Chapter 131:

Vol. 8 Chapter 5-And then, there was Rage Part 3

Hour Empty Child

Sherald slowly crawled up to his feet, heavy breaths heaving from him as he looked up with a snarl of a wild beast. He saw before him the one who had the audacity of hitting him with a partisan’s shaft.Bookmark here

He saw Kudo, the young boy with azure hair that stood before him, along with the unconscious Cirya beside him, but Kudo didn’t pay heed to her at all, and instead walked towards Sherald.
He looked up at the young boy’s face, but instead of he found an expression that a young boy like him shouldn’t have.Bookmark here

It was an expression unlike his usual gentle visage. His eyes were sharp, and his scowl seemed so demonic, it didn’t look human. It still looked like a face, but the way his brows were furrowed was enough to contort his face into that of a battle-hardened soldier ready to destroy his enemy.Bookmark here

His party members stood with this kind of view in their minds when they saw their leader change.Bookmark here

“I-Is that Kudo-chii?”Bookmark here

Tsuchi said with an unnatural sense of fear in his tone. He pointed at the being whom he thought was his leader that looked exactly like him.Bookmark here

“W-Whoa… he looks so different. Well, not different, but more like… he changed.”Bookmark here

Mizuri managed to say without sounding confusing, to say the least. She looked at him with her brows raised in shock along with everyone else.Bookmark here

“H-He looked like that when he saved me and Raika from those phony debt collectors… but he’s way, way more angrier than that…”Bookmark here

Kuki said as he recalled seeing such an expression on his face in that dark alleyway a few months back. He believed that it was an expression he shows when he’s truly angry, but now he sees that it’s nothing compared to what he’s seeing now.Bookmark here

“Kudo… looks so scary…” Raika stuttered, her hands shaking as she felt that the difference between the crazed Sherald, and the angry Kudo, were leagues apart—with Kudo being more frightening.Bookmark here

“Kudo...” Hinota, most of all, became shocked from seeing this change for herself.Bookmark here

Within her mind, she knew the reason why—when Sherald spoke of Dark experience, it was then that they were reminded of that time in Vipory where they learned it first-hand. Her body shivered at the mere thought of that memory, but she sees Kudo is now reacting to that.Bookmark here

Pure rage—utter anger and hatred oozed from him like a waterfall. The sense of malice could be sensed from his very being. She couldn’t believe it—rather, she refuses to believe—that he’s the same Kudo she knew.Bookmark here

Kudo walked forward with a scowl that even the other children found it as a new fear to cry from. Sherald gritted his teeth, no longer caring about his expression.Bookmark here

“Get out of my way! I need this! I need this kill!”Bookmark here

Sherald swung his dagger widely, as if trying to scare him to back away. He didn’t know why, but he somehow felt frightened of him. It could be his sense as an adventurer warning him, but his mind refuses to believe it.Bookmark here

After feeling the kind of strength he received from Dark Experience, it wasn’t possible that he would be afraid of a child who hit him once with a possible fluke of a hit.Bookmark here

He gripped his dagger’s hilt tightly, and proceeded to charge at him without hesitation.Bookmark here

“Give me my kill! ——《Piercing Slash》!”Bookmark here

Sherald decided to activate a skill as he lowered his knees and jumped up into the air, gaining a few meters upwards which cast a shadow down on Kudo from the sunlight above. His blade started to shimmer, not just from the sunlight bearing down on it, but the skill itself made the blade glow an aura of white light surrounding it.Bookmark here

The Piercing Slash, a thief-class skill, allows the user to attack with a slashing motion that has the property of a pierce, allowing it to cut through tough armor—a worthy skill for thieves who attack from behind.Bookmark here

The blade shined with the white glow as Sherald aimed the falling blade right onto Kudo who remained still. Kudo turned his head upwards, and looked up—causing a chill to run through Sherald’s back the moment his eyes met his.Bookmark here

“W-What…?” Sherald could only say before he suddenly found himself in the air, not towards Kudo, but away from him, and a massive pain in his right chest.Bookmark here

He couldn’t believe what was happening. He looked down, and noticed that his chest was pierced by none other than the giant partisan that Kudo used before, only this time, he used the blade.Bookmark here

Sherald looked further below, time moving slowly as he saw Kudo’s expression that never changed, yet he swiftly and precisely launched a fast attack that nearly pierced him.Bookmark here

“G-Gah!” Sherald’s scream echoed across the plaza as he was launched back up in the air and down onto the ground in one fell swoop.Bookmark here

The sound of his body hitting the ground resounded, and the feeling of pain shot through along his spine and head that hit the ground in succession.Bookmark here

Saliva trailed from Sherald’s lips, showing so much suffering over his chest as he clutched it hard with his right hand, blood trailing from it to the ground.Bookmark here

He slowly got up with his elbows, looking over at Kudo who raised his partisan and flicked the blood from its tip to the ground, causing to splatter all over. Kudo then opened the inventory screen and put away his partisan.Bookmark here

“Ghh, h-how…?”Bookmark here

“Like I thought—your skin becomes hard after absorbing the dark experience.”Bookmark here

Kudo suddenly said, walking forward with slow steps which made Sherald suddenly gasp.Bookmark here

“So it’s gonna take a lot for me to slice you apart.”Bookmark here

“W-What…?”Bookmark here

Suddenly Sherald was the one being threatened by none other than Kudo who continued at a slow pace. The others watching couldn’t believe what was happening—the killer who was going to murder everyone he saw was now becoming the victim.Bookmark here

Whether they felt bad for him or not, they definitely weren’t seeing a regular event.Bookmark here

“For someone like you… who goes and kills others for no reason. Even for a reason so stupid like that… someone like you…”Bookmark here

Kudo’s tone, low and grim, suddenly grew higher as he bared his teeth.Bookmark here

“Someone like you deserves to be punished!”Bookmark here

Kudo screamed out, his roar echoing across the plaza as he rushed in like a lion ready to slaughter his next prey.Bookmark here

Sherald couldn’t even react as fast as he was suddenly picked up by Kudo by a single hand on his collar, already lifting up an older male with no sweat at all. Kudo raised his other fist, and delivered a swift hook across his face, blood spewed forth from his mouth from the hit.Bookmark here

But Kudo was not done yet.Bookmark here

He raised his knee and hit his stomach with it. He grabbed hold of his leather armor and pulled him along, swinging him around before he threw him to the ground. His body now on the ground, Kudo then straddled over Sherald by the waist, his furious eyes bearing down onto Sherald who couldn’t follow along what was going on.Bookmark here

Kudo then swung his fist at him—over, and over, and over, and over, and over again.Bookmark here

He didn’t stop.Bookmark here

He didn’t want to stop.Bookmark here

He kept delivering blow after blow across his face to the point where it started to frighten the other citizens. Some parents covered their children’s eyes like they were meant to do to disallow them from seeing such a violent display.Bookmark here

To the E-Plus, they were seeing something that they never got to see before—and they didn’t like it.Bookmark here

“H-He’s killing him…!” Raika’s hands trembled as she couldn’t handle seeing such ferocity coming from Kudo himself.Bookmark here

Mizuri couldn’t even believe that such a nerdy-looking boy who knows how to put up a good fight could even be capable of delivering so much rampage. Tsuchi and Kuki held their breaths, and Hinota felt that she couldn’t breathe.Bookmark here

This definitely isn’t Kudo, but as of now, he is currently about to demolish Sherald with everything that he has.Bookmark here

“You think you can just kill whoever you want just because you want to?!”Bookmark here

Kudo began to yell as he kept punching him over and over again with the same force that was enough to make Sherald spew blood.Bookmark here

Each time, Sherald’s face was starting to distort, no longer looking like himself as blow after blow hit his face.Bookmark here

“You’ll see that when you do, you won’t get your way! No matter what, you’ll never see the light of day again!”Bookmark here

Kudo kept screaming his intent as he finally stopped punching him. He raised himself to his feet, and picked up Sherald with one hand.Bookmark here

Kudo raised Sherald to the point of meeting him face to face, his legs left lifeless on the floor while Sherald’s face was left so battered and bruised that it didn’t seem like he was so frightening just moments ago.Bookmark here

Kudo then moved him towards the tree, and threw him to it. Sherald’s body landed on the tree before falling to the grassy ground, his body left lifeless like a doll without any movement.Bookmark here

Kudo breathed in sharply, and brought out his inventory screen once more. He pulled out his bastard sword, the same black-colored sword with a red color in the center, as if to portray the inner colors within Kudo right now.Bookmark here

He lifted his sword, the sun shining down on the blade which caused it to reflect the light.
He was ready to finally deliver the justice Sherald deserves.Bookmark here

“Now, you’re going to pay—for everything that you did!”Bookmark here

Kudo shouted, gripping his sword tightly as he held it in both hands, ready to strike.
Kudo roared as he swung his sword at Sherald’s neck, aiming to—Bookmark here

“Kudo!”Bookmark here

Before he could deliver the final strike, Hinota rushed in with her superior speed and stopped Kudo in his tracks by blocking his bastard sword with her katana. Her blade swiftly flew like a gale.Bookmark here

Kudo peered from his sword at Hinota who gritted her teeth, her hands felt numb from the force he delivered as metal grated against metal.Bookmark here

“Kudo, that’s enough!” Hinota shouted, her scowl showing more anger than Kudo. “That’s enough, already! There’s no need to go so far!”Bookmark here

“Get out of my way, Hinota!”Bookmark here

Kudo shouted before he pushed Hinota aside, launching her forward before landing on her feet a few feet away. Kudo gripped his sword tightly, gritting his teeth.Bookmark here

“What are you doing, Hinota?!”Bookmark here

“No, what are you doing, Kudo?! This isn’t like you!”Bookmark here

Hinota snapped back at Kudo, both holding their weapons tightly, though not at each other.Bookmark here

“Hinota, he killed Jax. He was about to kill Cirya! He needs to pay!”Bookmark here

“Not like this! Hinota shouted, her heart becoming in tatters. “Kudo, this isn’t the way to deliver justice! He needs to be judged by the law!”Bookmark here

“The law can never satisfy the dead!”Bookmark here

Kudo snapped back, widening Hinota’s eyes as she saw something within his jade colored eyes flicker.Bookmark here

She saw pain—pain and suffering despite the anger he was showing. She knew exactly what it was, and the thought of it stung her heart.Bookmark here

“That’s why…” Kudo turned back to the downed Sherald, once again raising his blade.
“Kudo!”Bookmark here

“Raaah!”Bookmark here

Kudo swung his blade once again. But this time, he didn’t hit flesh nor bone.Bookmark here

His blade struck the tree, slashing the wood across and marking it with a gaping cut. The leaves from the tree fell as Kudo regained whatever calmness he could muster.Bookmark here

His eyes widened to see that Sherald has gone missing. Hinota herself became wide-eyed as everyone else who saw this gaped.Bookmark here

“Hey, look!” Kuki shouted, pointing his finger above which got everyone else to react by looking upwards.Bookmark here

Up above the building at the end of the plaza, they saw two beings on top of the roof. On that roof, one was hidden in a tanned cloak, with a hood that hid his face. The other, being carried within the cloaked figure’s arm, was the bloody Sherald.Bookmark here

“Hey! Who are you?!” Kudo shouted, swinging his sword to the side with enough force to send a gale.Bookmark here

His scowl onto the being who kidnapped his target burned into the hooded figure’s mind, but he didn’t budge. The wind blew on the cloaked figure, his cloak swaying in the breeze as he raised his other free arm, and clutched his fist.Bookmark here

Before long, the two quickly disappeared as a black fog covered the area, the breeze blowing away the fog as it dispersed in the air, leaving behind nothing in its wake.Bookmark here

“W-What the hell…?!” Kudo gritted his teeth as he swung his blade in anger again, breathing heavily.Bookmark here

Hinota wasn’t sure whether this was a bad thing or a good thing as she looked back at Kudo who continued to growl and grit his teeth in frustration.Bookmark here

It was then that the plaza returned to its normal atmosphere, or as normal as it gets…Bookmark here

Meanwhile, far enough away from the plaza, in a section of the city where there was nobody in sight…Bookmark here

A group of well-armored knights were sitting on the ground, tied up together in a big pile as rope-like black energy bound their bodies together. Their eyes were closed as they have lost consciousness.Bookmark here

“Looks like she managed to get him away.”Bookmark here

The figure who stood on the side of the knights looked back towards the direction where the Plaza was. Pushing up his glasses towards himself, the sun shined down on his bald head as it reflected its light by its sheen.Bookmark here

“But it doesn’t look like he did as much damage as I had hoped. Looks like there wasn’t any point in tying up the knights. Well, not like they could do anything anyways.”Bookmark here

The bald-headed intelligent looking man looked back down at the unconscious knights, and with a sneering grin, he lifted his foot and kicked one knight's head, blood spewing from his mouth without him even waking up.Bookmark here

“Talk about useless… and if it weren’t for those adventurers, this day could have gotten to be so much fun. Ah well… guess it’s time to head home.”Bookmark here

Pushing up against his glasses once again as they almost fell from that powerful kick, the bald man looked up towards the sky, snapping his fingers as the rope-like energy around the knights dissipated, the knights fell over on top of each other as the man quickly disappeared in the blink of an eye.Bookmark here

In the end, they managed to resolve the issue, but what’s gonna happen now…?Bookmark here

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