Chapter 1:

Love Point I - High School Debut? Yeah, Right!

DameKano!!: No Good Girlfriend!!

Ah, a new chapter in life,
to start anew as an official high school student!
...Yet it suddenly feels like asking for a normal high school life is too much.
Not a good sign.Bookmark here

♡♡♡♡♡Bookmark here

This was NOT how I imagined the start of my high school life to be like.Bookmark here

Really?Bookmark here

Well, at least it's... different. Compared to the usual, cliched introduction of the main female lead running late to school with a piece of bread in her mouth as breakfast to go.Bookmark here

But this isn't a shoujo manga or light novel. This is real life.Bookmark here

Honestly, though. This is not what I had in mind at all!Bookmark here

"If you don't stop right now, I am going to give you one Hell of a makeover when I get my hands on you!"Bookmark here

Just my luck to be chased down by a model about a year older than me. Said-model was currently threatening me with stilettos as her weapon of choice.Bookmark here

"Tsk! Do you really have to bother me with such things first thing in the morning?" I sent her a sharp glare over my shoulder before turning about face, legs racing as fast as they can go.Bookmark here

"Of course I have to!" I started visualizing her waving a stiletto in one hand, ready to pin me with it like a throwing knife. "I'm your best friend and you just had to do something like this! on your first day of school too!"Bookmark here

*sigh*Bookmark here

You heard right.Bookmark here

This girl, Yuuki Aiko, is my best friend.Bookmark here

What kind of girl would chase her best friend with the devil's heels?Bookmark here

"Apart from breaking the dress code, you decided to sneak behind my back to do this!"Bookmark here

"Well, I had to because you wouldn't approve, Aikkon. Moreover, I had permission to dress up like this, so it's not like you'd change my mind, anyway."Bookmark here

"I don't care about that and of course I wouldn't!" Damn. She heard me. "What kind of best friend would I be, Hitomi, if I let you start off your first day of high school as a crossdresser--"Bookmark here

"Shhhhh! Oh, go ahead and blab to the whole world about my actual gender, why don't you?!"Bookmark here

Wooooow, hello, spoiler alert???Bookmark here

Geez. Bookmark here

This is why I don't trust you with secrets, you know.Bookmark here

"Oh, like you think anyone isn't going to figure it out."Bookmark here

"They won't, save for the very, very few I've told about this."Bookmark here

"But really, though?" Whining much? What is so bad about it? Then again, it does come off as cliche. "Why would you even go that far? This was meant to be your high school debut and you only get one shot at it!"Bookmark here

"I told you before and I'm telling you again for the very last time." Growling now, I stomped away, intending to leave her in the dust. Enough talk, I'm done dealing with you! "I am not going to be the weak girl that nobody took seriously anymore!"Bookmark here

Ah!Bookmark here

*CRASH*Bookmark here

Oh boy... where did I land? This feel very soft yet somehow familiar...Bookmark here

"Kyaaaaa!"Bookmark here

I jumped back immediately, face hot, sweating bullets.Bookmark here

...Looks I underestimated my clumsiness, as usual.Bookmark here

In front of me was a girl, a high school senior from our school, who looked like she was either going to die on the spot or start screaming her head off.Bookmark here

Crap.Bookmark here

Why did I have to land head first into her ample chest?!Bookmark here

And right in front of the academy grounds?!Bookmark here

...Just my luck.
Bookmark here

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