, I exit the school and head toward where my house used to be.Bookmark here

After, 20 minutes of running, I finally reached my burned house. The sky has become dark and thunder can be heard in it, I look upon what remain of my house. The fire got everything even the altar where parent picture located. I walk toward the burned altar, then I look at where uncle Touka bodies where laying.Bookmark here

I hold my tears and walk toward to the backyard As I arrive I notice that the backyard and the tree were not affected by the fire, I then walk to the base of the tree. I remember Uncle Touka word that he was once said to me that if I were seeking a path which would only cause destruction, I should dig up a box under the tree.Bookmark here

Using my hand I start digging, as I was digging droplets of water star falling on to me, the rain has finally begun, I can hear a crow squawking and flying away. After a while I finally reached the box, I bring it to the ground, I examine the box, it a metal box that usually uses as a lunch box for kids.Bookmark here

I open it and saw what inside it was, a single kunai, a red cloth shaped like a rectangle, a small box contain sleeping pill and some cash enough for a few weeks. I grab the red cloth, holding it in my hand, I remember the story of my family that my uncle once told me, when our family was going to war, they would wear red color showing that we are seeking blood.Bookmark here

"I don't know who are you inside me or what are you but I don't care if you inside me, I just wanted to know if you interested in a deal?" I said to it, the one inside me.Bookmark here

I can hear his laugh inside my mind, "I'm listening"Bookmark here

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