Chapter 10:

Meeting Him

The Lazy & Carefree Princess

Not before long, the next morning came. Bookmark here

Thus came the day when Edward would come visiting.Bookmark here

As I preparing myself for the next day, I made sure to have my appearance done and ready. Wearing a new striped blue dress, in order to match with my unique silver hair. Nowadays after waking up I would just continue to just stay in my pajamas and lay on the bed. The morning is usually the time when I can just relax freely and stare at the ceiling in utter silence.Bookmark here

This is my way of comfort. Most of the time no one comes knocking on my door either as before I am usually the person that bothers them- for breakfast and other purposes. Now, I don't do that as often and I think the castle staff must enjoy my disappearance as well. Bookmark here

They probably wouldn't want to be disturbed by a young child walking around for attention. I smiled starting off my morning feeling happier than usual.Bookmark here

Suddenly, I heard a knock on my door.Bookmark here

"Your Highness, Your Cousin, Sir Edward has come." 
Sir Edward?  Well, I suppose it might be slightly awkward to address him as a prince since my family is the one in reign... but still sir? Sounds a bit off in my opinion...Bookmark here

Oh well... it's none of my business...Bookmark here

"Very well." I replied "Guide him to my toy room. I shall be there in a moment."
He's a child so he should enjoy toys...
"Yes, Your Highness." The maid said and went off.Bookmark here

Meanwhile, I decided to bring him a few gifts in order to make a good impression.
"Where is it..." I mumbled, searching on my table. "There it is!" I exclaimed finding the box of chocolates that I had hand wrapped myself for him. There was also a short note attached as well. One that I will not read out because it is embarrassing.
And also my notes, for extra reference. In case I can get any extra information out from him I should note them down.
Bookmark here

With this I set out to find my new family member, and possible destroyer of my life, Edward.
When I got to my toy room I found a young boy around my age, or perhaps slightly younger waiting for me while sitting on the sofa. He had bright messy red hair with eyes that seemed to have a mix of both blue and purple. As soon as he saw me he immediately stood up and greeted me nervously. "N-Nice to meet chu! I am Edweird Rou-" but before he could finish his introduction he ended up biting his tongue. "Oww~~~" he whined slightly. Bookmark here

My mind was in shock. Bookmark here

This was supposed to be the future spoiled unwanted child? 
A small cinnamon roll like this?? Bookmark here

NO WAY. Bookmark here

I couldn't believe it. How did he manage to change this much? A complete 180 if you ask me.
His parents... what have they done to him...Bookmark here

"W-well, calm down." I went to sit down next to him. "Here, have some tea." I said, pouring him a cup of tea. "T-Thank you..." The boy replied quietly. "I'm sorry..." He apologised.
"Why would you need to apologise?"
"Cause I messed up my introduction... Oh! I used informal language... I'm sorry."
"It's alright. Don't worry about it. I'm Lucillia. Your cousin."
"I already know, Lucillia Marquez, the soon to be crown princess and only child of the Marquez family."
"W-wow... do you know a lot."
"Oh it's nothing, these are the basics after all."
"I see... Anyways it's alright if you can be more comfortable, we are family now."Bookmark here

For some reason, he looked at me in shock, his face being completely blank.Bookmark here

"I'm surprised..."
"About what?"
"I heard that the Marquez princess was a spoiled and bratty princess so I was told to never get on her bad and to constantly be on my best behaviour..."
"Ha..." Has my imagine been this bad since the beginning?? Since when has it spread? 
"But you're much more different than I expected."
"I see..." I said, attempting to smile with imaginary tears streaming down my face.  
Was I this bad???
Bookmark here

"I'm glad... that you're not as scary as I expected you to be..."
"T-Then I'm glad you cleared your misconceptions."
"Yes, me too."Bookmark here

With this, came an awkward silence. 
It was quite hard to continue the conversation as there was nothing else to say. Either way, I need to make sure that I can continue on the conversation. 
First impression needs to be the best one after all.
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