Chapter 14:

Of to the Concert :Preperations 100% ready - Part 2.

Cellular Redo

Maaan I don't feel like waking up this morning. Well what you gonna do. It's a Monday morning and you gatta go to school. No use getting beaten up by it. Bookmark here

While I slap my checks with my hands to wake my sluggish body up. I thought of what went down on Saturday. Bookmark here

"We're from the Iwasaki household and where here to pick our lady up. I'm afraid it's pretty urgent." one of the men in black says and Iwasaki followed with a cold expression as if she didn't want to go. Bookmark here

While I was thinking on what's happening, Miyura grabbed my sleeve to get my attention. Bookmark here

"Oh Miyura, Good morning." I said. Bookmark here

"Morning Hayashi. You look like you're in thought that much. What's going on? Are you worried about this Friday by any chance? " she asked. Bookmark here

"Oh, well I'd be lying if I say no. I'm sorta woried about something else. But don't pay too much attention about it." I say to not let her worry. Then while we were chatting, Nakano came from the behind and suddenly hugged me. Bookmark here

"GOT YOU!!!" She says followed by a giggle while she's right behind me which surprised me. Bookmark here

"WHOA. .. N.. N... NAKANO WHERE DID YOU COME FROM!!!?" I screamed surprised and I blushed because I could feel her boobs where she was hugging me. Bookmark here

"It's a rare sight to see you too walking together." she said after she dismounted my back. Bookmark here

"It's not a rare sight. We've been walking to school almost everyday. You don't see us because you go to school early so you don't get the chance to see us." I say that while recovering from being flustered earlier. Bookmark here

"Speaking of, why are you going to school at this time? Doesn't your club meet early? " I continued by asking. Bookmark here

"Thanks to the check up last weekend, our club was not allowed to meet in the mornings. So thanks to that, I got to sleep-in until later lucky me." she said with a chearfull tone. Bookmark here

"I see. Although I don't get why are you so cheary about." I answered. Bookmark here

We both continue walking to school talking about how things where recently. Of course Miyura kept quiet as we where walking but again and again she would give out a smile or a chuckle or two. Bookmark here

It's now lunch time. An unexpected guest paid our classroom a little visit which shocked everyone who was infront of the door. Naturally, I didn't notice since I sit across the classroom. I saw a huge crowd has mounted blocking the door brought my attention. I was curious of what's going on so I stood up to see what's all the fuss is about. When I reached infront I saw Iwasaki, in the flash, in front of the door. It makes sense why there would be a massive crowd over there. Bookmark here

"Oh, Hayashi-kun there you are. Thank goodness, I thought you've already left." she saying that like she's glad to see me. She then ran towards me and clinged on me by hugging my left arm. Everyone, including me, gasped out a big 'HEH!!' out of surprise. Bookmark here

I-I-I-I-I-IWASAKI, W-W-W-W-WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH MY ARM!!!!!"I say that while I'm super embarrassed about what she's doing that I started spouting nonsense. Bookmark here

"Why are you so flustered about this is normal, I mean we are boyfriend and girlfriend after all." she said. I mean she does have a point could she just warn me before she does it, I need to me mentally ready damn it. Bookmark here

"Wanna go eat lunch together?" she continued. And now, there are a lot of mixed feelings in the entire class. Of which there are some girls who are totally surprised and others who are joining sides of the boys, by cursing me for whatever reason I don't know. I took a good glance at Taki. Awesome he's still sleeping.Bookmark here

"Ah, Yeah I think it's best we do it immediately." I suggest it and we left. When I thought she was going to let me go, she held me tighter as we moved in the hallway. Bookmark here

"Look I know we have to make a statement to other people, but could you take it easy with the clinging?"I whispered. Bookmark here

"Hey it can't be helped. By doing things this way we cannot cause any suspicins." she answered with a smile. Bookmark here

"That's true, but THEY are touching me." I got extra flustered as I was pointing that one out. Bookmark here

"I-I-I-I-It can't be help!!!" she clinged even harder. I'M PRETTY SURE YOU'RE EVEN MORE EMBARRASSED THAN ME.Bookmark here

We arrived at the club room still in our state. Imai senpai was sitting in her usual seat and she glanced at our direction. Bookmark here

"Hm, I should have expected that the two of you are a thing. Why didn't you tell us in the first place?" she asked by looking at our state. Bookmark here

"We actually just started dating a week ago." she let me go finally. she then went to Imai Senpai and they talked about how we became a thing, by lying and hiding the fact we're fake dating. Is it a good idea to hide that part though. And in the nick of time Miyazaki senpai came. I'm saved. Bookmark here

"Ah, Senpai is here. Can we start practicing?!" I said that with a shacky voice to end that conversation. Bookmark here

For the past four days I kept getting eye stabs from the 'Hayashi should burn in hell' group every time Iwasaki entered the classroom, Imai senpai and Iwasaki kept talking about our situation before and after practices and apparently, the news about us being a couple spreaded throughout the school. I was the no. 1 target around campus. But at least I was helping her out. Bookmark here

Since it's now Friday, Imai Sensei came to check on us in the club room as we do the final preparations. Bookmark here

"Tonight is the night for the big school consert. I came here to check up on you. Is everything alright? Are all of you ready to participate?" she asked. Bookmark here

"Well since the concert was announced a little short notice and we all where nowhere near prepered, I think we've done all we can these past weeks. All I could say is we're ready to show the stage hell." I said with confidence. Bookmark here

"I agree. With the practice we've done I think we can do this." says Miyazaki and Imai senpai agreed to. Bookmark here

"Then I have nothing else to say, you can do this." Imai Sensei said to all of us. Bookmark here

We started preparing for the night at the gym where the concert would be held. Bookmark here

"Ah, I think we missing some cords here. Miyazaki senpai, do you have some cords at your end?" I asked. Bookmark here

"No. But I think you should check back in the club room." she suggested. Bookmark here

When I got back to the club room. I saw Iwasaki looking at a piece of paper looking sad again. Bookmark here

"Iwasaki are you alright? You seem kinda down." I asked and she jolted as soon as she hered me asking. Bookmark here

"it's nothing at all. Don't worry about it. I only wanted my keyboard." she said after she faced me and hiding a page she had in her hand. Bookmark here

"What are you doing here?"she continued asking. Bookmark here

" Where short in cords, Miyazaki senpai said that there should be more in here. But since where going there together anyway. Let me hold your keyboard. "I said and we moved towards the jym together. Bookmark here

Night time came faster than we've hoped and everything is set up really nicely. People started coming in flocks and before we knew it, the hall was packed. Bookmark here

" This is it guys. Let's show them all hell. " I said. Bookmark here

"Yeah!" The all followed. Bookmark here

The concert started we sang about four songs within an hour of a time we where given. It's a good thing we where practicing these songs after we got our club months ago. Playing with real drummer beats a digital one any time. I'm more impressed with Imai senpai than anything. She mastered the songs we where doing for 2 months in 2 weeks. Not only that, playing with everyone was a lot funner than I've imagined. When I glanced at Miyazaki senpai, her nerves looks to be calmer than when we where practicing these past few day. When I looked at Iwasaki, she seemed to be free when she was killing it on that keyboard. I wonder what would have happened to this club when I didn't step in to check who was playing the piano elegantly or if I didn't persist on letting join the club. For our last song we played the song we all created these past few days ago and the mood turned from existing to interested to hear this song. With that we concluded our song for this concert. Bookmark here

After everyone cleared out of the jym it was time for us to go. I see a car has came to pick Iwasaki up and she left without saying anything. I found it very weird since she's done this twice now. As I was looking at Iwasaki going, the student council stood towards me. Bookmark here

"Good job out there for a two timing bra..... Owwww what was that foooor!" Sakai Senpai wined after I bonked her in the head. Bookmark here

"Don't give me that crap. Do you know how much trouble did you put us in? " I scolded her. Bookmark here


"How many times did I tell you I........ DON'T....... WANT...... TO...... MARY..... UCHIDA...... SENPAI!" I continously bonked her in the head and she hid behind Uchida senpai. Bookmark here

"Waaaahaaaa. Yukiko pleeeeease help me." she whines. Bookmark here

"I told you not to provoke him like that." Uchida senpai said to Sakai Senpai. She continued to whynes so I left them like that to go get my bag so I could get my bag. Bookmark here

I arrived at the club room to grab my bag and as I was about to get out of the door, I noticed a page so I picked it up. It was a transfer paper to an all girls school in Tokyo. It took me a few seconds to figure it out. So that's why Iwasaki was sad earlier. For some reason I felt a bit frustrated. I chugged the page in my bag and got out of the gate. I'll ask her tomorrow. It looks like I'm the only one who's walking home. Bookmark here

On my way to the station, the same fancy car that stoped in my house last week, stopped in front of me. The driver signaled me to get in so I did. TheBookmark here

Inside there was one guy in a fancy suite sitting to the other side of the car. It looks to me he's not gonna drive me around for lasure or anything like that. The suite looked so fancy and expensive, is he related to Iwasaki in anyway. Bookmark here

"So this is Ayato Hayashi I kept hearing about. To be honest you don't look that interesting from what I've heard." he said he looks to be calm, chilled and confident and I have to say he's kinda intimidating me a little. Bookmark here

"I'm very fladerd that someone who looks so important knows me even by name. To whom do I own this pleasure?" I said in a calm face but that was a facade. I'm so intimidated by this guy's aura. Bookmark here

"Oh so where going to formalities already. Very well my name is Haruto Iwasaki. As you've already guessed I'm Tamako's older brother." he said. Bookmark here

Thought so, he's her older brother huh. Who knows what does he want for me and I don't know how much researched all about me. And that part scares me even more. Bookmark here

"So what does a hotshot like you even want with a guy as ordinary as me?" I asked. It's best to know what he wants. Bookmark here

"Guess formalities are all over. Alright since you're asking I might as well entertain you a little. I know about your relationship with Tamako." he finally gets to the point. Bookmark here

By my relationship, does he mean our fake relationship. Or maybe she hasn't told him about it yet. Then again he might have spys in the school. Bookmark here

"I'm going to say this once so at least get it in your skull. Brake up with Tamako and stay away from her as far as possible." he was being more intimidating than usual right there. I could feel how serious he is from that last remark. Bookmark here

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