Chapter 6:


Otherworld Transfer: The story You don't know

"Ah, it seems all of you are awake, allow me to introduce myself"Bookmark here

A clear sounding voice brings me back to reality from the shock of seeing all the burnt bodies. No, not bodies. Corpses, yes corpses. The burnt corpses around me.Bookmark here

"I am the head priest of the temple of Ouroboros- sama, Lucius Rengifu Melari, you may call me Lucius"Bookmark here

The guy called Lucius says while climbing up the stairs.Bookmark here

"Hm? What is this? The princess- sama seems to have fainted, is she dead?"Bookmark here

Lucius then snaps his fingers and five people come up the stairs, they arrive in front of me and after making sure that she is breathing, they carry the pink haired marshmallow girl away...Bookmark here

" Well, nevermind that, have you all recovered? Then can you please follow me? The situation shall be explained to you by his majesty, the emperor."Bookmark here

Hearing this, I look behind me to observe the others' reactions, all of them have faces that clearly want to ask a couple of questions... Well almost all of them since Kanzashi- san still seems to be glaring at me, maybe it's just my imagination?Bookmark here

It seems they still haven't noticed the corpses yet.Bookmark here

After a while, Kurono- sensei stands up.

"It looks like we don't have a choice, do we?"Bookmark here

"I'm afraid not." Lucius repliesBookmark here

"Well then, students, we shall be following Lucius- san for now."
Kurono- sensei announces to usBookmark here

And towards Lucius:
"I have a lot of questions I want to ask you know?" Bookmark here

"Of course Hero- san, all of those will be answered by his majesty soom enough, now then shall we leave?"Bookmark here

After the exchange, the Riajuu group stand up one by one, they don't look like they have their bags with them. Following Kurono- sensei they walk towards her an approach Lucius.Bookmark here

"Natsuki- kun? Can you get up and grab your things please? We're leaving now you know?"Bookmark here

Kurono- sensei asks and in response I stand and open up my desk cover, pack all the books I received this morning into my bag and have one final look around.Bookmark here

All these corpses.

One by one the Riajuu group walks past me and... Bookmark here

OUCH!!!Bookmark here

Kanzashi- san accidentally steps on my foots as she passes by me! So much force coming from such a small girl, as I rub my foot which is in a lot pain, I can swear I heard her muttering something with a cold expression on her face...

"..rvert.."Bookmark here

Let's just pretend I didn't hear anything. Yup, nothing. Absolutely nothing. Who's a pervert? Not me. Nope. She must be talking about Yoichi. Yep I'm no pervert. I am a sage.Bookmark here

Following Lucius and some priest-like people we head down the stairs and proceed out the door.Bookmark here

Directly outside the door,on the floor there is a circle large enough to fit 20 people, various patterns are drawn on the inner part of the circle, it is radiating a faimt blue glow.Bookmark here

"Will everyone please step into the transportation magic circle?"Bookmark here

Transportation magic? Magic? It's not 'that' magic is it? The one in light novels?Bookmark here

Kurono- sensei obediently steps inside, the Riajuu group follows after her, I step in last. After confirming that everyone was inside the priest begin saying something that sounded like a chant.

"O gateway of the world, link our paths, bring us to our destination as you render distance meaningless. Transport!"Bookmark here

Lucius and the priests hands begin to glow a faint blue, then the light from the circle intensifies.Bookmark here

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