Chapter 5:

Pink Marshmallows

Otherworld Transfer: The story You don't know

The first thing I see is... Pink? A fuzzy pink?Bookmark here

Wait, my glasses seem to have been separated from me, I move my hands to try and look for my glasses, hm, my left hand feels like it's touching warm concrete as I move it beside me, while I reach my right hand out in front of me...Bookmark here

Hm? What is this??? The texture I'm feeling from my fingertips in front of me is different from what my left hand is feeling, it feels silky and smooth. I reach a bit further, then I try moving my right hand downwards... Bookmark here

*PYON*Bookmark here


A different feeling comes to my hand, a soft sensation, like touching a marshmallow, a round marshmallow it seems. I wonder what would happen if I squeezed it? I squeeze and my hand feels as though it is being absorbed by the marshmallow. It's a magical feeling, I try to squeeze again, harder this time, with more force, to test the elasticity of this marshmallow.Bookmark here

Ooooohhh.Bookmark here

I can't help but be amazed, my hand sinks into it and the marshmallow seems to spill out of my hand, what is this? So bouncy and soft, yet firm and smooth... The best feeling. It can only be from the best material on earth, don't tell me its the God metal found in light novels?! Orichalcum? It's not that is it?!! It seems impossible yet, how can it be anything else? It's so magical and mysterious.. Bookmark here

A pink marshamallow? I squeeze some more. *PYON* *PYON*. Its fun.Bookmark here

"Ahhnnn.. Auu.. please.. don't.. Ahh!!"Bookmark here

As I am entranced by the wonderful sensation, I seem to hear a voice coming from directly in front of me.Bookmark here

AH! My left hand seems to have found my glasses, I immediately put them on without removing my right hand from the marshamallow, my vision clears up and I see...Bookmark here

A pink haired girl about fifteen or sixteen years old, with a face that can be described as that of a European princess. Though her face is red, It looks almost as if she's overheating... Why?

"Ahhn.. p-p-please.. c-can you please stop H-Hero- kun.. Mmm.. Hah.. hah.. i-if this continues, I don't know if I can ho-hold on.. Haah.. Auu.. b-b-but if you i-insist.. i-it is my first time so.. Ahhhhnn.. p-please be gentle with me If you can H-Hero- kun.. Mm.. Hah.. Ahhhnn.."Bookmark here

With a red face and a breath that seems to let out hot steam with every breath, the pink haired girl says so...Bookmark here

That's when I look down to my right hand and realize what the marshmallow it was indulging in really was.. A very large marshmallow.. no two VERY large marshmallows.. Huge..I immediately pull back my hand.Bookmark here

"Ahh thank you Hero- kun, there is a proper time and place for such things, although, it is a pity, that we cannot continue, it really is.."Bookmark here

After saying so, the pink haired girl collapses while saying dubious and still looking beet red.Bookmark here

Only then do I notice the stares coming from my surroundings, causing me to look around.Bookmark here

I seem to be in what looks like a dome roofed building, the walls are decorated with ornaments that shine like gold and silver, also there are stained glass windows placed at equal distances on the walls.

I seem to be in a raised platform with stairs leading downwards, where there's a group of around 10-15 people wearing priest-like clothes in front of heavy-looking wooden doors. I look to my sides and find my school desk and bag as they were the last time I saw them, why was I even on the floor anyway?Bookmark here

Behind me, I sense several gazes directed at me. I turn to look and see the Riajuu group and Kurono- sensei staring at me.. Is it just me or does Kanzashi- san seem to be directing a Rin level death glare in my direction? I think it's just me. Yup, it's definitely just me.Bookmark here

Finally, I look further around, behind the Riajuu group, behind my school desk, further around me and I see something that the others don't seem to have noticed yet.Bookmark here

Human shaped bodies.
Dozens of human shaped bodies.
Dozens of human shaped bodies lying on the ground.
Burnt to a crisp.
Dead. All dead.Bookmark here

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