Chapter 2:

A New Phoenix is Born

The Graffers

T.C....Bookmark here

"Feels good to be back home. Can't belive I could stay away for almost a mounth.
There's full moon outside and that means all the writers are either on the field, or the Arcade (an abanandoned mall without a roof where graffers meetto challenge themsleves compete against each other to prove  who has the better skills). I'd better step on it, I really miss the boys"Bookmark here

The streets of Tokyo were quiet and desterted, the only thing breacking the silence was a Kawasaki Ninja. Once heard, graffers just spawn out of  nowhere as if they want to welcome it but no one dares to get closer. Exclamations of astonisment and fright came from everywhere.Bookmark here

-Is that Hagane Kanzaki?!Bookmark here

-No, way, he's dead, I was there when it happened.Bookmark here

-But the bike and the jacket with the Phoenix Rebirth patch, it;s him! There's no doubt about it! Someone Tell Kaito the Hagane us alive!Bookmark here

-He's going to the Arcade!
Let's follow him! Everyone seemed to say.
Bookmark here

The ArcadeBookmark here

"Finally, I'm here! Where is everyone? What happened while I was gone?"Bookmark here

The arcade was flooded with translucent silver moonlight that gave the artwork on the walls a sense of superiority, even to the less impressive artwork, they all had the mark of a genius.Bookmark here

"But something was bothering me, something  had changed, too many of the original artwork were replaced or completely raised. Was this Daisuke?"Bookmark here

Lost in my chain of thoughts, I fail  to notice that arcade filled with people toert watching me with amazement and fear.  I just froze  unable to say anything.Bookmark here

The silence was broken by someone running towards me with tearful eyes hugging me and saying:Bookmark here

-Is that you brother? I thought I lost you forever!Bookmark here

But that didn't last for long when he realised I've got boobs and I'm actually a woman.Bookmark here

-You idiots, this is a woman!
How could you think Hagane is alive? yells Kaito at the whole group and removes his biker helmet.Bookmark here

Even if he seems to hate his brother, Kaito could never forget his brothers death, that's why couldn't control his tears.Bookmark here

-What did you say? asks the girl with a trembling voiceBookmark here

-You heard me Suki. Hagande died right after you left.Bookmark here

-That's inpossible! Says Suki falling on her knees and bursting into tears.Bookmark here

-It's all your fault!Bookmark here

-I loved Hagane I, could have never hurt him!Bookmark here

-Yeah, you loved him loke a brother! He decided to become king thinking this way he would win your heart and you'll see him like a real man.Bookmark here

-I didn't know... I didn't know he felt this way... If I knew...Bookmark here

-If you  knew then what?
You allways belittled him, miss "all city". He thought that was the only way he could win your heart and respect.Bookmark here

-You can't blame me for my talent, we allways worked toghether and did some amazing artwork, I was about to become a Phoenix.Bookmark here

-You might as well throw my brother's jacket to the bin. The Phoenix is dead!Bookmark here

-But Akito, the guys love graffiti, they would never give it up.Bookmark here

-If they don't quit on their own I'll help them! says turning his back and pointing out his team, the Crossing out Tokyo. And please tell Rei that I'll be waiting for him in three days at the scrap yard around midnight. If he didn't change his mind, of course.Bookmark here

-Wait Kaito, what are you talking about?Bookmark here

-Just tell him that and you'll find out.Bookmark here

"This cannot happen, Hagane is dead and Kaito wants to ruin the Phoenix Rebirth. I hace to find Akito."Bookmark here

The following dayBookmark here

Suki was walking down the street where the writers were usually active, but she noted that most of the tags are gone, the walls painted black and white. The few tags or pieces of art left, pieces that used to bring life to the buildings, acomplished with great effort and risk, were either crossed out or replaced by the "Crossing Out Tokyo" team and their grey markings.
The whole place looked like a graveyard, not a theme park full of life, the way used to be.Bookmark here

Lost in her thoughts Suki didn't notice that she was passing by Akito who was sitting on a bench with a girl an seemed to have a lovers quarrel. She come back to reality the moment she heard his voice. Turning around she realised it was really him.Bookmark here

She walks towards him and slaps him.Bookmark here

-Who the hell do you think  you are and how dare you slap me?Bookmark here

-Arata, or what your name is, I suppose she is another one of your girlgrends. Says Yamada angrily.Bookmark here

-Aren't you ashamed of wasting your time dating while Hagane is gone and everything around you falls apart?Bookmark here

Akito swallowed his words as if his mother was telling him off. He loses self control and strart crying, falling down at Suki's feet.
Yamada looks at the whole scene in shock.Bookmark here

-Arata, what's going on ?
Who is this woman?Bookmark here

-Suki, an independent graffer, that used to be part of our team when Hagane was alive.Bookmark here

Suki is an 18 year old young woman, with black raven hair that gave her certain charm, her face bearing a symmetry rarely seen. Although at first sight she seemed selpless, she was the complete opposite of that.Bookmark here

Coming back to his sense, Akito stands up and teels her should have stayed away. This just got him another slap on the face.Bookmark here

-You dare say that? Why didn't you let me know he died? How could you let him die?!Bookmark here

-He did it for you! He loved you too much and no one could stop him!Bookmark here

"So Kanzaki was telling the truth..."Bookmark here

-Did everyone knew he loved me except myself?Bookmark here

-Just about it! You don't really notice  things around you.Bookmark here

-Where's Rei? I've got a message for him.Bookmark here

-We had a fight, he's gone.Bookmark here

-You really can't keep anyone around you can you? 
Is she your girlfriend?Bookmark here

Hearing this, Yamada turns red.Bookmark here

-I, I am Aimi Yamda, numbles her then gets intrerrupted by Akito.Bookmark here

-It's a long story...Bookmark here

-Gather up the team, from now on Phoenix has a new leader! Let's go to our headquarters.Bookmark here

-We don't have one anymore, Kaito destroyed it.Bookmark here

-Oh, you're hopeless. How many members are in your team?Bookmark here

-Myself, Kazuma and Rei. 
For nowBookmark here

-What do you mean for now?Bookmark here

-Kanzaki declared "going over" to all the taggers. Our teams doesn't stand a chance. Rei decided to take it upon him to revange us.
There's a fight coming with a member of his team. The loser will lose his right for tag, forever.Bookmark here

-Let's go there is no time!
Kanzaki told me to warn Rei that battle takes place in three days in the scrap yard. Any idea where we can find him?Bookmark here

-I think so. For sure he's practising at "what colour" ( a skyscraper where the Phoenix Rebirth team members were practising before a competitin).Bookmark here

What ColorBookmark here

Rei was there, practising, covered in spray an paint from head to toes, looking like a peacook.
Toghetther with Kazuma, they were trying  to figure out the best way to beat Shun in the competition.Bookmark here

-Kazuma, what do you think about this "back to back" tag (a wall painted from one end to the other). He is just a beginner after all, they all said it.Bookmark here

-I don't think we should understimate him Rei. The weird thing is that lately there's no tag of his in the town, he only performs in a team.Bookmark here

-Then this should be super easy. There's no way I'm gonna lose to that guy.Bookmark here

-There's no way you're gonna win, you idiot not with this mind-set. Says Suki angrily. If what Akito tells me is real, and Shun is your oponent, you are rushing to conclusions.
The competitionis in three days at the scrap yards. Do you think it was random they chose this place?Bookmark here

-I was at the Arcade that night, I don't need your advice, says Rei. What gives you the right to come back here after you abandoned us? 
You didn't manage to become a famous writerin New York so you've decided to come back here where you're a star? Well, things have changed around and I wanna inform you that  you're not an "all city" anymore.Bookmark here

-But, I am your new leader. so you better get your shit together.Bookmark here

-You, a leader? You gotta be jocking! Ha ha ha! Let me guess, it was a Akito's idea, who of course is with his little Princess.
What is she doing here? Why the hell do you keep getting her involved in our business? Says Rei punching Akito in to stomach.Bookmark here

-You moron, don't you see it's your folt? You're the one who hit her that night! None of this would have happenedif you haven't done that.Bookmark here

-What???? So you are to blame! says Yamada.Bookmark here

-Yeah so? 
What are you gonna do abou it?Bookmark here

-I think the police would have quite an interest in your competition, you delinquent.Bookmark here

Hearing this, Rei walks towards Yamada with his fists up. Suki intervenses:Bookmark here

-That enough! You won't say shit the cops! And you, stop acting like a child and take some responability for your deeds! This is not the right time for a fight!
What would Hagane say if he would see you right now?Bookmark here

A deafenin silence was surrounding. For five minutes no-one dared say a world until Kazuma decides to break the ice.Bookmark here

-All right everyone, let's listen to what Suki has to say!Bookmark here

-This Shun is a master ub car graffiti, he is a destroyer. For many years he ruined hundreads of vehicles because his are either made with drills or sand paper.
Some people say he is a king in this area but I've seen some of his tags and his far from being a king. Still, you will never beat him in a "back to back".Bookmark here

-What do you have in maind? Ask Akito.Bookmark here

-Whole car ( a piece that covers an entire car).Bookmark here

-Do you want me to beat him  where he's more comfortable? 
That's impossible!Bookmark here

You can and you will because you won't be using just a simple tag, you will make an artwork.Bookmark here

-Me, an artwork? you gotta be joking.Bookmark here

-Not on bit. I take the leader role seriously, Let's start prepping. There's a lot to do  and only two days left. I need  spray, paint, markers and a lot of skill.
The Phoenix is not dead!
Do you hear me Hagane??Bookmark here

After many hours of workBookmark here

-Suki, I can't do this, it's too much for me. Said Rei.Bookmark here

-Shut up and stop complaining, if you can run your mouth, you can run your hands too.
The secoun outline is all wrong, focus will you.Bookmark here

-"The secound outline is all"... blah blah blahBookmark here

-What did you just say?Bookmark here

-Nothing my lady, I'll fix it right now.Bookmark here

-Font, exterior, shadows, get to it Rei.
Right, the crayon sketch is done. That was the easy part, ha, ha. Now you have to put on a wall then on a car.Bookmark here

-You're kidding me, right, I'm exhausted.Bookmark here

-You' re right, today you do the wall, tomorrow the car, and you'll make a name for yourself in Tokyo before long.Bookmark here

-I'll be a king! Rei shouted, full of enthusiasm!Bookmark here

-Eh, we should first focus on making sure you don't lose your signature".
Suki amused, making a joke on his belfalf.Bookmark here

-You're so mean...Bookmark here

-Akito, stop wasting more tine, grab your girlfriend and head out there, I'm sure Kanzaki, or even Chief Daisuke, will do something about this coming battle. Suki told him.Bookmark here

-I'm not his girlfriend. Mumbled Yamada as her cheeks turned red from being flustered.Bookmark here

-Right, whatever you say. I like you, you know, I think you'll be a great graffer.Bookmark here

-Me, a graffer?!! I never said I wanted anything to do with it.Bookmark here

-Then, why are you here? Is it because of Akito? 
Aaa?Bookmark here

-I've told you alerady, we aren't a couple.Bookmark here

-That's enough Suki, I'll deal with Yamada. Kazuma chimed in.
Akito you can go and investigate without worrying about her, it's too dangerous  for her anyway.Bookmark here

-The guy from the park?!Bookmark here

-Nice to meet you Yamada. I'm Kazuma.
What do you say about dropping your firs tag, you'll understand us better afterwards, even Rei, who's a pain in  ass.Bookmark here

-Hei, I heard you!Bookmark here

-Okay sure, I hope this won't make me a delinquent as well.
"I hoped Akito would be the one to teah me, that way we could spend more  time together. I think I'm starting to like these guys.Bookmark here

-Don't worry about it, you'll  have pently of time to be a delinquent. Akito chuckled.Bookmark here

-That being said, we'll meet 2 days from now in the scrap yard. Akito, if you find anything, Rei and I will be here for you. Suki added.Bookmark here

-Whaaat? I'm gonna spend two days with crazy Suki? She gonna kill me!
Please don't leave me alone!.Bookmark here

-What do you mean you'll be alone, dear? I'll take good care of you. Suki replied as she punched him, knocking him to the ground.
Go on, go on, guys, I'll let him sit down for a while,  he's had a rough day. Suki told the others.Bookmark here

Once the members of the team Phoenix  departed, Kazuma, together with Yamada, went to school she attended looking to introduce her to the art of graffiti.Bookmark here

-So, where are we going exactly? Yamada asked Kazuma.Bookmark here

-To your school!Bookmark here

-My school?! Are you crazy? I'll be expelled!Bookmark here

-There's nothing better in this world than having people appreciate your art, and the more populated the place, the higher the adrenaline in your body and your satisfaction when you do it.Bookmark here

-Uuuh, alright, now I'm really excited, let's go!Bookmark here

-Hold up, we have something to sort out. 
Are you really planning yo go out like that?
Bookmark here

-Like what?Bookmark here

-Your clothes!Bookmark here

-What's wrong with em?Bookmark here

Since it was still Summer, Yamada didn't wear much, a brown tank top, a short dress and some sandles, her hair flowed down over her shoulders.Bookmark here

-With that get up, all you're missing are two pompons and you can sings up to be  cheerleader.Bookmark here

-You're so bad! Fine, let me get changed.Bookmark here

-I hope I don't have to wait  all day for you.Bookmark here

-Just five minutes!Bookmark here

At Yamada's home.Bookmark here

-Mom, I'm home!Bookmark here

-Welcome back, dear.
Do we have guests?Bookmark here

-Oh, right, that's Kazuma, a classmate, we're working on a project together.
Can you serve him some tea while I go to room and get changed.Bookmark here

-Pleased to meet you lady Yamada.Bookmark here

-Well, this colleague of yours is really cute, are you sure it's just a project?!Bookmark here

-Mooom, please! Yamada's voice echoed from her room upstairs.Bookmark here

-So, Kazuma. is there something  between you and Aimi?Bookmark here

-It's as she said, just a "school project"Bookmark here

-Well, since you're the first boy Aimi bought home, I thought my little beetle was in love.Bookmark here

-That's fine, from what I know, Yamada already likes someone else. We can't rule out that she's in love however.Bookmark here

-Tell me more, Kazuma, I want to know everything! Yamada's mother begged him, with fiery eyes.Bookmark here

-Well, he is a friend of mine, I think they're a good match.Bookmark here

-Is he handsome?Bookmark here

-Lady Yamada, I'm not fit to answer that question. But maybe we should ask her!Bookmark here

-Hey Yamada, what do you think, is Arata a good-looking guy? Kazuma shouted loudly, frustrated that it was taking longer than five minutes, he had been waiting for her more than 40 minutes by now.Bookmark here

-What? What are you talkig about?! Yamada ran down the stairs, hoping to interrupted their conversation.Bookmark here

-Oh, dear, it's natural to like somebody, you don't have to embrrassed about your feelings. Yamada's mother said as she hugged her.Bookmark here

-Mooom, I don't like anybody and I'm not in love either! I'll get you for this Kazuma!Bookmark here

-You said five minutes!
It was a pleasure lady Yamada. We'll head out now.Bookmark here

-Oh, it was my pleasure. You're always welcome. Bookmark here

-That won't be the case! Yamada muttered as a pushed Kazuma out of the house.Bookmark here

-Good luck, dear! Take care!Bookmark here

-How could you tell my moom that I'm love?Bookmark here

-Well, aren't you?Bookmark here

-Noo, what's wrong with you?Bookmark here

-Don't worry, "little beetle" I won't tell Akito you've never had a boyfrend before. Kazuma laughed softly.Bookmark here

-You're the wrost. I hate you. Let's go!Bookmark here

-At this rate you'll learn graffiti....Bookmark here

-What's wrong now?Bookmark here

-I waited an hour so you could  get a scarf and a pink shirt. At least your pants are black. 
I'll borrow  you some of our gear, but know that, you'll have to earn it.Bookmark here

Eventually, the two of them reached the school with the necessary tools in hand and a Yamada properly clothed for the job. This time, Yamada's hair was tied and she wore a hat, a parka, mask, glasses, gloves and even a jacket belonging to the Phoenix team. Of course, her get up matched her pink scarf.Bookmark here

-Kazuma, it's really hot, I can't breathe!Bookmark here

-Stop complaining and let's do it already, you're than Rei.Bookmark here

-Don't compare me with that idiot, okay!Bookmark here

-You have the wrong idea about him, Rei is actually a really caring guy, who loves his friends, even if he doesn't know how to show it.Bookmark here

-Yeah, I've seen how he shows that he cares, with a bat in my head.Bookmark here

-Understand that it was a misunderstanding. Kazuma explained.Bookmark here

-Oh yeah? And when he wanted to hit me, it was a misunderstanding too right?!Bookmark here

-We aren't here for that, let's get to work. She grabbed the spray can and started painting the school's walls.Bookmark here

-Hey, what are you doing, wait!?Bookmark here

-Gradditi!Bookmark here

-You've got a long way to go before you use a spray. Here's a marker instated, it's pink, just how you like it.Bookmark here

-A marker? But I thought we were painting  a graffiti! Yamada said, disappointment plastered all over her voice.Bookmark here

-That's what we're doing. Take the marker and draw an  outline first.Bookmark here

-Why don't you use stickers? It's  a lot easier for a novice. I use them all the time. A random guy shouted at them.Bookmark here

-Good idea
Hey, who are you and what are you doing here? Kazuma asked as he turned towards the guy.Bookmark here

-Hey there, my name's Hiro, and I'm here for graffities, fust like you guys.Bookmark here

-Hey, my name's Yam... She didn't manage to finish before Kazuma stopped in.Bookmark here

-Her name's Yumi, I'm Kazuma.Bookmark here

-I see. Miss Yam.. Yumi, the fundamental rule of a graffiti artist is that his identity must be a secret, at best, only your friends or crew can know your real name. Always use a pseudonym when you sign your work.
I have some stencils if you want to use them. Hiro added.Bookmark here

-Sure!Bookmark here

-Hold up, Yumi, this guy is shady, we can't trust him. Besides, I've never heard of anyone named Hiro.Bookmark here

-Don't be like that, Kazuma, I just wanted to help!Bookmark here

-No one asked for it. Got it!?Bookmark here

-Woah, I just noticed, you guys are from Phoenix Rebirth, I'm a big fan! Can I at least stay and see how you work.Bookmark here

-How about you stop being a joker? Kazuma was getting angry.Bookmark here

-But I'm not kidding, I really like your work a lot, your style is coolest.Bookmark here

-Yeah, whatever, give me those stencils then.Bookmark here

-Yumi, we'll use stencils so it's easier for you, we'll leave a tag  saying something like "Yumi was here".Bookmark here

-Now use those bubble shaped stencils to draw letters, we'll fill them up afterwards. Easy right!?Bookmark here

-Easy, yeah right! For you, maybe.
Hmmm, I think I got it. What do you think Kazuma?Bookmark here

-The letters are upside-down, I hope you jocking, you're hopeless.Bookmark here

-I don't think her chaotic style is bad, as a whole, it has a certain allure, something different, something special I'd say. Hiro jived in.Bookmark here

-Nobady asked you. Kazuma sanarled  at him.
I thought you said you were a novice, now you're an art critic?!Bookmark here

-I was just sharing my opinion.Bookmark here

-Well, you can stop now.Bookmark here

-Give me that spray, you'll see what I can do! Yumi cried out.Bookmark here

-Hey, watch it! The wall is your canvas, not me. Kazuma yelled as he dodged out of the way so she won't spray him too.Bookmark here

-What do you guys think? Yuni asked once she was done.Bookmark here

-I've seen worse. Said Kazuma.Bookmark here

-I think it's awesome! Hiro praised her.Bookmark here

-Yaaay!Bookmark here

-Hey, who's there? It voice said from afar.Bookmark here

-You're making too much noise, dumbass! Kazuma told Yumi as he grabbed her hand and started running, but when they reached the corner, they bumped into a ploice  officer and all three of them fell down.Bookmark here

-What the hell is going on here? The police officer tried getting up  on his fit, still dazed by the impact.Bookmark here

-Hey! It's those vandals. The cop shouted and soon after, other cops were approaching them.Bookmark here

-Hey, Kazuma, what are we gonna do? Yumi asked.Bookmark here

"Come on Kazuma, think. I could escape on my own, but if I leave her here, Akito will kill me."
-Alright, Yumi. You run  while I keep hip busy.Bookmark here

-And how do I know I won't be bait so you can escape? It's not the first time you run away and I get caught.Bookmark here

-Just trust me. Go already!Bookmark here

-Hey, if you two are done arguing, how about we get out  of here! Hiro shouted  at them  as he was climbing a safety ladder leading to the rooftop of the school.
Give me your hand.Bookmark here

-I can't reach it, get lower! Yumi cried.Bookmark here

"Oh, right, I forgat to tell you that Yamada was about 1,50m in height and the ladders was about three metres from the ground."Bookmark here

-Kazuma, help!Bookmark here

After managing to evade the cops, Kazuma got a head-start and used Yumi as a spring board and used his feet to hang down from the ladder.Bookmark here

-I knew I couldn't trust you, you traitor!Bookmark here

-Hurry up, goofy, how long do you think I can stay like this?Bookmark here

-I still can't reach it.Bookmark here

While trying to pull Yumi up, kazuma slipped, but he was caught in time by Hiro. The two held on and formed a rope of sorts  while she climbed over them. Once they had reached the roof, they noticed that the cops were still after them.Bookmark here

-Hey, Hiro, good job. Kazuma thanked him.
I didn't know  what would  have happened if you didn't were there.Bookmark here

-It's too early for celebrations, we're still stuck here. We'll have to jump.Bookmark here

-What?!!! I knew you were vandals, but you're also suicidal?!Bookmark here

-It's called parkour. Kazuma tried to calm her
It's not that far away, even you can make it. We'll jump on the nerby building  and climb down the pipes.Bookmark here

-You're mad if you think  I'm going to jump, I'd rather be caught.Bookmark here

-Yumi, this is part of  being a graffiti writer. Don't be afraid. Hold me hand and we'll jump together. Kazuma tried to encourage her.Bookmark here

-Hiro will jump first, then we'll follow.Bookmark here

-Come on, guys! Hiro shouted from the other side.Bookmark here

-You can do it, Yamada
Who wants to jump, jump! If it’s death, Death! Says Kazuma.
Bookmark here

-That's not very helpful, you know.Bookmark here

-At three. One, two, threee!Bookmark here

Since Yamada was too scared, she pulled Kazuma back which shortened his jump. Sensing that he wouldn't make it, he pushed Yamada far enough so Hiro can catch her while he plummeted to the secound floor of the building, breaking through one of the windows with his head.Bookmark here

-Kazumaaaa!!!Bookmark here

-Don't worry "little beetle" , I'm not dead. Kazuma voice come from below.
I'll see you at the bus station.Bookmark here

-If you call me "little beetle" one more time, I'll kill you myself.Bookmark here

The trio managed to escape and meet at the bus station.Bookmark here

-I was worried about you, fool! Are you alright?Bookmark here

-I've been better, but come on, I'll take you home before you actually kill me. Kazuma told Yumi.Bookmark here

-Hey, you said your name is Hiro right? Thanks for the help.Bookmark here

-Don't worries , Kazuma, Yumi.Bookmark here

-See you! Yumi said as she left  toghether with Kazuma.Bookmark here

"Aimi Yamada and Kazuma?! Guess the Phoenix guys aren't so boring after all. This will be fun.Bookmark here

After Akito breaks up with the rest  of the group, he goes to the Arcade to gather information about a possible conspiracy. This time, the place was no longer  empty, but full of graffiti writers. They were confident again, thanks to Rei's courage when facing Kanzaki.Bookmark here

-Well, well, well, if it isn't Akito, or should I say Arata, Eiji Arata. Looks  like you've been busy as of late battles, the police station, a novice and now a new leader. How's Suki, by the way?Bookmark here

-Who are you, and how do you know all this ?Bookmark here

-That doesn't metter, I'm just a messanger. More importantly, I know why you're here and I could help you.Bookmark here

-The reason I'm here? Akito asked bewildered.Bookmark here

-Don't play dumb with me, I know you come for Kanzak, or for Chief Daisuke. Or who knows, maybe for both of them?!.Bookmark here

-What do you want from me?Bookmark here

-I don't want anything, like I said , I'm just a messenger, but my leader thinks you and your team have something special.
So how about a competition?Bookmark here

-Your leader?Bookmark here

-You'll meet him soon enough.Bookmark here

-And what do I gain if i do a competition?Bookmark here

-The information you need, that's what you're here for, right?Bookmark here

-Okay, but it will be something simple and fast.Bookmark here

-Of course.Bookmark here

-I'm going to get my spray, Akito said.Bookmark here

-Who said anything about graffiti? The messenger askedBookmark here

-What?Bookmark here

-I'm not a graffiti writer.Bookmark here

-Then how would you like us to compete?Bookmark here

-How about some parlour?Bookmark here

-Fine, the first one to reach the 3rd floor of the mall and cross the ledge wins. We will climb the walls to the secound floor, jump over the obstacles there, and up to the third floor we'll use the escalators, running, and jumping over ledges. Nothing fancy!Bookmark here

-And what do you get  from all this?Bookmark here

-A little bit of fun!Bookmark here

-Works for me. Let's do it!Bookmark here

Akito managed to move past the climbing segments and obstacles, but he lagged behind on the escalators. In a desperate attempt to win, he tried to execute a lateral jump from the wall straight towards the perch, but he failed and slipped into the gap only to be saved by the messenger before was too late.Bookmark here

-Why did you help me? Akito asked the messenger.Bookmark here

-If you had died, it wouldn't have been fun for anymore.Bookmark here

-Thanks, I owe you one. Later!Bookmark here

-Hold up, I'm not done.Bookmark here

-The game's over, I lost besides, you said you didn't want anything if you win.Bookmark here

-True, but I had fun, so I'm going to help you.Bookmark here

-Why?Bookmark here

-As i've said before, my leader likes you guys.
Now listen, Daisuke will let Kanzaki do whatever he wants as long as the graffiti artists are out of the picture. However, Crossing out Tokyo aren’t allied with anyone. If you manage to turn Daisuke against Kanzaki and the other way around, Crossing out Tokyo could be history.
Bookmark here

-Thanks for the info, but we'll see about that.Bookmark here

-The pleasure was mine. The messenger said before makimg himself scarce.Bookmark here

"Looks like someone's spying on us, but can I actually trust what he said, or is it just a trick played against us?"Bookmark here

"Will continue in the next cartoon..."Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Phoenix Rebirth

The Graffers

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