Chapter 9:

Unexpected News

The Lazy & Carefree Princess

I rushed along the hallway. Panting as soon as I arrived at the front door of the dinning hall. 
The moment I open this door, the moment I'll get an earful of lectures...
But the longer I stand, the more she'll continue to be angry....
So I might as well go in!

I took a deep breath and put my hand on the handle. 
Slowly opening the door, I went into the brightly lit room that awaits me.

"Mother! Father! I deeply apologise for being late!" I said, bowing apologetically. 

My mother gave me a reply that was completely unexpected. 
She sighed and said "Whatever, Usually I would give you lots of discipline but for now we have more important matters to handle."
"...Yes..." I replied, slightly confused.
"Quickly go to your seat, I'll annouce it now."
"...Yes, Of course..."

I quickly went to my chair and took my seat, taking my napkin and placing it on my lap. 
We started to eat our dinner for a few minutes until my father broke the silence.
"Alright, now that we're all set, shall we start the explanation?"
"Yes, of course."
"Do you remember the Roulette Family?"
"You mean, our relatives, my aunt and uncle? Why yes of course."
"And do you remember how they were unable to give birth to a child?"
I forgot about that "Yes... I suppose so."
"They both have decided to adopt a child as a solution."
"Oh, I see, Good for them."
"Yes, and he will be coming here tomorrow for a visit so do be a dear and guide him when he comes." My mother continued. 
"Oh, yes, I see- wait, what?" I said slightly confused. 
"Um, with all due respect, why me?"  
"Because you are the princess and you are part of his family now. Why not?"
"But still-"
"No excuses, I'm not taking no for an answer."

Just great. Just when I'm trying to not get involved with the people in this world. Just when I'm trying to come up with plans for my future, I have another problem coming my way...  
You really will not let me relax now will you god?

"Um, If I may ask, what is his name?" 
"Edward. Edward Rowlett."
Wait, Edward Roulette? Edward Roulette!? Isn't that... ONE OF THE MAIN CHARACTERS IN THE STORY?! If I remember correctly, he's always been treated badly by the people in the castle. People have been mocking him because he was adopted. His parents, my aunt and uncle, liked him at first and spoiled him causing him to become a brat and an unwanted child wow, why does this seem familiar, it's like he's me but not me... and so because of that, he suddenly became neglected and started being a douche and closed his heart off. 

Until he met the heroine that is.

Basically, another typical boy included in the reverse harem of the main protagonist.
I really shouldn't get close to him, but... if I get on his good side, will it help me?
I mean, he is family anyway... either way, I just have to make sure I don't treat him badly then I should be fine right? While still avoiding him so only talking if I have too...

I continued thinking until I stopped in my tracks to come up with a great idea. Wait a minute, I just realised, if he becomes part of the family. Then wouldn't it be possible for me to hand over the throne to him?? If it's like that then I won't have to rule over a country! 
Assuming he wants to have power I'll just have to make sure he's interested then he can make his way to getting crowned!

If things work out that easily, and if I somehow manage to cancel my engagement with Prince Jerald once our countries are more stable after or during the war, and also allow Edward to take the throne. Then shouldn't I relatively be free? 

I mean, I will still have my status but all the main important duties should be given to the king right? 

Yes! That's good! That's perfect! Now all I need to do is confirm this.

"Mother" I turned around to face my mom.
"What is it?"
"Would it be possible for a close relative of our family to take power? For example, the Roulette family taking over?"
"Why do you ask?"
"Nothing, I'm just curious."
"I guess it is possible... depending on whether our side would be wiling to hand over the throne and if that person is deemed to be fit."
"I see... very well then, thank you."

Now it's all set, I have my basic process set in mind. If I manage to end the engagement before or slightly after high school then things should work out well. And Edward's coronation can happen some time after that. 

The only problem would be if Edward does not want power and if Prince Jerald refuses to cancel the engagement. But I am pretty sure they will agree. I mean, who wouldn't want to cancel their engagement with a spoiled princess? And who wouldn't want power? It's one of the main things that drive people in the world after all. 
That never changes, whether in this world, or my past one.

Power and status is everything.

"Mother, please tell the Roulette family and Edward that I can't wait to greet them." I said to her with a smile.

After all, I really am excited to start living the life I always wanted. 
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