Chapter 8:

I Want To Get To Know You More

Grimm: Life or Death

It's been a weekend since we've seen each other and since we hugged. I'm finally gonna see her again. I don't know what's going to happen though, I'm what you people call "nervous" I guess. This has never happened to me before, and probably never should've happened. I walk into class, and I'm the first one in here, which is weird because I'm usually like the 10th kid in here, and she is always in before me. So I go and take my seat, and in she comes. She walks up to me and says "I want to get to know you more. Are you doing anything tomorrow?". I sat there just in shock, and said that I didn't have any yet. Since I never know my schedule of what dad wants me to do, but it's been pretty calm since I started school. Maybe he wants me to focus on this more than killing people. Which is fine with me, since I'm going to be spending the rest of my life, which is the rest of eternity, killing people, so I might as well live the rest of her life, with her, since she doesn't have that much time on this planet. Everything must come to an end at some point. So when I get home I tell dad the good news about how good I am progressing with the humans, then I tell him the big news of my great event coming up. He sits me down and says "Son, Grimm, I need to tell you something".Bookmark here

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