Chapter 1:

The First Time


*Zanes POV*
     I look over to see a beautiful morning sky. My breath heavy. I stand my back kills me. “Why do I feel this way? Why today?” I ask myself, my voice hoarse. I stand in front of a mirror, my moves being mocked by the clean glass. Then I see him...HIM! His name is Travis, but why? You must be asking. I’ll explain.
      It was a few nights ago I was drunk as all hell but I was able to walk somewhat straight. Travis was drunk too, and before I knew it I was in his arms crying. He took me to his house and he had me take a bath. The bath water was warm against my aching body. I had an urge to jerk off...I had to. I took ahold of my member and lightly jerked off my cheeks flushed a deep pink. I thought 
What if he sees me...but what if he would walk in then want to see more.
I stood up after I got done. I washed my body then wrapped a towel around my waist and stared at myself in the mirror.
     He (Travis) walked in as I was getting dressed I can tell he was horny. He took hold of my shoulders then he kissed me...I didn’t know what my body wanted. My hands run against his abs, neck, and arms. My legs around his waist. 
“Do you want to go on?” He asked me his boner prods my leg. My face was red. He stared into my eyes and he smirked. 

   *  Authors note HAHAHAHAHAH cliff hanger I’ll work on chapter 2 because why not. *bows and disappears*

This Novel Contains Mature Content

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