Chapter 3:

The Riajuu group

Otherworld Transfer: The story You don't know

Classroom 2-B, back row leftmost seat.Bookmark here

Almost like clockwork I head to one of the few places I consider my sanctuary in this school. I then lift up my desk cover and put the arranged items from my bag into the desk.Bookmark here

I take my phone from my pocket and check the time, 5:30 A.M, 30 minutes before the scheduled time, since I've already upheld my end of the bargain, I climb onto the school roof, find a nice shady place to lay down on and let my consciousness drift back to sleep.Bookmark here

I wake up 2 hours later to the sound of the school bell, after a yawn, I decide to eat Rins bento before going back to the classroom, you can't think on an empty stomach after all.Bookmark here

After eating, I immediately head downstairs barely making it before the late bell. Upon entering the room, I am greeted by the sight of around 40 students, of whom I pay no mind. Bookmark here

I just head straight back to my chair, open the desk cover, there I find a note saying "The transaction is complete" under the note are several books; Chemistry, an Aikido guide, a Kendo guide, other various martial arts guides, Gunmaking? Target shooting? A camping and survival guide? And what is this? A Cookbook? There are 10 books in all, though, what's with these topics? Aren't some of these borderline chuuni? Oh well, having more books to read is never a bad thing.Bookmark here

After being satisfied with the trade, I put my head on my desk and try to go back to sleep. To everyone here, I am an invisible entity. As they are oblivious of my existence, so am I to theirs. An empty desk that is what I am to everyone here.Bookmark here

"Natsuki- san, were you able to do the history homework Kurono- sensei gave us the other day?"Bookmark here

To everyone except her, maybe...Bookmark here

Sighing in my mind, I answer the owner of the voice that disturbed the tranquility of my world.Bookmark here

"Yeah, I did Kanzashi- san"Bookmark here

I decide to abandon the idea of sleeping, even though I could just grandly ignore this person, I choose not to because....Bookmark here

"Ah that's good, though you seem tired Natsuki- san, did you get enough sleep last night?"Bookmark here

"Really Yuki, your concern is wasted on someone like Natsuki here, look he doesn't even put in effort to reply properly even while a goddess like you is talking to him, he's just keeping his head down while talking! As one would expect from a lazy, good-for-nothing-"Bookmark here

"Now, now, Yoichi isn't it a bit too early for a rant?"Bookmark here

"Yeah, Yoi- chan why not be more like my darling Yoshi here? Always calm and quiet as a river."

"You're all rather noisy yourselves, can't you see you're disturbing Akio- kun's sleep?"Bookmark here

Kanzashi Yuki: A so- called school idol, she looks younger than even Rin who is 13 years old even though she's 18 herself, because of her, as they say, adorable appearance, she' s extremely popular, I think she even has her own fan club.Bookmark here

Takahaki Yoichi: Some popular guy who follows Yuki around, he always seems to have choice words for me though.Bookmark here

Midoriba Yama: A taciturn fellow, he and Yoichi are together all the time.Bookmark here

Aomimi Usa: Another popular one, she's always with Yuki, so I think they're friends, contrary to Yuki she has a mature appearance with a childish personality.Bookmark here

Takahaki Yoshi: Usas "darling", A kindred spirit in my opinion, even if he is Yoichis twin brother. Bookmark here

I collectively refer to them as the Riajuu group, since they seem to be really popular.Bookmark here

And I honestly find dealing with them troublesome because if I ignore even one of them there's a high chance that I might incur the wrath of their legions of fans.Bookmark here

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