Chapter 17:

Chapter 17 [New Allies]


Looking at the closet door, I crouch down silently and search Dan's body. After a searching Dan's pocket, I found a curved flip knife and a couple bullet for the handgun. Grabbing the flip knife and two bullets out of the pocket, I grab the handgun I drop earlier and load two bullets into its clips.

I store the flip knife in my pocket, I walk silently to the closet door while holding the handgun in my hand. I open the closet quickly and point my gun inside of it. I was surprised to find a girl the same age as me wearing a strap overall with a white shirt underneath, She also has a pixie haircut with purple highlight, her skin is white, more importantly, her hand is being tied and her mouth is being gagged by a piece of cloth.

The girl wiggles backward until her back is meet with the wall, she shaking her head furiously, and her eyes id filled with fear as she saw me. I Ignore her gesture and look at her tied up hands, there a is few marks on her wrist that look like she was being tied up since yesterday.

I lower my gun and holster it at the back of my pants. I crouch down in front of her and take out the flip knife. taking out the blade from the handle. Suddenly this cause her to freak out, her eyes wide, she starts to shake her body trying to get out of rope and then realization finally struck me, I am covered in blood and holding a knife in my hand.

I let out a laugh as I think about it, I look like a serial killer well I am a killer but not serial one more of a mass murderer, I smile at the girl and her eyes widen as I bring the blade closer to her gagged mouth and slide the blade between her cheek and the cloth.

I cut the cloth off and her mouth finally free, she about to scream when I place a finger on her lip, wanting her to stay quiet.

"W h o.." her voice is hoarse, she coughs a bit, "who are you?" she said again but with a more clearer voice.

I ignore her question and cut off the rest of the rope that kept her tied up. I stand up and start to walk away from the room, I need to find out who is this masked woman,

and kill her.

I clench my fist, flipping back the knife I store it back in my pocket, I can hear a noise as the girl trying to get up when I open the door leading to the bar, there is a fire that still burning in it.

I can hear the girl gag and try to hold her mouth to prevent herself from puking, I think she probably found Dan body and when I look back I see the girl is kicking the dead body while yelling out profanity.

I look away and start walking across the bar.

"Wait for me!!" the girl said toward me.

I keep on walking down the hallway and crossing the pile of dead bodies I murder earlier. The girl still following and calling out to me, I then walk downstairs and exit the motel.

"I SAID WAIT!!" the girl scream at me.

I stopped as I was about to cross the street and head toward the chopper I parked earlier. I look back and saw the girl with her chest pumping as she tries to breathe in air.

" do all of this?" she asked, I nod in response.

"Why?" she asks.

"They try to kill me, I just returning the favor," I said.

"So what you gonna do next?" she asked.

"Find the rest of them and kill them all," I said and turning my back to her.

"Wait, I can help you!!" she said.

"I know who they worked for," she said again.

"Why do you want to help me and why I should trust you?" I ask.

"Because they took everything all I had worked for since I was little, I had no family or friends and the only thing I had is my thing, I want them to pay for what they had done." She said, clenching her fist.

I don't know why but somehow I trusted her, maybe it because her story is almost to mine or the fiery anger and sadness in her eyes because losing everything in her life.

"Your crazy right? helping a murderer" I said and I could not help but grin.

"Fine, Let go before that we need to head somewhere," I said nudging my head toward the Chopper parked across the street.

"Wait we need to get something," She said and run back to the motel, "Don't worry I will be back," She said loudly as she enters the motel.

I wait for a minute when she comes back with two duffel bag in each of her hand. She stops in front of me and opening the bag revealing the money Dan's offer earlier.

"we will be needing this," she said smirking.

"Wait before we go, may I ask you name?" I said turning my back toward the motel.

"It's Cindy Crowe," she said smiling.


After A Long Ride,

I stand in the dark alley away from the temple, avoiding the gaze of the people entering the temple, I keep adjusting the tie that comes with the black suit that Cindy bought for me somewhere along the way.

"Stop it, Let me do it," SHe said, slapping my hand and adjusting my tie, She also wearing a black conservative dress.

"Thank you," I said.

"It no problem, so who my funeral is this?" she asks.

"My uncle," I said.

"Is your uncle the one that got killed by the people you murder last night," she asks.

"No it was someone else, the people last night attack me,"I said.

Cindy let go of the tie and lip her palm then comb my hair. "All done, just like new," she said.

I stand there looking at the temple, my feet heavy and my heart beating so fast. I swallow the spit in my throat, as I was about to take the first step, I saw her. 

Lina, in her black conservative dress, walking upward the step of the temple along with her mother.

"What wrong?" Cindy asked.

"I shouldn't be here, I don't deserve to be here... Let us just go," I said.

"No, it's your uncle funeral you need to go," Cindy said, holding my arm preventing me from leaving.

"Let go of me!!" I said in a higher tone, Cindy let go of my arm.

"you don't know me, how could you know the pain I went through and the regret I must face before my own uncle," I said.

"I could come back home sooner and I could have saved him, I could do so many things to save him and the scenario of me saving him have been at the back of my mind since day 1," I said, tear welled up in my eyes.

"In the end, I couldn't save him and all the training I went through with my uncle, I couldn't use it to save him because I was late," I said.

"If I only arrive sooner," I said, digging my nail into my palm then I let out the anger in me, by punching the wall beside me. I injure my fist from the friction of hitting the wall with a bare hand.

"YES, I don't know you and YES, we only just met but I never had a chance like you, a chance to bid your family farewell for the last time," Cindy said her arm on my shoulder comforting me.

"Take the chance Haru because there will be no next time," Cindy said.

I grit my teeth and remove my fist from the wall, I look back at the temple and start walking. I can see in the corner of my eyes Cindy is smiling and following me behind.