Chapter 2:

His body


*Travis’s POV* 
     My back covered in scratches, my chest covered in HIS scratches. My fangs seemed to be sore for some odd reason. I set up then I stroke Zanes head and smile. “You have lovely blood” I whisper in his ear. I get up to take a shower but Zane’s hand reaches out for my arm and he whispers “please just lie with me for a few more minutes?” He pleads then looks at me his light blue eyes beg. “Fine!” I say then lie with him my hand on his waist. I feel his butt wiggle up to touch my member making me horny again. 

   * 45 minuets pass. * “hmm” I look out the window the sky a deep gray. Come on why today? I asked myself. I stare at Zane’s neck and drool. “I wonder what your thighs taste like” I whisper then wiggle under the blanket to take a good taste of his thighs. I squeeze them. “They are so T H I C C.” I whisper under my breath. As my fangs sink into his thighs he wakes up and smacks my head. “OW” he yelps and I stop sucking blood from his thighs. “What?” I ask my fangs drip his blood. I can tell by the look on his face that he was pleased and confused. “Why did you feel the urge to suck blood out of my thighs?” He asks and wipes the blood on my chin. I look away embarrassed. “I thought that your blood filled thighs would taste amazing.” I tell him my cheeks flushed to a deep red. 

* ughhh this is hard work but I’ll continue this later. *bows and disappears*

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