Chapter 4:

Otherworld transfer

Otherworld Transfer: The story You don't know

"Natsuki- san? Natsuki- san??"Bookmark here

Not good, I seem to have been lost in thought in the middle of our conversation.Bookmark here

"Sorry Kanzashi- san, I seem to have been lost in thought, can you repeat what you said?"Bookmark here

"Ah, so that's what it was, well I was wondering what time Natsuki- san arrived in school, since Yoshi- kun seems to be the earliest one here and he didn't seem to have seen you, even though it looks like you woke up early."Bookmark here

Isn't that analysis a bit too much for a question in a normal conversation? As I tsukkomied her in my mind...Bookmark here

"Which reminds me Yoshi, you left home at around 6 A.M, what were you in school so early for?"
Yoichi inquires of his brotherBookmark here

"Um.. Err.. That is.. Uhh"
Yoshi seems as troubled as I am.Bookmark here

As we were both thinking about how to answer our respective questions, a savior appears.Bookmark here

"I was wondering what the fuss in Natsuki- kuns corner was, so it's the usual huh?"

"Kurono- sensei, good morning! You shouldn't sneak up on us like that! It's bad for our hearts!"Bookmark here

"Right Madoka- chan, Madoka- chan is a teacher after all, what would you do if your students had a heart attack because of you?"Bookmark here

Kanzashi- san and Aomimi- san both rebuke her.Bookmark here

Kurono Madoka: Our 24 year- old history teacher, she's popular with the students not only because of her young age but also because they say she's very approachable and easygoing almost to the point where she seems like a child at times, but she's actually very responsible and cares a lot for her students.

"Well, I was only curious you know?"Bookmark here

With a face that looked almost as if saying 'Gunununu', Kurono- sensei apologized, with an expression like that she doesn't look like a teacher at all.Bookmark here

"Anyway, get back to your seats, class is about to start you know?"

"Kurono- sensei is right, let's go"Bookmark here

Yoshi says so while looking like he dodged a bullet.Bookmark here

"Right.. Well, Natsuki- san, I'll just talk to you later then?"Bookmark here

As Kanzashi- san says so in a dejected sounding voice, everyone else turns around to go back to their own seats.Bookmark here

It happens.Bookmark here

A blindingly white flash occurs all of a sudden and I am robbed of my consciousness.Bookmark here

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