Chapter 2:

The spread of the lifeblood

The Divine Punishment

In front of the entrance, there were two of the senator's guards. We went up to them to ask if we could come in and talk to them,

"Do you have an appointment?"


"I'm sorry, but I cannot let you in."

"Please, it's very important, it's about---"

"I said no!"

"Tenkei, maybe if you show them the kamien they will understand", said Emmy.

That's exactly what I did: I showed it to them and a shocked look came over their faces.

"Unbelievable!" the guards said in unison.

"Wait here and we'll go tell the senator about your visit.

With an extraordinary speed, they ran into his office, opened the door, and shouted:

"Mr. Weber, something impressive has happened---"

"Hey, are you guys crazy?! What is wrong with you people?!" said the senator with a scared look on his face.

"Sorry Senator, it's just that there's a guy who came with Emmy to the building...I mean...he has another stone like yours but instead of water, electricity comes out."

"What?! Get them here immediately!"

"Yes, sir."

They came back even faster than they had gone.

"You guys can come in."

"Thank you very much."

He didn't give us time to get into the room that he started asking me a barrage of questions.

"Hey, kid! Where are you from? How did you find it? Do you know how to use it?

"My name is Tenkei and I'm from Poland. I found it in an alley in the city, and yes, I can kinda use it... Wait, what the fuck am I saying! You, sir, have the water kamien right? Let me see it."

"Hey, watch your language! Do you know who you're talking to!!!" said Emmy wildly and scared at the same time.

With what had happened, I hadn't realized though that by lowering my gaze I could see water falling from his hands.

"Oh fuck! I didn't notice that!"

"What are you talking about?" asked Emmy.

"Where is that water coming from!"

"I told you, Mr. Weber has the water kamien."

"Wait, kamien?" asked the senator.

"Yes, me and Emmy call them like that."

"Ah, by the way, since you can use electricity, you could reactivate some modern tools like phones, radios, or something. You know, every single power in this world disappeared and turned into stones, scattered all over Europe."

"Well, I don't know how this power works yet."

"Don't worry, I'll personally give you some tips. Back to us, we need to tell the survivors that they need to get here as soon as possible so we can regroup and help each other. Also, since people can't live without water, the only one who can give it to them is me."

"Um, okay but how exactly could we do that?

We stopped for a few seconds to think about it and Emmy came up with an idea.

"We could use the government radio station! It won't reach everyone but the news will spread pretty easily since it's the radio used for emergencies"

"Great idea, Emmy."

"Well, guys, time is short, and as we are speaking, people are dying of dehydration. Let's hurry up and get this message out!"

And so we moved to a radio station.

"Tenkei, do as I told you: get the energy out of the kamien and conduct it into your arms, then into your hands, and then into your fingers as well."

I concentrated, contracted the stone as if I were using a muscle, and let the energy flow through my body. The veins became yellow and bright, sparks were coming out of my arms, I felt hot, but it didn't hurt, it was a strange sensation; I let it out of the sweat holes in my hands with a small amount that gradually increased until it pulled an "electric shot".

It hit the radio, the electricity was conducted through the electrical wires and the lights in the room came on as well. We also had a small radio to see if it worked, so I tried to talk...

It worked!

"Oh, fuck yes!"

"You did great, Tenkei."

"Oh come on don't say that, Emmy", I said, turning all red.

" Well, and now it's my turn, I have to send the message. People, hello everyone, I am the German Senator Lothur Weber, these days you will surely have noticed that a giant meteorite has fallen onto the earth; we think that it has sucked all the energies of the world and then broke into various stones. Each of these has one of the earth's energies, they are scattered in central Europe, the only part of the world that survived the impact.

We call them kamien, and I was able to find the one of the water that entered my chest and it gave me all the water energy there was in the world. Through it, I was able to make my people survive.

I know it may seem an absurd request but it is the best thing I can do at the moment: I'm once asking you to come here to Germany, specifically to Frankfurt on Oder.

This message was made possible thanks to a boy next to me, Tenkei, who found the electricity by turning on the radios.

Another girl here, named Emmy, has the one of the wind.

I'll be praying for you to make it. Good luck to you all, I will make sure to distribute as much water as possible, thanks to rivers and canals too, even artificial ones".

After that, the senator turned off the radio.

"Mr. Weber, why did you say you wanted to call them kamien? It's simply what I call them..."

"Well, I figured this message only got to people because of you, so it seemed only fair to give you a little reward."

"...Thank you so much!" I said politely to the senator.

"Don't worry guys, you can go rest now."

"Okay, thank you, and goodbye."

Emmy lived nearby but I was far from home, and the car was out of commission.

"Hey Emmy, any chance you could give me a ride?"

"Oh, Uhm, sure."

After a long drive, still hugging her, we arrived in front of my house, the sun was setting.

"Girl, a lot of strange things happened today," I said.

"Yeah, I guess as soon as I get home I'll get a good night's sleep."

"Well, your house is far away, if you want you can stay here and sleep," I said blushing.

"Oh... I don't want to bother your family" Emmy replied, also strangely blushing.

"It's okay, my parents aren't here, you can stay."

"Well, if you insist... then I'll stay..."

I couldn't believe she had agreed, I was over the moon, but in reality, I wasn't going to do anything, even just spending time with her would give a better color to a dull life like mine.

We were going to have dinner and, fortunately, I had seen a recipe a few days before on the Internet, otherwise, I wouldn't have been able to do anything: I prepared a pizza with pepperoni. I know a lot of people also put pineapple or other sweet things on it but the recipe advised against it, keeping in mind that it's still Italian cuisine.

"Wow! This is so good!"

"Come on, it's no big deal, don't exaggerate, I just had seen a recipe on the internet."

"I'm not exaggerating!" she added.

I was embarrassed, but at the same time overjoyed. After dinner we played (putting the electricity back on with my power) Toom: an extremely fast-paced video game, I used to play it every day, even with my brother, but even so, Emmy managed to win every single game. She is great at using the hardest combo in the game, I use it too but less. It seems like she has more hours of playing time than me but it's not possible, I'm one of the players with the most hours in Poland.

"How did you win!"

"Does SniperMonkey336 ring a bell?"

He was one of the best players in Europe on Toom, but he always kept an air of mystery about himself.

"Y-yeah" I replied with difficulty.

"Well, that's me."


I didn't believe it, and most likely it wasn't true.

"Come on, I'm joking, however, I admit I play this game all the time too, it makes my days more fun."

I couldn't agree more.

Anyway, not only had I lost those few games, I was even continuing to lose. I had to find a way to beat her, so I waited for her to go to the bathroom so that I would have time to make myself immortal with a simple command: "gegoga_god".

I managed to defeat her; however, you can tell she has a few hours in the game by the fact that she didn't realize I cheated.

It was getting late, we had to sleep, but at my residence, we didn't have a guest room, so I wanted her to sleep in my bed and I would sleep on the couch in the living room. I proposed my idea to her.

"Tenkei, it's your house, this is your bed, so I'll be the one to sleep in the living room, don't worry."

"No, don't worry, you're the guest."

"Then how about if...I mean...the bed is a double we could sleep together..."

I never expected that from her, does that mean she likes me? Ahah but no kidding, a nerd like me would never get such a girl...

"Huh! Uh... well, if it's okay with you, then alright", I replied.

And so we slept together, too bad the bed is a double, otherwise, I might have had her closer. I just wanna touch some boobies...

Well, that's how it went.

The next morning, she left very early, I was awake too, so I had time to say goodbye to her

"See you next time, Emmy-chan!"

"Bye, Tenkei-kun!"

A few hours later, my parents returned, they had gone to get water from the nearest canal, thanks to Senator Weber's actions.

My mother told me that she was very happy and proud of me for what I had done, and that made me very happy.

But this feeling did not last long...

My father, on the other hand, asked me where his car was...the one I unconsciously destroyed.

"Hmm... see dad, I don't have a license yet, so I can't drive too well..."

"What do you mean? Get to the point, Tenkei! Where's my fucking car?!"

"Well... I broke it."


"Hey honey, the neighbors can hear you! Keep it down."

My mother was used to these outbursts from my father and so was I, but this time was different.

"TENKEI, I'LL KILL YOU!" said in a very angry tone, but at the same time not too offensive, he wanted to make himself look like a good father figure.

"Come on dad!!! It was a worthy sacrifice to make the world persist! Are you that upset?!"

"That's right, I'm outraged, and you're dead! I'm going to hurt you badly!"

I tried as hard as I could to escape my father's clutches...but I couldn't do it. I took many...too many.

First, he took off his shoes, he had a sensational aim, he threw one at me and it stunned me, I closed my eyes... Then I opened them... and I saw my father's hand narrowed into a fist coming at my face. By now I couldn't escape, I was his prisoner, I was bleeding everywhere, it was horrible.

My mother just observed, without doing anything, maybe she was afraid, or maybe it did not matter even for her that much.

"This time though, it will be the first time I will be able to win against him, now I can use... the power of the kamien, I can't use too much of it though, I can't kill him after all, I just need a mini shock to make the "taser effect" ". I thought.

Well, what can I say, it would have been a good exercise. I would have learned to concentrate the flow of the kamien in a small part of my fingers.

He is a good father though if you get to know him better. It's because of him that I know how to defend myself, in fact when I was little he let me attend a martial arts gym, but I stopped 4 years later because the gym closed due to financial problems.

"I just need to concentrate all the energy in my fingers", I thought, as the senator explained to me.

So I did, I had that usual warm feeling.

It wasn't easy, but if I practiced, I could handle myself in any situation.

"Tenkei, y-your eyes-" he tried to say, not finishing the sentence because I managed to stun him first, luckily my mother had left earlier, so she didn't see this horrible scene.

Nevermind. I'll make something up.

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