Chapter 3:

How to kill Time

The Divine Punishment

*Please note: this chapter is in third person*.
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July 24, 2020, 3:26 PM, Canada: A huge meteorite was about to hit the earth.Bookmark here

BOOOM, the meteorite had hit the Earth, wiping out all the resources and collecting them into kamien (small stones formed from meteorite rock and all the resource itself). 8 kamien were therefore scattered around the world, just waiting to be picked up.Bookmark here

Besides central Europe, only the area around Blackville, a city in Canada, had been saved.Bookmark here

How was it, however, that only these two areas had been saved? It was as if a protective dome had formed around them. All you had to do was put one foot outside of it, and you would die thanks to the dust and blizzards raised by the meteorite.Bookmark here

"My life has no meaning, I have no goals, what am I still doing alive after that blizzard and that mess, and why only my little town...Bookmark here

Not that I had anything to lose, in fact, the mess due to the meteorite allowed me to escape from the asylum..." said a nameless, brown-haired man with no time to waste. He appeared to be in his 50s.Bookmark here

"I have to do this, it's the only thing I can do, to end my life..."Bookmark here

The man then made his way to a nearby building with exterior stairs.Bookmark here

He climbed the stairs.Bookmark here

Unbeknownst to him, however, waiting for him was another man, African-American, he was without hair and dressed up in an asylum pajama. He, however, looked younger and less "sick".Bookmark here

"Jeffrey...what are you doing here?" asked the brown-haired man.Bookmark here

"I came here for the same reason you did," replied the African-American man.Bookmark here

"To die?"Bookmark here

"Y-yes, but before throwing myself in the void, I noticed something glowing near the exhaust of this building's ventilation system."Bookmark here

"W-what is it, let me see..."Bookmark here

But as he got to Jeffrey, the man noticed something unusual behind him. Some dead bodies.Bookmark here

They were all people from the asylum. They all wanted to kill themselves, but then how come they were still on top of the building?Bookmark here

"This rock seems to be able to suck the life energy out of people, and looking closely, I can see that there is a number on it. 11."Bookmark here

Unlike the other kamien, this one had not sucked up all the life energy of the people, who, otherwise, would have all died, but only 11 years of life to each one. That's why the older people died of heart attacks right after the meteor crashed.Bookmark here

"W-what?!" asked the nameless man, very frightened.Bookmark here

"Oh, that's right, I forgot, not only can I kill people just by touching them and sucking up their remaining lifetime, I can also extend my own."Bookmark here

Jeffrey removed his shirt, to better show the man what was on his chest.Bookmark here

128:07:23:04:59.Bookmark here

That was the other number that could be seen. So, apparently, the years stolen from the entire world's population had vanished, not added to the kamien.Bookmark here

The man was speechlessBookmark here

"..."Bookmark here

"That's how long I have left to live, apparently the years I sucked out of these retards have added up to my life."Bookmark here

Without a second thought, the man threw himself towards Jeffrey and began a fight for his life.Bookmark here

The goal of this mysterious man had changed, he no longer intended to commit suicide, rather, he wanted to gain access to eternal life, and eliminate any individual in Blackville to protrude victorious over his fate.Bookmark here

Jeffrey focused the flow of the kamien on a punch and hit the man directly in the face, reducing his life by about 5 years.Bookmark here

"Bleargh," the man spat out blood.Bookmark here

"Ahaha-" Jeffrey couldn't finish his sentence that a knee in the stomach came and made him spit blood, "Bleargh-"Bookmark here

Between punches, they hadn't noticed that they were at the corner of the building's edges: they were about to fall.Bookmark here

"S-shit," said the man.Bookmark here

"Shit, if we both die it's all your fault! You shouldn't have even tried to get close, you should have died like everyone else!" yelled Jeffrey.Bookmark here

"Are you sure those 128 years can prevent your death now!!!? EHH! Yes or no?!, you piece of shit!"Bookmark here

"Fuck, n-no!"Bookmark here

The two rolled and Jeffrey ended up falling but managed to hang onto the storm drain pipe just before he died.Bookmark here

"I'm going to be the one to destroy this city!" said the nameless man stomping on Jeffrey's fingers, who ended up falling off the building, creating a sea of blood in the street.Bookmark here

" Ahahah- ahahah- AHAHAH."Bookmark here

The man was immediately seized with psychopathic laughter, and without waiting too long, he dashed down the stairs to retrieve the kamien.Bookmark here

Upon arriving at Jeffrey's corpse, the man noticed that the stone had detached from the body.Bookmark here

He picked up the bloody stone and immediately felt a blast of heat go up to his back, leaving fresh only the parts of his body from the navel, down.Bookmark here

His pupils took on a purplish color, while the rest of his eye turned black.Bookmark here

The man looked down and saw that the 11 had remained the same, while the number below had changed.Bookmark here

05:02:02:05:12Bookmark here

"So, it resets every time..."Bookmark here

The remaining life reset every time the bearer of the kamien changed.Bookmark here

Five was the man's remaining years.Bookmark here

"If I took another hit from Jeffrey, it would have been over..."Bookmark here

The man walked to the nearest bank, entered, and yelled:Bookmark here

"hands up or it's over for you!"Bookmark here

Unfortunately, the bank was closed. And since he had no intention of stealing the money, but rather of eliminating all the people, he moved to the nearest apartment.Bookmark here

He began to wreak havoc in all the houses, until, the residents went to alert the nearest police station, as the phones were down.Bookmark here

"A madman is killing all the citizens just by touching them!" said one lady.Bookmark here

" Impossible..." replied the sheriff.Bookmark here

"As I told you, he has no weapons! Please, you have to stop him, he knows no limits, he's already eliminated my family!" said the woman, shrill.Bookmark here

"Don't worry, ma'am, we'll take care of it. Roger, Mark, come with me, get some knives."Bookmark here

"Yes, sir!" replied the two.Bookmark here

The cops then headed to the area of the incident and found the man lying on the ground. He must have been tired after using the kamien too much.Bookmark here

"That's him!" said the woman.Bookmark here

"Let's transport him," said the sheriff.Bookmark here

The two policemen picked him up and went back to the police station.Bookmark here

The woman, on the other hand, went back to her home to memorialize her loved ones.Bookmark here

"He's in his pajama from the asylum, he must have broken out after the meteorite fell."Bookmark here

"Not only that...sir," replied Roger, in the interrogation room. The man was lying on a bed with handcuffs on.Bookmark here

"Take a good look at his chest, it could be an explanation for all of this..."Bookmark here

The sheriff turned towards the man, but he didn't have time to turn around that the man woke up.Bookmark here

A miraculous thing was happening: the man was rejuvenating himself so that he was able to free himself from the handcuffs. The man had just discovered another use for the kamien, he could age or rejuvenate whoever he wanted and as much as he wanted, however, the rejuvenated years were not added to the years of life on the stone, rather, they were taken away.Bookmark here

He then returned to his normal age and struck the sheriff in the face with a right uppercut.Bookmark here

The sheriff died on the impact.Bookmark here

Roger and Mark noticed that the number marked on the stone on his chest had increased, by 24 years!Bookmark here

The man had already learned how to use the stone much better than Jeffrey did. He had managed to focus more energy in his hand to take all of the life spirit out of people.Bookmark here

Roger and Mark pulled out their knives, Mark stabbed him in the back, but the nameless man's kick to the stomach left him lifeless, and he slumped to the ground.Bookmark here

Roger was frightened, he had lost two of his colleagues, by the way, the only two policemen left in the city.Bookmark here

He slowly walked away from the man, after understanding how his power worked.Bookmark here

He had only a knife to counter it, as weapons required fire, and it was gone.Bookmark here

"Now or never, now or never!" thought Roger.Bookmark here

The man removed the knife that Mark had planted on his back and dropped it onto the ground.Bookmark here

Roger was one step away from taking out the nameless man, he was about to hit him in the throat.Bookmark here

The man without fear and without saying anything, stood still to enjoy the scene.Bookmark here

The knife he had earlier dropped on the ground had come to life and was headed for Roger's chest.Bookmark here

The man had just created a pseudo-human using Mark's life energy applied to the knife.Bookmark here

It was a kind of zombie that responded to his commands, but at a price: his life.Bookmark here

The inanimate being modified with life energy continued to consume a year of the man's life every second the knife remained alive.Bookmark here

So the man* continued to create armies of zombies and inanimate objects through his kamien and eliminated every single resident of Blackville.Bookmark here

*by convention he will henceforth be called no-name.Bookmark here

Around Blackville, the air was dry, sultry, and windless. It had only been a few hours since the impact, and the entire town had been eliminated by one single man.Bookmark here

But no-name knew very little about the stones, in fact, the strongest kamien was not his own, but the one found by Clark Anderson, a man in his thirties, short black hair, as well as his mustache and his eyes, together with his right-hand man, Reid Regan, a young guy, about 25, long blond hair, brown eyes.Bookmark here

Clark had found the void rock, the most powerful of all, the one that could absorb the other kamien stones.Bookmark here

Reid, on the other hand, had found the Radiation Stone, a basic stone compared to the Void Stone, but it could definitely compete with the Vital Energy kamien.Bookmark here

They lived outside the city, a few hundred yards from the destroyed part.Bookmark here

"As you well know, Reid, our stones are being attracted to others, for example, now, your stone is being attracted to that madman in town, while mine is being attracted to a point far, far away. I doubt this place is the only one that's saved."Bookmark here

"That would explain where the water is."Bookmark here

"That's right, water is one of Earth's resources, so it's been sucked up by another stone, we have to find it within three days, or we'll die."Bookmark here

"Anderson, sir, but your stone is useless, you know it does nothing."Bookmark here

"I want you to stop talking to me like I'm your boss! However, yes, you are right, it is useless for now, if you look closely you can notice seven spaces. Apparently, they're all the various joints that the other stones must have."Bookmark here

"Right... so the power will only activate when we will find them all..."Bookmark here

"Yeah, and that moment is not very far away, however, I will be able to use the powers of the stones we will have already captured."Bookmark here

"..."Bookmark here

Without hesitation, Clark stood up, looking dark.Bookmark here

"I've already told you the plan anyway, haven't I?" he said.Bookmark here

"Yes, Clark, recreate the world from scratch."Bookmark here

"Well...then so be it, go take out that bastard in Blackville who has the life energy stone. Show me what you're capable of."Bookmark here

"Yes sir!"Bookmark here

"I TOLD YOU NOT TO CALL ME SIR!!!"Bookmark here

"Excuse me!"Bookmark here

So Reid Regan, set off, from the little country house where he was, to the center of town, to challenge the man with no name.Bookmark here

As soon as he arrived in town, Reid took off his shirt and began to warm up and stretch.Bookmark here

And this is where he activated the stone, his eyes began to turn black and his pupils began to turn light green, as did the veins around his eyes: He was ready to begin.Bookmark here

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