Chapter 8:

Future Life Preparations

The Lazy & Carefree Princess

To think that I would get reincarnated into another world... and a main antagonist at that... 
Jesus, god's really making my life a hassle isn't he...
I couldn't help but put out another slight sigh to show my discomfort. 
Perhaps it would've been better if I never found out... or even got my memories back...
No wait, if I never got my memories back then I never would've known about my situation. I'd probably even end up living the terrible life in store for me before I die... I'd even continue being as b*tchy as always, so perhaps it's better I knew...?

I spent the rest of time contemplating and outweighing the pros and cons of my situation. 
Since I found out, I'll probably be able to stop the outcome and not end up dying horrendously in my last few moments. But, I'd have to do a painful amount of precautions to make sure I don't end up that way... but then, even if I survive then I'd still have princess duties to do... 
If I didn't find out, I'd probably be able to live leisurely until the point where my life comes crumbling down... 
AAAAARGH, I shouted in my head, feeling frustration. 
Either way both routes will end up being such a pain... 
Really though, why can't I just lie down in bed and sleep for the rest of my life??
...I don't want to do either one... and just when I thought I can live peacefully up until this moment... I guess not anymore...

Living free of expectations and responsibilities... sounds like a dream... my one wish... but I can't even do that... "Heh" I gave out a slight laugh when thinking of my situation.
I'm so tired... society... and reality... I just want to crawl up in hole and escape... 
That's was why I found anime... 
I smiled unconsciously, thinking about one of the things that helped me to hold on.
Then, I thought of Kohaku, my one and only best friend. The only person I could confide my worries in. Speaking of which... I wonder how she's doing now? Is she in university? Did she make new friends? Perhaps she's even married?! ...Did she... forget about me...? No... I shouldn't think that way, It's better that she continues on with her life. 
Well, if she's living her life, I guess I should live mine too. 
Besides, I haven't even reached my twenties in my past life yet. So I might as well live as long as possible. 

So, I decided. And that's what I'm going to do. As soon as I gained more strength to move, I began to start planning things down in my head. 

Let's see.... First, the reason why I became despised by everyone in the first place was because I got involved with everyone and acted like a spoiled brat. Which means that if I just avoid everyone and have no contact with them then I should be fine! 
This works great for me as well since I don't necessarily like social contact, I am very much so introverted. 

But just in case the world decides to go against me and somehow manages to make me end up getting exiled or killed in some way, I might as well enhance my magical abilities. It be cool to use magic anyway

If only I knew exactly how my life ended then it would be so much more easier to prepare... 
But if I recall correctly from the spoilers that Kohaku gave me then it should be around the end of volume 4... so... I can assume around graduation time? 
Ugh... why didn't I read it. I never knew that it could become useful in a time like this... 
So basically, just survive up till graduation then I should be fine? I hope? Maybe?

In terms of academics, I pretty much graduated high school at the top of the class so it shouldn't be much of a problem... Except, I'm afraid that if I actually get good grades they might push me into some sort of responsibility such as being the student representative or something like in my previous life. Then maybe I should aim for average instead...

Regarding physical abilities... yep, I've given up on that, not willing to move.

So what's left is my princess duties and possibly future duties as queen, because even if I manage to get past graduation I'm still a princess.

Ok so, I'll have princess duties and that's a given but if I try to occupy myself with many comforting activities as possible or just hide from my family in general then I can reduce them to minimum. Aside from this, since I'm an only child... if some relative shows interest or takes over the throne then shouldn't I relatively be free? Not only this, that person can enjoy having power and I can enjoy being lazy! It's win-win situation! Wow, how smart I must be. 

But, the big problem is me being married to Jerald... I'm pretty much aware that I was "technically" head over heels in love with him for some odd reason... Wait, why was I in love with him again?... I forgot... Is it because he's handsome or because he's a prince?
Wow... either way, that's really shallow of me... wow... I'll take note to never make that happen again.

So anyway, getting back on topic, if I end up getting married to Prince Jerald, I'll become queen. And if I become queen, I'll have to take over and help a rule a country. Which means, many problems and many responsibilities that I do not want to handle will keep piling on my desk. In conclusion, I must never get married to him, and the only solution to this is... I break off the engagement... 
However, I can't break it off too easily... the country's safety is at stake... I can't sacrifice that over my own selfishness. So I'll have to do some negotiations. Hopefully he'll agree...

"Michelle!" I shouted, calling out the librarian for some aide.
"Yes, princess?" She said as she came running back, once again with a few books in her hands.
"Do you think you can contact the messenger and ask for them to arrange a time for me and Prince Jerald to meet?"
"Why? Is it something urgent?"
"Yes, something very urgent."
"I see... hopefully you won't disturb him but, I understand. It's probably your maiden heart wanting to spend time with him again."
"It's nothing, I understand. I'll deliver the message." 
"Yes, very well. Do tell me immediately when he is free for our next appointment."
"Why of course."
"Speaking of which, do you happen to know what time it is?"
"7:10, Why do you ask?"
"...7:10? 7:10?!" 
"Holy crap! I am late! Oh my god, mother will be so mad."
"Princess, language."
"I apologize, well then, I better get going." 
"Why of course, see you again."

I immediately rushed out of the room. 
It turns out I have spent more time at the library than I thought I did. 
The thought of my mother's angry face scared me more than anything. 
If there's anything I learned today it would definitely be-

That no matter what world you're in, your mother will always be the scariest person you will ever have to face.