Chapter 24:


Who will the Villainess choose?

“As an apology, you will have to help me in finding the best businessmen of the town. Did you get that??” announced Damien in such a haughty tone that even I was dumbfounded for a moment. Let alone be AndrewBookmark here

“Why would I be the one apologizing when you are the one who was meddling in my affairs?” spat Andrew in anger, it was looking like he would just leap and attack him that instant.Bookmark here

“Ha! You dare to act insolently in front of me! Are you not afraid that I will stop the donations that help you in running the empire?” sometimes even feel amazed at the strength of the ego of this man!Bookmark here

“And are you not afraid that I will kill you right now and here. Then claim all your properties as the properties of the nation?” One was a prideful and haughty person, the other was annoyed and full of wrath that was ready to shed blood. Would anyone explain to me what I was doing in the midst of them?! That was not how it was supposed to be!Bookmark here

“Why don't you try and see?” challenged Damien, making my eyes widen.Bookmark here

“With pleasure!” Andrew took out his sword out of the scabbard and took the stance of attacking him.Bookmark here

“Ughh, both of you stop it. Will you?” I shouted once again but my pleadings were meeting only deaf ears! As Damien has taken out the dagger with the roaring dragon over it.Bookmark here

I could see the knights standing at a distance looking worried. Even they were looking shocked from the sudden turn of events.Bookmark here

Why did I think that it would be easier to work together when they were ready to slash each other's throat on the first opportunity they would get.Bookmark here

Who would have thought that instead of requesting, Damien would order Andrew like he was a lower noble or commoner.Bookmark here

He was the future emperor for Christ sake. Damien, being the richest man of the empire, has always been given equal respect to loyal family, not to forget his eccentric ways and killing habits. But that did not mean Andrew would bear it when he would challenge Andrew directly.Bookmark here

And before I could stop them again, the dagger flew in the sky and attacked Andrew who had already forwarded his sword towards Damien.Bookmark here

I was looking at them with worry when my hands started burning. I looked at it only to see that the amulet which was green in color just like my eyes were turning red and burning. A strange sensation filled my body.Bookmark here

“Aahh” I shouted with full force when I felt the pain in my body numb all my senses and in the next second my eyes closed and I fell on the ground. The last thing I felt was someone’s arms wrapping around my body when I lost my consciousness completely.Bookmark here

--------Bookmark here

“Do not fight that Akira, accept the pain. It will make you strong.” I heard the voice that was filling me each night, the voice that scared me and forced me to run away.Bookmark here

“You know you can not run away. Have you not tried enough. Why don't you accept me for a change? It will make everything easy!” said the man with annoyance as if his patience was finally giving up.Bookmark here

“No, I will never come to you.” I heard myself speaking, though I was sure that I did not speak at all. I didn't even know who that man was!
“I will keep contacting you. I will keep loving you until you give up. You will be mine, Akira. You were mine and you will always be mine.'' There was a hidden threat, a strong promise in his words, but like always his face was hidden in the dark, and no matter how much I tried, I was not able to see him.Bookmark here

I kept on running when I fell on the mud and my knee got hurt. The blood started filling my clothes.Bookmark here

“Aaah” I screamed as I heard him closer but then the amulet in my hands burned again and I felt unconscious.Bookmark here

I covered my eyes as the bright light started hurting my eyes. My eyes fluttered open for a while and I felt like someone had banged my head on the wall. It was hurting and spinning badly.Bookmark here

“Are you okay now?”Bookmark here

“Are you feeling better?” Bookmark here

I heard two concerned voices simultaneously. It took me a few seconds to get my vision clear only to see both of them sitting on each side of the bed.Bookmark here

“Who won the fight?” I asked the question that was bugging me the most. I looked at both of them with keen eyes. Both of them were looking fine, with not a single wound on their body.Bookmark here

Were they such good swordsmen?Bookmark here

I have always thought that sparring only ends with one getting beaten beyond recognition.Bookmark here

“Don't utilize your tired brain this much. We did not have a match.” said Damien with a frown.Bookmark here

“Leave this matter? What happened to you suddenly?” asked Andrew, giving an annoyed look to Damien, but when he looked at me, his eyes were filled with worry.Bookmark here

“I do not know. I felt pain when i was holding the amulet, its color changed too.`` I looked at my hands that were empty and I frowned, “where is the amulet?” I asked as I could not find it around me.Bookmark here

“Here” Damien took it out from the pocket of his pants.Bookmark here

“I do not find any abnormality in it.” he said, shrugging his shoulders as he passed the amulet to me. I looked at it with keen eyes but there was nothing. Bookmark here

“Do you know about this stone? It is the fire stone of a dragon.`` I asked him but he frowned and shook his head.Bookmark here

I sighed as I nodded.Bookmark here

“Would you like to eat something?” asked Andrew, when Damien chuckled. Bookmark here

I glared at him but then nodded when I looked back at Andrew. He glared at Damien too before giving instructions to maids for our lunch.Bookmark here

“Thank you, your highness. I am glad that both of you took decisions rationally in the end.” they both looked at each other with complicated expressions making me curious but said nothing.Bookmark here

Andrew stood up and forwarded his hand which I held with a smile and then we all walked to the same dining room where I had breakfast with Damien in the morning.Bookmark here

Andrew sat on the head of the table this time. Damien sat on the left and I sat on the right when Andrew frowned.Bookmark here

“Lady Akira, are you forgetting your position in the ranking?” I pursed my lips as I needed to sit after leaving two seats for the dukes of the empire.Bookmark here

I nodded and stood up when Damien said, “since they are not here, does it even make sense to leave the seats for them. It is not like they would come here suddenly and notice their seats were taken? Sit down comfortably and enjoy the hot meal.” commented Damien. I agreed to him, there was no need to be so rigid but I knew Andrew was bound to rules and regulations.Bookmark here

“It is ok” I replied as I stood up and sat after leaving two seats.Bookmark here

Damien looked at me and frowned then he stood up and walked towards me making both of us confused and then he sat beside me. Bookmark here

“There is a rule not to sit before your ranking but there is no rule to sit below your ranking. Right, your highness?” Bookmark here

“......................”Bookmark here

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