Chapter 13:

Of to the Concert :Preperations 100% ready - Part 1.

Cellular Redo

The soon as I entered the class. I saw Imai senpai sitting next to her drumm set which I believe is plotting on our chords and melody for our songs. Bookmark here

"Hey, junior come here for a sec. You'd be mostly playing this part so imma need your opinion on this." she asked the moment I got in the club room. Bookmark here

"Sure. I could help." I answered. Bookmark here

"You see I think this chord is best for our particular song. But then I think if we ply it like this it'll sound like some thing's missing. What do you think?" she asked. Bookmark here

"Hmm. Maybe you can change this chord here I believe it'll make it sound good while maintaining the theme of the massage." I said. Bookmark here

A while I see Iwasaki staring at me. But the moment I share a glance, she looked away like she wasn't looking at me. How did things end up like this in the first place? Bookmark here

Recap on what happened. I got tackled and got punched in the face. All for the sake of saving Iwasaki, the other day from an angry, heart broken, loonatic student (who is currently suspended). The worse part is, just talking to Iwasaki is flagging that I'm 'dating' her in all the guys in my class. It doesn't end there I think every first year think that where dating. While on that note, earlier Iwasaki suddenly grabbed my hand and dragged in a empty storage room, wall slammed me with both hand at the side of my head. Bookmark here

"Listen Hayashi. We have been getting along together as of late. You have been a great help all these days and not to mention a great and loyal friend. It's kinda hard for me to say this but.... Here goes. I'm in love with you could you. Please go out with me?" she confess after hearing those words I froze up a little trying to prossess what she said. Bookmark here

"Huh!?" Bookmark here

The atmosphere of the room drawed silent and no one said one word after that. She started to blush. Bookmark here

Wait!? what's really happening right now? What's up with the 'Kabedon' (Note: Kebe means wall and Don is an onomothophere replicating a sound of a slam. In full Kabedon means wall slam.). Iwasaki, the girl who's turning down all the guys that confesses to her, is confesses to me. This must be some kind of mistake. Bookmark here

"D... D... D... Dont take it personally. I'm only doing this just to not let what happened yesterday not to happen." she says looking all red and flushed after she let me go and turned around. Bookmark here

"It's just that, with you as my 'boyfriend' the guys would stop asking me out every day of the week that's all." she continued. Bookmark here

So she hurts other guys' feelings each day of the week. No wonder just talking to her is pretty dangerous. Bookmark here

"Oh, so that's how it is." For a second there I thought she was being serious about it. My heart nearly skipped a beat. Bookmark here

"I mean if it's too much trouble. You can not, I'll understand it is too much." she said so with a disappointment tone. Bookmark here

"I'll do it. If it means helping you. I'll be your fake boyfriend. I mean what are friends for if not help each other." I said that and she smiled for a moment. She then, hugged me out of joy and I feel somewhat embarrassed. Because this is my first time being hugged by a girl. She then realized that she's hugging me so she let me go immediately and blushed. Bookmark here

I think it's better this way. Iwasaki is rich, smart, beautiful and also talented. All those traits of hers are both a blessing and a curse and thanks to those same traits, she got shunned by everyone which means she had it hard even having one friend. I can only imagine how hard it was. So the least I can do is help her out as one of her friends. Bookmark here

"Hey, are you even listening?" Imai senpai says while she's annoyed at me ignoring her. Bookmark here

"huh, yes I think the f-flat major is best right here." It's a good thing I saw the part she was pointing at. Otherwise I was going to be screwed for ignoring senpai. Bookmark here

Later that minute Miyazaki senpai came in. She found us all busy. So she stood in the middle of the club room. We all paid our attention to her. Bookmark here

"Okay everyone. For the past few days we've been working hard for our first concert that's coming next Friday. For now let's discuss the current matters we have. Let's first start with the lyrics. " she says. Bookmark here

"The song is done. But I'm not sure if it is good enough though." I said with an uncomfortable voice. Bookmark here

"What are you talking about? Those lyrics are great. Don't sell yourself too short. " Iwasaki says. Bookmark here

"Yeah, She's right you have talent for songwriting. I think you should be proud of that. I have no objections with that let's use it for our concert. " Imai senpai says and I got a bit happy for being praised. Bookmark here

"Now that the lyrics are desided, how's the song going?"Miyazaki senpai moved to the next topic. Bookmark here

"The song still needs a little work but I think we can practice the part that are done and edit the other parts." Imai senpai says. Bookmark here

"Good. That will be our focus for now. Let's practice those parts." Miyazaki said. Bookmark here

"Wait, what about the singer? Who going to be the vocalist?." I asked. Bookmark here

"How about you Hayashi? You look capable to do it. " Imai senpai asked. Bookmark here

"Unfortunately, I can't. I have a bad sense of rhythm when I sing the best I could do Is a support vocalist. How about you Iwasaki?" I asked her. Bookmark here

"I can't either because, I need concentration to play the piano so I'm terrible at multitasking." she says. Bookmark here

"Well I can't either. I am the tempo of the band if I mess up once, the song would be out of wack. Which only means, there's one person left in this group. " Imai senpai says and we all simultaneously looked at Miyazaki senpai. Bookmark here

"M-Me!?" she says with a surprised look. Bookmark here

"You aren't up for it?" Imai senpai asked. Bookmark here

 No it's not that at all. I can multi-tasks. it's...... well.... I'm sorta not good with crouds though." she says. Bookmark here

"Oh I see. Don't worry if you ever get nervous, remember we'll be there to support you. You can count on us." I said that to cheer for her. Bookmark here

"Since we got our roles down. What you ya say we rock it out." Imai shouted with enthusiasm and we all followed. Bookmark here

Three days later. Bookmark here

For the past three days we've been practicing our roles nonstop and If I may say, we've been improving gratually. We've been pointing out our bad habits, adjusting and synchronizing our tempo and we even added and reeddited our piece as we improved. Bookmark here

Now it's Saturday we where gonna keep the momentum until, well, it turns out that today is the 'annual club room inspection' which means that club activities are closed until the next Monday. Bookmark here

 And guess who forgot to tell the entire school for that. It's your one and only Sakai Senpai, the School council president. Bookmark here

"I bet I have four guesses why she forgot to tell us about the clubs closing for today." I said that sarcasticly. Bookmark here

"Looks like it's not only us who've not been informed." Iwasaki added. Bookmark here

"Seriously, the next time I see her I'm gonna give her my Iron Claw." I said that with a furious. Bookmark here

"Well there's nothing we can do now. And the senpai had already gone home." she says. Bookmark here

"So now what, should we also go home as well?" she kept quiet after my question. I could feel that she was a bit tense after I said that. Bookmark here

"I know, why do what real couples do. Let's go to your place." she suggested. Bookmark here

"Huh?! Why my place? Isn''t your place closer?" I asked and again, tensed up. Bookmark here

"That maybe true. But I think it's pretty fair anyway since you've been at my house the other day. Besides, my house is pretty crowded at the moment." can a house that big get crowded?Bookmark here

"Alright fine you win, but only because of fairness. But I gotta tell you right now, my house isn't as impressive as yours." I said and we immediately moved. Bookmark here

We arrived at my place and to be honest, I'm pretty nervous. I am bringing a girl to my place. It's not supposed to be a big deal. My heart is beating as fast as a drum. I found a Iroha near the door as I opened it. Bookmark here

"Iroha? Where you going somewhere?" I asked her when I just saw her. "Bookmark here

" Onii-Chan , ah and your friend. Now it's not a good time to be here. " she said while looking pale. Bookmark here

"Is that my Ayato at the door?" a familiar voice. A woman's voice I didn't want to hear especially today of all days.Bookmark here

"Oh no, She's here." I said. Bookmark here

"Who's here" she asked. Bookmark here

"Let's just get in it's not like she'll be here for too l....." I got stopped by the woman who was talking a minute ago because she appeared with nothing but a shirt and her panties and holding a can of alcohol. Bookmark here

"Oh I see you brought a friend with you and it's a girl. You don't bring a girl at home ever. My Ayato has became a man." she said while Iwasaki and I are stunned by this much decency she's showing. Bookmark here

"I told you that it's not a good time to be here." Iroha says. Bookmark here

"WHY ARE YOU CLOSE TO WEARING NOTHING. GET DRESSED!!!!" I shouted to the top of my lungs. Bookmark here

After she put her pants on. We all sat in the living room while Iroha prepered some tea for us. Bookmark here

"Honnestly, next time please call before you come home. It'll be helpful if you do that once in a while." I complained. Bookmark here

"Oh come on, this is my house. I could come at anytime I want. Anyway aren't you going to introduce us to this young lady."she says. Bookmark here

" If I must. Iwasaki meat my family, this is Iroha Hayashi my little sister. And this bag of indicency, believe it or not, is my mother, Yutsuko Hayashi." I introduced them to her. She doesn't look much different than Iroha. But instead of short hair, she has longer hair and you could clearly see a mole in her left breast as well. Bookmark here

"Nice to meet you." Iwasaki said and bowed. Bookmark here

"Yo." My mom said. Bookmark here

"It's nice to meet you too. I'm Tamako Iwasaki. Please to be in your care. " Bookmark here

"So dear. What are to my precious Ayato?" Of all the things she could have asked, why that one. Bookmark here

"Well you see Hayashi-kun and I are dating." and she outright just say that. Oh my life is over. Bookmark here

"Wait, Ayato, my Ayato, is dating a beautiful girl like you? That's amazing, he didn't just grow up, he became a man. I'm so proud of you. I mean that bruise on your eye tells me everything. " mom says with sense of pride. Bookmark here

"I knew that the moment I saw here out of the car, that time means she could be my potential sister in law." Iroha joins her. Bookmark here

"There's a serious screw loose in both of them." I retorted. Bookmark here

While they where both drifting to the past I took Iwasaki to my room. She sat down the table that was in the center of my room and I joined them. Bookmark here

"Your family is really interesting aren't they?" she says. Bookmark here

"Yeah they are, but sometimes they get over exited when it comes to things like this." I said. Bookmark here

"By the way, who is that kid there in that picture?" she asked about a picture, that has a middle schooler, on top of my desk.Bookmark here

"Oh this, that's me when I was in middle school." I answered. Bookmark here

"Then how come.... " I interrupted her. Bookmark here

"How come I look different? This is before the accident." I said showing a sad face and the room became silent for a while until I heard a commotion behind the door. The moment I opened it both mom and Iroha where eavesdropping on us. Bookmark here

"Could I ask what are you doing?" I asked while trying to control my expression from showing my anger. Bookmark here

"Well funny story." she said and I bonked both of them in the head and scolded them for eavesdropping so they apologized and left us alone finally. Bookmark here

After we continued to talk about school stuff and concert things. At the moment, I could feel that Iwasaki was having fun. But who knew that all of that innocent laughter could be easily brake. After an hour or so. A mysterious black, fancy car parked besides our yard and and two men with black suites, who came out of that car, shortly knocked at our door. Since I was closer, I answered the door. Bookmark here

"Is this the Hayashi residents." On of the men said with an intimidating tone. Bookmark here

"Ah yeah. And who might you guys be?" Bookmark here

"Where from the Iwasaki household and where here to pick our lady up. I'm afraid it's pretty urgent." he said. And after that, Iwasaki went back to being the Ice queen she was before. Bookmark here

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