Chapter 12:

What's worse: A bruise in your eye or a million cold stares

Cellular Redo

Recap on what happened so far. Our club got forced to perform in a concert that is in as little under 2 weeks despite having a new band member and not having any song to prepare. Later, I met up with Iwasaki in the library in order to figure out the lyrics, while the senpais figures out the chords and melodies for us to use for our song. Then Iwasaki left her diary in the table so I tried returning it but lost her. I, then, thought to return it after school. I sported Iwasaki going to the opposite direction and I ended up tailing her. It turns out that she was waiting for a guy who later confessed his love to her. But as you know by now, she flat out rejected him as horrible as she could be. Later the guy snapped at her trying to punch her. Furtunatly, I was there to block his attack and hold him off until Iwasaki got a teacher,but I let my guard down a bit too early. I got tacked to the ground and punched a couple of times in the face. Bookmark here

And now the next morning. I entered the class and for some reason the chatter inside the classroom faded without a trace. I got stink eyes from every guy in class as if I get more from Taki. I slowly walked towards my desk and one of the guys outright and came towards me. Bookmark here

"Hey you. Tell me something. Are you going out with Iwasaki or something? " of all the things, he asked me was that. I walked away minding my own business. Bookmark here

"Hey you. I'm talking to you. Don't you walk away damn it." this time he grabs my shoulder as he asks. Bookmark here

"Who gave you that bright idea?" I asked with a cold responce. Bookmark here

"You seems in good terms with her. And she's always gives the rest of the guys the cold shoulder." is he seriously asking this. I got punched in face yesterday and all he's mad about is I'm in good terms with Iwasaki. Bookmark here

"What will you do if I am dating her? I mean what does it matter to you. " I asked and he backed off a little. That'll shut him down so he let me go.Bookmark here

"sigh Relax I'm not dating her. we're just in the same club that's all." I said after turned towards him. I felt that I had to clear the air somehow . And apparently I made things even worse. He let me go and I set down. People went back to their conversations. Bookmark here

"Go ahead ask already. I know you're dying to" I immediately risponded to Iwasaki. After I saw her dying to ask. Bookmark here

"I've heard you were in a fight the other day. Who knew that you've got that delinquent side of you." she says. Wow news travels fast these days. Bookmark here

"Hahaha laugh it up. I'm pretty sure its funny." I say with a sarcastic tone. Bookmark here

"I bet it hurts more than it looks. Are you really alright?" she asked. Bookmark here

"You worry more than my little sister you know. She kept asking me a lot of questions too. It's just a bruise. It's not like my face is melting." I said and I couldn't help but noticed that I'm missing a sharp glear or two. Before I finished that thought the bell rang signaling homeroom. A few minutes after Suzuki Sensei entered the class I peaked outside and I sported Taki running in the school building. He's late. He then entered the class while Suzuki Sensei was in the middle of marking the attendance register. Bookmark here

"And Made it!" Taki shouts and after he opened the door, the class was in deep silence staring at him. Bookmark here

"Kimura could you wait for me in the hallway?" she asked and Taki closed the door. She then followed him. We heard nothing but an 'ouch' after a moment. She got inside the class with Taki. For some surtain reason he had a big bunp oun his head. Bookmark here

"That'll teach you to not arrive late again." she said after moving back to her desk. Give him a break. The must be a reasonable explanation why he's late. Then again this is Taki where talking about he's probably was spying on a chick or some other ridiculous reason. Bookmark here

First period change over Taki came to my seat. Bookmark here

"Yo. Dang dude, what happened to your face!?" he asked after he took a look at me. Bookmark here

"Honestly, it's better if you don't know. More importantly why where you late today " I asked to divert him from his question. Bookmark here

"Oh its pretty simple. I saw this girl from another school who looked gorgeous. I followed her until I lost her." he explains himself. Bookmark here

"Maybe she took a different route. Because a random creepy guy like you was following her." I retorted. Bookmark here

"And the next thing I know I'm on another side of town. How did that happen?" your asking us what happened when you clearly explained your reason. I stand correct to what I've said. This guy is a complete morron. Bookmark here

Durring lunchtime I was called in the facility room to further discuss situation that happened yesterday. Bookmark here

"From what Miss Iwasaki's statement you where there to stop that boy from hurting Iwasaki. And judging from his state you didn't lay a finger on him instead you tried to detain him. Is that right?" Bookmark here

"Yes sir. But not to be rude, what happened to him?" I asked. Bookmark here

"He got suspended for 3 weeks for starting a fight and injuring a fellow student as well. He would be writing a letter of apology for both you and Miss Iwasaki. But next time, please don't be that rude, when you're rejecting a confession. You never know who's going to flip out on you. Alright, Miss Iwasaki. " he says. Bookmark here

"Y-Yes sir." she agrees all embarrassed. Bookmark here

"Thank you for everything." We both said after exiting the faculty room and bowed. Bookmark here

"fuuu Well I'm glad that's over." I said. Bookmark here

"I'm really sorry for everything. I feel bad for what happened. " she apologized Bookmark here

"This again. Didn't you already apologize yesterday? Don't beat yourself that much. It's not like he killed me." I said. Bookmark here

"I still feel guilty. You managed to get hurt." she felt sorry. Bookmark here

"You shouldn't beat yourself up. Again, if I didn't let go of him, then he wouldn't have tackled me. Let's forget about it and okay and let's go to the library and work on the lyrics okay. " I said and she nodded. Bookmark here

We finally got to the library and got to the seat. We where finally picking up on what we did yesterday. Bookmark here

"Okay I think we should add that part to the first verse. I think it'll make a good intro to the song." I explained. Bookmark here

"Yeah, but how about the rhyming scheme of this part? It's very sloppy now that I take a good look at it." she points to the sloppy line. Bookmark here

"Hmm how about we change this line to make it rhyme withou changing the meaning whatsoever." I suggested.Bookmark here

"Kinda like this?" she fixes the mistake by making the line rhyme. Bookmark here

"Yeah thats perfect. Now how about we find a solid rhyming pattern we could use and alternate it to the other verse. Not to mention repeat the first two line in each verse to make it sound catchy. " I suggested again. Bookmark here

"Okay but how many verses will we add in this song?" she asked. Bookmark here

"Since this is a love song. I think we should have two, maybe three verses though. But we'll see where our imagination takes us. " I said. Bookmark here

"Oh I see" she agrees. We then continued like this for about fifteen minutes. Bookmark here

"Hey, have you gotten a chance to eat lunch?" she asked. Bookmark here

"Hmm not yet. Why?" I asked as well. Bookmark here

"Let me treat you. I can buy you anything you want in the cafeteria." she suggested. Bookmark here

She might still feel bad and she's trying to make an ammense. At this point I can't stop. Bookmark here

"I think anything is fine. Why don't you choose for me." I said since I've never eaten in the school cafeteria so I have no idea what to get. Bookmark here

"You sure about that. I mean I might choose something that you might not like." she said with a smile. Bookmark here

"If you do then it would be my problem." I answered. Bookmark here

We got lunch and ate in the cafeteria and had a conversation together about how are we going to perform on stage. We finished lunch and the bell rung signaling the end of lunch time and we returned to our respective classes. Bookmark here

As usual I kept getting more cold stare from all the guys in my class. But this time I could feel it's way stronger than this morning. I paid no attention to it and continued with my day as normal. Bookmark here

Fifth period, Nakano notices the stares from the guys that where pointing toward me. Bookmark here

"Hayashi You're getting a lot more intense hate as if you're a tyrant or something. Why is that." she asked out of curiosity. I think one of the reasons why I'm being set on fire by those stares. And I'm surprised you just noticed that right now. Bookmark here

"Pay no attention to it. It's just guy stuff." I said that to let her drop the conversation. Bookmark here

"You guys are weird. Giving each other weird stares." she said. If only she knew my situation but it's better this way. Bookmark here

Last period and this time Iwasaki was waiting for me outside of class. We then went to the club room. As we walk on the hallway we could see girls giggling. It's as if these girls are talking about us. Bookmark here

"Hey, Hayashi. Is it just me or are people talking about us?" she asked after feeling a strange feeling of being talked about. Bookmark here

"Yeah, about that. Since we are always hanging around that much recently. Rumors have been flying around that where.... an...... item." I said with an embarrassing tone. Bookmark here

She stopped walking and started to look at me and blush.Bookmark here

"You....Me..... A couple." she says so embarrassed. Bookmark here

"I know. All the guys in my class are trying to kill me by just taking to you." I said and she ducks out of embarrassment. Bookmark here

"Wait.... Maybe this could work. But it's soo embarrassing." she mumbles. Bookmark here

"Eh, Iwasaki are you alright down there?" I asked while I move in closer to hear what she was saying.Bookmark here

"Hayashi I have something I have to say to you." she said that after moving closer to me. Bookmark here

"Y-Yeah, what is it?" damn she's so close. Now that I think about it she looks more cute than I have imagined. Bookmark here

Grabbed my hand. Dragged me to the closest storage room and wallslammed me with her right hand in the corner. I was a bit frightened just because she suddenly slammed the wall from out of nowhere. Bookmark here

"Ah, Iwasaki. What are you doing?." I asked since this was the first time I've been this close to her well not since I accidentally groped her boobs. Man she smells nice. Her fragrance might even put me in a trance. And I think I could see some faint of her bra showing through her shirt a little. So I tried not to focus on that area that much. Bookmark here

"Listen Hayashi. We have been getting along together as of late. You have been a great help all these days and not to mention a great and loyal friend. It's kinda hard for me to say this but.... Here goes. I'm in love with you could you go out with me?" she confess after hearing those words I froze up a little trying to possess what she said. Bookmark here

"Huh!?" Bookmark here

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