Chapter 16:

Chapter 16 [Revenge]


I keep on smiling while glaring at the man who murders me, Igni saw my smile and let out a laugh.

"I broke you didn't I?" Igni said with a smirk on his face.

I raise the barrel of my shotgun toward Igni but he quickly slings a fireball toward me, I dodge to the right letting the fireball hit the wall.

I raise the barrel again but was interrupted by another fireball sling at me. My lip pursed as I feel frustrated.  I dash toward Igni while avoiding the fireball that is sling at me. 

When I finally close in, I raise the barrel again and this time aim at his head. I look at his face and surprise to see a smile on his face.

Distracted by the smile, I was blown away when Igni covers his entire bodies in a blazing fire and explode outward causing me to be thrown backward. I hit the wall and drop the shotgun on the ground midway.

My jacket was singe and slightly burned by the fire, I look upward and saw Igni is fine but his upper clothing had burned away revealing his chest.

I brushed the small fire on my shoulder away.

"Nice try kid but I fought people way more dangerous than you compare to them you just an ant," Igni said puffing his chest.

Igni then walks to the shotgun and grab it off the ground, I look at his hand glow red like hot metal then he easily bends the barrel upward, making the shotgun useless.

I examine the room searching for anything that I can use to defeat this guy. I clench my fist finding nothing, Igni lets go of the broken shotgun and gesture his hand to challenge me.

I stand up slowly, I can feel something shifting in the pocket than an idea pops up in my head.

"Arrogance leads to defeat" I mutter under my breath.

I reach into my pocket and clinch the item in my fist then taking out my fist out of the pocket. I dash forward this time raising both my fist. Igni let me get close to him and ready his stance to block my attack.

When I was enough distance between me and Igni, I throw the first punch and he blocked it with his left arm. Turning my body, I create a momentum in which carry my kick.

The kick connected with Igni ribs, causing him to wince in pain. Igni glare at me, his smile was long gone and replaced by a frown. Igni push my leg and fist away then he starts to throw a couple light jab toward me.

I block every one of them then he pulls back his fist and launches it toward me. The fist caught on fire as it moving toward me, I move my head slightly avoiding the flaming fist, the fire from the fist was so hot passing beside my head and my hair that was closed to it signed.

Igni start another attack he starts to throw a few light jabs then another flaming fist. I block the light jab and avoid the flaming fist.

Igni keep on barrage me with an attack that causes me to backward slowly until I hit a table behind me. I flip backward and stand on top of the table. Igni look at me with anger fill his eyes, he raises his fist up in the air and brings it downward, his hand was on fire. When it hit the table, the table exploded in two. I managed to flip back again barely miss the explosion, a couple wood debris landed on me but I brush them off.

"Is that all you got?" I said, taunting him.

"talk all you want Haru but we know who is winning here!!" Igni said.

Igni moves his hand as he ready to sling another fireball toward me, I take that chance to charge at him. This causes his action to be interrupted, I raise my feet and roundhouse kick at Igni. Igni already raising his arm to block it but that was a mistake as come my leg comes into contact with his arm and I use the momentum to use my other leg to kick the same arm that blocks me.

With enough force that I throw in my kick cause Igni block was useless, he arms retracted to his shoulder and he moves to the right a bit. Igni grit his teeth, I drop down and landed on my hand then I flip backward. I charge again this time I throw a couple light jab at him, he blocks it but I can see an opening in his block, my jab manage to go through his block and hit the center of his chest.

Igni back away from my jab and trying to catch a breath. He glared dagger at me and in his eyes a disbelief manifested.

"You think you are strong?" Igni said.

"you just a freaking human with no power but I am powered and I am at the same level of god," Igni said, his body turning hot red and all the sweat on his body turn into vapor.

His open his hand and raise it toward his face, it started to catch on fire and he aims both of them toward me. A stream of blazing fire come toward me like a flamethrower, I didn't move instead this was what I waiting for.

I push through the stream of fire and Igni scream as he put everything he got in the flame. I block the fire from my face with both hand, the fire starts to burn my skin and pain surface as I was being cooked alive But the pain was nothing compared to what happened that night, A smile crept on my lip.

When I was close enough to Igni, I open my hand revealing a two shotgun shell.


Suddenly Igni stops his attack when I open my eyes, I look at my mangled, burned and missing finger hands. The pain was unbearable at the time but I hear a sound, something a bag of potato just falls to the ground. I lower my hand and saw what had happened.

I let out a laugh.

"you no god," I said.

"you just a human with flaw just like all of us,"I said.

Igni face was full of shrapnel bullet from the shotgun shell exploded earlier, it spread to the entire room even my hand didn't survive but the more importantly, his face was the one that closes to the explosion. It destroys his face and there was nothing left except for a few teeth, a somewhat looking nose with many holes and one of his eye was missing.

I walk to the broken table, grabbing the table leg that was broken with my hand that still work and I walk to Igni again. I get down to my knee at Igni head, raising the table leg and I bring it down and I hit the Igni head.

I hit again.

I hit again.

I hit again.

Blood splatter around it and onto my face, I kept on laughing. I finally did it, I got one of them. Finally, relieved fill my entire body.

I look at Igni face, there was nothing but a glob of meat and blood. I walk toward the other door and lean to the wall beside the door, I look at my destroyed hand and I start counting.

"10,20,30,40,50,60" I mutter under my breath.

I look at my wound as it begins to heal faster than anything I saw before it only took 3 seconds to heal all the wound on my body. I look at my new hand even the missing finger grown back to what it was, I touch hair surprised to feel that my hair isn't growing back, it remains singe, Interesting but I still got a job to do.

I knock on the door.

Bullets come flying through the door from the sound of the weapon. I can determine that it was a handgun.


I turn and kick the door, as the break open I saw a man behind the desk who they probably called 'Dan', he is trying to change the magazine of the handgun and he is doing a poor job at it. I walk slowly to him, his whole body shaking with fear and finally, he manages to load the handgun but I quickly throw the table leg at him, causing him to fall back and drop the handgun.

He tries to reach for the handgun on the floor, I step on the handgun preventing him from trying to grab it then Dan raise his hand up in the air, showing me a sign of surrender.

"Wait wait I can give you money," he said then pointing at the double black bag on the floor.

"Two million it all your if you let me go," he said.

I grab the handgun off the floor and checking the ammo in it. I point the handgun at Dan's leg, squeeze the trigger and He screams in pain as I squeeze the trigger of the handgun pointing to his other leg.

"Please just tell me what you want!!!'" Dan plead.

I lean on the table and place the handgun on it, I look at the man on the floor with both of his leg shot.

"I want revenge for killing my uncle," I said softly.

"what? wait, you that kid? you supposed to be dead" Dan said, finally realizing who I am.

"you didn't even remember me..." I said and let out a chuckle.

Grabbing the handgun and I shot his shoulder. he screams in pain while pressing on his wound.

"we... dint ..kill your uncle.." Dan mutter.

"DON'T EVEN TRY TO LIE TO ME!!!" I yell at him.

"I'm not lying, I swear when we arrive a the house he already dead, Please just let me go," Dan said, his eyes full of water.

"then who did it?" I ask then placing the barrel of the handgun on his forehead.

"Wait... it was a masked woman with a Japanese sword, I saw her leave when we arrive, please don't kill me," Dan said.

I pull back the handgun away and I place my hand on top of my forehead. Dan face show sign of relieved as I pull back the handgun.

"Can I ask you a question?" I ask.

"Anything," Dan said.

"what were to happen if I arrive with somebody else that night?" I ask.

"we..would have to kill that person," Dan said while gulping on his own spit.

The thought of Lina getting hurt cause me so much anger, I look back at Dan and smile. Dan look at me then he awkwardly smiles at me. I aim the handgun on Dan's head and unload every bullet into Dan skull. A flash of light envelope the entire room and accompany by multiple gunshot noises.

I let go of the handgun and it falls to the floor, I lean on the table again and begin to breathe in and out, feeling calm and serene. Suddenly, a loud noise like a lot of thing falling from high shelves coming from inside of the closet.